And I was sooooooo close at 62,976,436

ryan-renolds-people.jpg(That’s right, I’m on your heels)

Listed right between Urkel and a mailbox…

steve-urkel.jpg(Yes you did, but wish you didn’t)

It’s the 25th anniversary of People’s first sexiest man — Mel Gibson

Meaning Anti-Semitic rants, and wife punching are just around the corner Ryan…

Forget “Let It Be”, It’s The Letter “i”

The Beatles finally caved like Prince William to Kate’s snatch-a-roo

They’re now on itunes. And the entire world is like, “Meh…”

beatles-on-itunes.jpg(Order now)

Such is progress…

But now they have to change some song titles to more modern ones:

Instead of Hard Days Night, it’s now called “Didn’t Sleep Cause I Was On Facebook”

Instead of Help! it’s now called “Emergency, But Not A Terrorist Threat”

Instead of Day Tripper, it’s called “My GPS Saves Me Time”

Have a day!

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