Jessica Alba Doesn’t Think…

November 9th, 2010

Writers are important…

good-luck-chuck-poster.jpg(Clearly, you did this shit)

With her, we could have just cut things off at “Doesn’t think”…

Actually, she said this, “Good actors never use the script unless it’s amazing writing. All the good actors I’ve worked with, they all say whatever they want to say”

She went on to add, “Because they’re blowing the director”…

the-love-guru-with-alba.jpg(Look, another gem!)

Taking her seriously here, is like trying to have a deep conversation with a wet fart

Her movie rolls are more disposable than razors, adult diapers, and used condoms

In any serious improv scene, she’d get lost, touch her tits, laugh, then walk off stage

Can I get a suggestion?

Yes, a vapid good looking gal shaking her ass with a 5 cent head…

And scene!

4,500 Stranded

On a Carnival Cruise ship…

carnival-cruise-ship.jpg(Spot the “couple” fighting)

Without air conditioning, hot food, hot water & telephones off the cost of Mexico

The good news…

Now you don’t have to visit Mexico since you already know what it feels like…

rimshotbadumtsh.jpg(Tip your waitress)

Zing! Zwop! Zerp!

It’s cheaper, but next time, book with the SS Fat Guy

ss-fat-guy.jpg(Try the brisket)

Meh, it’s still better than Motel 8 where they have cockroaches the size of your fist

And holes in the wall with people “supposedly having sex one room away”

Who are actually double booked doing it in your room one bed over

Have a day!

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