They blocked a bill that would extend benefits for the unemployed pasted the holiday season. The reason? Because “we need to pay for everything, not welfare whores”

mitch-mcconnel-with-pursed-lips.jpg(Bravo Doctor Dickhole)

Except of course for war, defense, wall street bailouts, and tax cuts for the top 3%…

That “government entitlement welfare spending” is just dandy

Because that shit’s important, so don’t sass us about “those spending things”

They don’t need to say, they’re doing it. They’re at policy war with the middle class

senator-jon-kyle.jpg(I’m looking to “fist” you)

They want to kill the middle class, crush it, end it. Who knows, maybe they just want a bi-polar country of only the super poor, and the super rich so the only competition they have is from those people they already know and can easily buy off

You elected these “Mr. Potter fuckwads” who are ramming it directly up your ass

mr-potter-reading-paper.jpg(I’m a massive dickhole)

Just in time for the holidays…so…

Don’t act shocked when Barry White music comes on

sex-list.jpg(I got a list of positions!)

To soft candle light, with them suddenly appearing behind you

These heartless pricks piss in hobo’s cups just for fun…

Charlie “Full Frontal Meat Hump” Rangel Guilty

He was found to have 11 counts of ethical wrongdoing

charlie-rangel-looking-skyward.jpg(He’s not gonna help you)

But it should be 12 for exposing “Full Frontal Meat Hump” in a swim suit

They all agreed he should be “censured”, but why not the swimsuit photo?

charlie-rangel.jpg(It’s a look)

It’s pretty much like a public lashing of charges, then a punishment

But might still keep his job

Which makes as much sense as hiring Sarah Palin to tutor your kid in History

Have a day!

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