Dow “Douches” It Up!

November 16th, 2010

It’s going down faster than Snooki’s “career”

dow-down.jpg(Stupid computer says bad things)

Meh, it’ll bounce back faster than yo-yo dieter

It always does

But in the meantime, why does this financial roller coaster

screaming-dollar-bill.jpg(Holy fuck)

Always have the fat kid who ate too much then pukes sitting in front of us?

Palin Scores Big Ratings

By playing with critters, being folksy, & winking…

palin-alaska-ratings.jpg(Staged? Naaaaaaaaw)

She got 4.69 million people to tune in…

Proving everyone loves to rubber neck at a flaming car wreck

It’s “Face In The Crowd” set in Alaska…

And on a whole different level of stupid

sarah-palin-beauty-quitter.jpg(Der, me talk pretty)

It’d be like Kim Kardashian running for President in 2012

She’s dumb as a wet sack of hammers and about as deep a kiddie pool

Reality TV suits her

Have a day!

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