Instead Of The ipad…

November 12th, 2010

Why not the idad?

Think about it

idad-t-shirt.jpg (Where is the “dad” part?)

Great for orphan kids, or for kids who’s genetic dad sucks

It’s also good incentive for your normal dads slacking a little

idad-carrying-kid.jpg(“I upgraded to idad, bitch!”)

Cause if he gets out of line, BAM! idad his ass

If only Apple could come out with icrack, isickdayexcuse, ihooker, and ijob

This Coming Monday!

If you’re in Chicago, or know anyone in Chicago

Tell them to go see this kick ass show


It’s a way more artsy fartsy than I plug, but I’m also a member of Heartists

And it’s all awesometown. Don’t think, just go and be ready to rock…classical style

1st 20 people to recognize if it’s a Stradivarius, or Guarnerius violin

Get a free Beethoven Foam Wig

Have a day!

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