Nice Mothers Day Cards

May 9th, 2011

Happy cheerful one’s like:

(How sweet!)

Or this lil’ gem:


And finally this heartfelt winner here:

(Can you reimburse for therapy?)

So touching, so loving…

The Great “Fence” Of Arizona

Turns out Arizona still wants to build a “great fence” to keep out filthy Mexicans

But sadly they have no $ for it. But what will they do now?

(Now you’re talkin’!)

What every huckster con-artist asshole has done since the dawn of man

Use racial fear of “the other” to get people to ante up…with on-line donations

Seem to remember a Great Wall made in China at one point to keep invaders out

(Spot the Mongols)

How’d THAT work out?

Not so well. The Tatars and the Manchus both busted through

Then the Mongols…

In fact it was renamed the “Not-so-Great Wall”

It’s like having a security system, but giving thieves a key and code

(“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit”)

Surely illegal Mexican immigrants would never:

1) Use wire Cutters
2) Lift the bottom up with a device
3) Dig a hole under the fence level
4) Walk through an open gate some underpaid minimum wage worker left open

If we don’t want Mexicans running across the boarder, check

(It might just work)

Then we should start making ourselves look “less attractive”

You know, “let ourselves go” a bit

By not being showered, wearing sweat pants while eating Haagen Dazs

It might just work. Just sayin’…

Have a day!

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