Did You Watch DWTS?

September 22nd, 2010

Yeah, me neither…

the-fact-of-life-title.jpg(Did a FOL marathon instead)

I had some refrigerator magnets to rearrange. Big night

DWTS’s major demo is pre-teen boys who watch it in “another room alone”

If I wanted to watch David Hasselhoff depressed after losing

hasselhoff-with-popped-colarjpg.jpg(Elvis wants his collar back)

I’d drive to his house & watch him drunkingly eat a hamburger at 2am

Heard Bristol Palin did very well. Good for her…

bristol-palin-dwts-partner-cu.jpg(2 seconds later she was pregnant)

Now if she could just trade her mom in for a smarter less irrational model

Never really got DWTS appeal anyway

Meh, people dancing in skimpy clothes worked on Soul Train…

Photo Of The Day

Good times…

cat-eyeing-squirrel.jpg(Cat skulking)

Other captions:

-Feline “Peep Shows”
-I should totally ask for her number
-Animal version of Home Improvement with cat neighbor Wilson
-If only I had a pirate hat and eye patch
-That squirrel’s got big nuts

Have a day!

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