What’s DDOTY you ask? Why it’s “Douche Dad Of The Year” of course

joe-jackson.jpg(What a dick. Oh, Joe Jackson too)

This creepy as hell, penciled in fake mustache, goofy ass hat wearing dickhole

Was seeking a $15,000 per month in an Estate Stipend from his dead kid

glove-photo.jpg(Does it come with the middle finger?)

But he dropped that to take up “wrongful death charges” over Michael’s death

Still trying to milk a dead physically and emotionally beaten tortured by you cow

michael-jackson.jpg(That’s my dickhead dad!)

Don’t be surprised when “Fu#k You Joe” is burnt on the lawn. You got suspects

Mike Myers Has Shrekage

It’s small, green, and goes #1…


Just talkin’ bout Shrek, get your mind out of the gutter

Have a day!

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