You Asked For Tea-Tards…

November 3rd, 2010

You got a few America!

tea-tards.jpg(Yey, it’s spelled correctly)

Republicans took back the house for Mid-terms, and Dems narrowly kept the Senate

Bravo America! Voting for fear, anger, policy ignorance, and bigotry

Always beat rational sanity

It’s like poker for morons, where suddenly 2 three’s beats a full house…

stripes-movie-poster.jpg(Oxburger: “Go on, bluff me!”)

Fans don’t like a wrestling match where they shake hands and work together…

They want a folding chair and blood…

The sad message tonight is “electing Archie Bunker” is better than “the other guy”

archie-bunker-card-game.JPG (Spades aren’t included in the deck)

Bad news for them is now they can’t just sit on there hands screaming “fuck Obama”

They got skin in it now, granted “Orange Julius” skin

tan-man.jpg(Fake Bake’s secret sex move)

But the good news is comics have an assload more material to work with

One Trip On The Cermack 21 Bus…

Sitting next to a drooling screaming child flinging himself on the ground

bad-kid-fire.jpg(What a lil’ charmer)

Instantly tells me why condom sales are up

Have a day!

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