Alaska accepts the effects of climate change…

funny-climate-change-cartoon.jpg(Stupid crying Jesus)

Isn’t that sort of like losing your arm, then finally accepting it’s not there?

It’s happened, but it’s up to you to accept it…

Sort of like making a meat replica of your wife after she left you…

lady-gaga-meat-dress.jpg(That’s different)

You don’t have to officially accept she’s gone until the meat turns…

It’s all here

And Sarah Palin will tweet: “All Alaska’s stupd. Cept my Alaska. Tune in”

Santa Holds Jesus Hostage

It was really only a matter of time

santa-holds-jesus-hostage.jpg(“Tell em it’s all about gifts bitch!”)

This season is the reason for presents. Show me the $, but fuck your religion…

Funny Thing Happened Today

No, I didn’t piss myself just to feel the momentary warmth in this bitter cold

Someone told me I was in the Chicago Sun-times today


AFTER I already read the section & didn’t even notice

Which means I have really super crappy reading skills, or my “biggy bowel movement” this morning distracted me so much I suddenly couldn’t read…

Stupid bran muffins…

Have a day!

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