Things Seen This Weekend:

November 5th, 2010

A loud, drunk, violent coked up Charlie Sheen impersonator…

balthazar-getty.jpg(looks a little like him)

Suddenly appears at your party

Then on closer inspection, it’s actually Charlie Sheen…

charlie-sheen-takes-two-tabs-of-acid.jpg(Three tabs of acid at once?)

Leaving Gary Buesy pissed & looking for a new “even crazier” image

gary-busy-geeky-insane.jpg(“Live in my mouth!”)

Do a week long alcohol & drug infused “Crazy Off” of Sheen VS. Busey

Now get into some big fun trouble this weekend. Just not their level of “fun”

ill-take-two-hookers.jpg(“2 midget hookers riding trikes”)

And when the cops ask you who told you to do it, say “John Bolger officer!”

I’ll take the heat. I always do

Have a day!

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