By now you’ve heard Bristol Palin advanced on DWTW

bristol-palin-black-dress.jpg(Along with her vampire crotch)

(Dancing With The attention Whores)

And Brandy, who everyone says danced better, went home

Was it a voting conspiracy? A fraud? Unfair?

bristol-smiling.jpg(I have no discernable talent)

Who gives a flying hunk of shit…

Watching reality TV is like getting skull fucked by a 22 inch chainsaw

Besides, the real story is that some guy in Wisconsin got so pissed at the outcome

He pulled out a gun, and shot his TV…


That’s one way to cast a vote…

In Wisconsin, a gun is officially called “the channel changer” now…

Have a day!

3 Responses to “Shooting At The Attention Whores…”

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