Trumping Up Ignorance…

April 18th, 2011

Turns out the GOP’s new election theory in 2012 is:

“Hey, stupid older low information racists vote too!”

Ol’ “Suit case handles” hair is losing one IQ point at a time…

"Hair weather system"

Now he’s courting the “Birthers”

Who are society’s way of voting you off Darwin’s island

Below them are the C.H.U.D's

What else do you expect from a guy who’s been bankrupt 4 times?

He filed for corporate bankruptcy in 1991, 1992, 2004, and 2009

But the question is, “was the paper work real”?

No, it’s a fake from a Kenyan businessman!

The people who like him think “Wow, what a business legend”

"Light Socket" hair

Mostly because reality TV told them to think that, not reality itself

The truth to these people is as foreign as thinking a normal man

Is a Socialist Kenyan alien baby eater from Mars

These people would debate gravity, and still think the earth is flat

Don’t let em drag you down to their level and beat you with experience

Have a day!

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