Congressional Colbert

September 29th, 2010

It was great…

A comedian, being asked to address a committee on immigration

steven-colbert-hearing-pose.jpg(“Douche bag says what?”)

And he used his Character to mock them, then point out the issues…

It was STELLAR. Some scream, “You’re wasting congresses time”

colbert-pointing.jpg(“My bathroom break was a #1”)

Others will say “You’re wasting $”

But it’s congress, can’t we do both?

Acting shocked is like being shocked hookers charge $ for sex

It was such solid social satire with a real point about immigration

Congress should feel embarrassed he made better points than they did…

RIP Greg Giraldo

This sucks donkey balls

giraldogreg.jpg(Miss you buddy)

And trust me. I know what sucks them and what doesn’t. Sad…

Have a day!

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