Finally only Scott Walker’ll take on all those “fat cat” teachers…

protesters-in-wisconsin.jpg(You upset most Scotty)

Those lazy, ignorant, boozing, money grabbing teacher unions leaching off hard working folks on their cushy $30,000 a-year salaries, fancy paper grading red pens, instructing under parented bratty entitled kids while being given zero respect

We’ve let these ritzy pricks ride this gravy train with biscuit wheels far too long!

teacher-upset.jpg(Wait, what the fuck?!?!)

Snooty SOB’s driving their 2002 Saturn’s with a broken muffler

With their costume jewelry, Kohl’s sale rack pants, & Dominick’s gourmet soups…

*Raises pinkie finger with a monocle*

Spot of tea governor?!?! Come one, who’s with me?!?!?!

Happy Presidents Day, now go fuck your rights to collective bargaining!

doggy-style-t-shirt.jpg(The “Walker Position”)

Walker appears to be the stupid youngest brother in a family of 5

Getting up, about to give a speech at an AA convention…

Drunk, while his fly is down, wearing this t-shirt:

marjuana-t-shirt.JPG(It’s funny cause it’s true)

No matter the others are telling the kid “Don’t”, he’s not listening…

Stay in hiding forever Democrats. That’s what I say…

This isn’t about balancing a budget

Because the unions are even willing to pay into their benefits to help…

Walker doesn’t care, and won’t budge

scott-walker-your-fucked.jpg(I’m this big a dickhole)

It’s political “union busting”, nothing more

He wants to end their collective bargaining rights

scott-walker-dope.gif(Stay classy!)

And is backed by the Koch brothers trying this all over the country

It’s going to backfire, split a weakened party, and kill their future

Dude will never sniff a middle class vote again…

Oh, I sent some pizzas to protesters from Ian’s if you wish too support em

Have a day!

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