Olbermann Reinstated?

November 8th, 2010

Didn’t know he was “Un-instated”…

Keith Oldermann was suspended from MSNBC “indefinitely”

Then getting Reinstated back on Tuesday…

olberman.jpg(“Well hello X-mas hair!”)

He was punished for giving campaign $ to Democratic candidates

It goes against their internal policy of being unbiased “News” reporters

They rightly say it’s a conflict of interest, and MSNBC doesn’t tolerate that

FOX got that memo, laughed, crumpled it up, pissed on it…

Then raised more $ for Republicans while promoting them

palin_gallery_2-259x300.jpg(What a maroon)

MSNBC is Tee-Ball compared to FOX. They’re Major League at this shit

And to pretend it’s anything else demeans us all

Speaking Of Super Douchey People

Rush, Drudge, FOX, Glenn Beck, Bachmann Turner Moron Drive

reset-button.jpg(They should come with this)

All said Obama most recent trip to India will cost us $200 million

No matter that its a huge lie, it’s what they fucking do

Glenn “Reality And I Don’t Get Along” Beck even said it cost $2 billion

When you make up shit, why not say “Trillion” or “Bazillion”…

Your stupid as fuck audience will still believe you…

While they open the door to their doublewide


Here’s the deal

The less both sides have these big fucktards being a mouth piece for their views

The better off everyone will be

Average people don’t talk, think, or say the same things these fartholes do

Have a day!

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