Our Hotel Was So Small…

December 10th, 2010

There was an oxygen limit on how long each of us could be in the room together…

nyc-apartment.jpg(Look at that space!)

It would beep after a minute, then one of us would have to leave

The shower was so tiny I felt like I was six years old again

Taking a bath in the kitchen sink with the spray gun…


Meet these two really nice Canadian guys in the airport bar on my way home

They were up on sports, society, and other stuff. We talked about how Canada gets blamed for everything while there stupid as fuck southern brother Mexico gets away with bloody murder…literally. Crazy ass drug cartels I’m looking in your direction

They restored my faith in meeting normal people in the airport

NYC crowds are something else. They’re great. When you get laughs from them…

nyc-cops-bust-storm-trooper.jpg(Tough room)

You earned it. If not, well, they’re not buying your bullshit

NYC’s like your blunt cousin who says the most horrific stuff…

Like aunt Debbie’s Kankles, Dad’s farts, and uncle Billy’s liver spotted skin…

But they ain’t lying bout it…

Cabs in NYC each have their own distinct “aroma”

nyc-taint-sign.jpg(Ah, a “wet taint” cab)

One cab smelled of BO & nuts. Another like an unkempt doctors office

While you have others smell like poor career choices mixed with public radio…

Obama Vs. Himself On Tax Cuts

Obama seems to have a serious problem with…Obama

obama-looking-disapointed.jpg(I disagree with myself)

Don’t be silly, everyone with firing synapse knows he had no choice in the matter

Republicans were politically smart with zero soul. Shit, that’s their wheelhouse

It was healthcare or this. I’d of guessed he could do both from his talk

Guess when you’re bending over, it gets easier as the days in prison pass

Here’s hoping 99% of the country publicly tells the top 3% to fuck themselves

tax-cuts-for-the-rich.jpg(It’s a motto)

Republicans would still pass it, because they don’t give a rats ass about the 99%

21st century Republicans motto:

“Getting people to vote against their own pocketbook and interests since 1999”

Progressives, you best add some good things to this bill

Like free ice cream Friday’s, a petting zoo, or hernia checks by playmates…

Since you’re giving the cow away for free

Have a day!

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