Libya’s Talking Labia

February 23rd, 2011

Is Mr. Moammar Gadhafi

His speech the other day sounded like teen girl scorned by high school friends

gadhafi-ay-un-with-man-over-him.jpg(“You’re all rats & druggies”)

Then today, he upped the anti:

“You men and women who love Gadhafi … get out of your homes and fill the streets,”

*Tumble weed passes*

“Leave your homes and attack them in their lairs.”

gadhafi-in-crazy-general-michael-jackson-outfit.jpg(Micheal Jackson “auction wear”?)

Ah yes, only you have a home, people you disagree with have a lair

Are you fighting people in your own country or a pride of tigers?

What’s going in Libya is scary and dangerous, but a great thing for freedom

With all the heroic brave people there fighting for it


Libya Trivia:

They’re insane leader favorite movie is “anything with Dane Cook”
You can’t spell Dictator without “Dic”(Dick)
Gadhafi has been trying to grow a mustache for 60 years
Libya’s main exports are is oil, petrochemicals, and crippling shame in leaders
Moammar Gadhafi recently wore a pleather couch

moammar-gadhafi-in-brown-leather.jpg(“What’s up bitches”)

Then did 20 minutes of Eddie Murphy’s Raw set

He’s sort of like Rush, Glenn Beck, Bachmann, and Palin

By saying really stupid, hateful, vile, horrible, violent shit everyday

The main difference is he actually means it and does it

Have a day!

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