a dozens Donuts. Lots of holes in em

(Yes, & this)

They’re like the loose screws on carny rides

Fun to look at, but you won’t go near em for safety reasons

They think Bin Laden ISN’T dead


Can’t tell which is worse:

That these nut jobs demand to SEE the body of Bin Laden

Or that even if they actually did, they still wouldn’t believe it

It’s like some kid at a live stunt show saying, “Meh, it’s all mirrors”

You can’t reason with them, or provide anything they’d ever believe true

(La, la, la not listening)

It’s like trying to motivate a dog licking his balls

It’s not going to ever happen…

Who knows, maybe someday these whack-a-do freaks’ll have their day in the sun…

Finally proving there’s a magical place with Elvis, a 2nd shooter, Jim Morrison, Big Foot, a moon landing set, an alien with his ship, all Jewish survivors from the Holocaust, Obama’s Kenyan parents, Bin Laden, and the Loch Ness monster

(Oh, & killer war cats; it’s science fact)

Boy would we look pretty stupid…

Have a day!

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