The latest stunt to keep Alex Trebek in a job…

alex-trebek-t-shirt.jpg(Well said)

The exclamation in Jeopardy!

Means it’s more sphincter clinching tense than anyone needed…

Who’s better at trivia?

A computer; it’s where you look up the answers to questions…

Video games?

A computer, that’s how you make them in the 1st place

Pouring beer?

computer-pouring-beer.jpg(Nice pour)

A computer…


A computer, they don’t call it a “hard drive” for nothing

Hunting others humans as deadly prey?

the-most-dangeroous-game.jpg(“Thank god it’s not a computer”)

A human, computers can’t smell fear or pick random hiding spaces…

Oh, and computers can’t look “up” when hiding in a tree…

Turns out the Super computer “Watson” and Brad Rutter are tied after one day

watson.jpg(He doesn’t look smart)

What will tomorrow bring? My suggestion is this:

johnny.jpg(Unplug it)

That’s why humans eventually win out…

Have a day!

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