How is it the Crypt Keeper still in office?

mccain-funny-blood-sucking.jpg(Oh, that’s how)

The Pentagon’s tops leadership conducted a study on gays in the military

Take a wild guess what John “Top Gun Maverick” McCain thinks about it?

mccainpalin-top-gun-soundtrack.jpg(Nice album)

The study results are flawed and wrong

Now if the results said, “Too bad queer baits, stay in the closet”

He would see the results as “refreshingly honest & helpful during war time”

But since the results were that “it wouldn’t effect ranks or readiness at all”

He hates it. He thinks we can’t change policy during a time of war

mccain-x-mas-card.jpg(How sweet)

Unless it’s the surge, extra body armor, escalation in Afganastanian, etc

He also criticized the study for scrutinizing only how the law could be repealed

Instead of whether doing so would benefit the military…

*Scratches head & looks up in confusion*

Ah yes, it’s impossibly hard to ever see how “not kicking many people out of the military for being openly gay” could in any way help expand our total ranks during war time when assets are thin. It’s totally for sure impossible I tells ya…

standing-in-front-of-white-house.jpg(Don’t need you, we’re good)

This guy is like an old curmudgeon at a nursing home bitching, “Those filthy Mexican orderlies keep stealing my $”. Never mind no one of Mexican decent works there…

They’re all Latin and the man has NO $ since his family pays for it all….

But he’s convinced, without a lick of proof, or rational evidence it’s happening

After all, his “gut” tells him he’s right

mccain-creepy-cartoon.jpg(Stupid Mexicans)

The one that requires 17 pills cause it doesn’t work properly…

This is the same fudge factory who unleashed Palin on us

So consider the source

Have a day!

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