Apple Relases “ikid”

September 9th, 2010

Everyone wants a computer kid. Apple listened and obeys

ikid.jpg(Where are his USB ports?)

No more burping, changing the diaper, or listening to crying…

Unless that’s the shit you want, then there’s a “setting”

This litter virtual person from Apple will do or say anything you want…

Unlike those pesky “real life” little kids

Also coming soon are “ibaby”, “iin-laws”, and “ihandjob”

I Quran, I Quran So Far Away

One lone dipshit wants to burn the Quran in protest

quran-burner.jpg(Only 3 hours?)

Pastor Terry Jones’ will commemorate Sept. 11 by burning copies of the Quran

Then on September 12th enroll into an Adult Literacy program for stupid spellers

The most common Muslim translation is Quran, not “Koran” Mr. “Mustache Rides”


You have the right to do it,

Just as people can burn bibles across the street…

While pulling a pretend sucking fucking gay train. Does that make it right? No

Have a day!

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