A flying elbow from above

(Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh!)

Suck it Jesus…

Side Note: Jesus actually went on to win the match

But it lasted 17 hours, he was tired, and decided to “bail” on the rapture

Another “Tell All” Book?

You ever notice “Tell All” books have 5 others like em so they didn’t?

(Hum, in “book form” how convenient)

A guy *insert douche that “suddenly found god” here* wrote a Palin bashing book

He’s an ex-aid, who felt her and I quote:

“Campaigns…over the years to tear down others who have crossed/confronted her”

Were now upsetting him

Now, after the years 2006-2009 when he was the one actually doing it for her

*Rolls eyes*

(This all stinks)

It’s like writing a book that Aretha Franklin has weight problems

Or that has Charlie Sheen has drug & unemployment issues

Or that Older People are scared of everything

I have 20 others, so try your own here in the space provided ______________

Thanks for stating the fucking obvious for us

The udders are dry, the thing is dead, PLEASE let it rest. She IS NOT NEWS

(If you feed it, it stays)

Oh and it can’t really be called a “Tell All” book

When it doesn’t explain why I failed at dating for so long

Just sayin’…

Have a day!

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