Reagan’s Kagan!

June 28th, 2010

Elena “Release The” Kagan SCOTUS nomination hearings start today…

kagan-smiling.jpg(Please don’t punch me)

The far Beck/Rush right is already going bonkers. Mostly because they offer no solutions to our problems today since their policies caused it over 8 years of Bush. Do you want to know how far the Republican Party has moved to the right?

They don’t even recognize the lefts version of Reagan appointing William Rehnquist

william-reddquist.jpg(Whoops, he’s right)

He had no judicial experience either. Feels like “Baseless Bork Sour Grapes”…

Look at any Yahoo article, or on-line forum

It’s all Tea Party/Beck/Rush/GOP hate posts…

protesters-at-kagan.jpg(Selling babies! Babies for sale!)

No substance, no facts, no specific policy disagreement

Just personal insults with names like Kevin James, Jon Lovitz in drag, & far worse…


kagan-shaking-hands.jpg(“Oh my, it’s x-mas on your head”)

Sickening, but when you don’t have facts to support your claims

Insults, & hate’ll have to do. Enough already, let’s tap this Kagan

Byrd Grounded

RIP Robert C. Byrd, D-from West Virgina. He was 92

Holy shit, 92. He served 51 years in the Senate

robert-byrd.jpg(Who said that, I’m hearing voices)

His name’s on the declaration of independence near Hancock’s…

He’s so old, Jesus was still in his rolodex..

Oh yeah, & he was a member of the KKK, and tried to filibuster The Civil Rights Act

Whoopsy! But he apologized for it. Oh neat, how’d that go?

“Gee, sorry I think you’re inferior and stuff voting against your rights. My bad”

Have a day!

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