Rally To Deplore Hannity…

November 1st, 2010

Naaaaaaaw, I kid, I joke…it was actually a sign I saw there

It was a normal sunny Saturday, in a normal city…

Filled with pretty “normal” people

harry-potter-funny.jpg(Kid stayed home…by himself)

Except the guy we caught fucking a mailbox…

It was Charlie Sheen, and Sonja asked for an autograph

He ignored her, did a rail, punched a dog, and decided to finish instead…

rtrs-protest-signs-pay-taxes.jpg(Along with these)

The idea was clear. We’re not “mad as hell”…

But we’re very concerned rational citizens armed with basic facts

rally-to-restore-sanity.jpg(As everyone leaves)

Proving that most people aren’t loud crazy stupid people

Those are mostly NASCAR “infield” folks, or people in line at Wal-Mart

Most people are normal holding any political view

But in the media’s quest for ratings…

They pick the craziest fringe on both sides to represent the whole

rtrs-park-bench-protest.jpg(Park benches protest?)

And we all know they don’t represent us

Unless it’s FOX, in which case most of the on-air talent doesn’t either…

rtrs-protest-signs-palin-2012.jpg(Oh look, a “back” side)

You know it’s bad at FOX when O’Reilly is the lone voice sanity there today…

Then again, it’s like being the least “nutty” or “chunky” turd in a turd-bowl

BTW-This years “Turd-bowl” is brought to you by Michelin Tires…


Have a day!

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