Justin Bieber Drug Lord!

March 25th, 2010

That’s right, the new Disney singing sensation Justin Bieber is actually an international drug cartel lord who goes by the name “El Narco Diablo Facepuncher”

shocked-girl.jpg(Holy shit El Narco!)

He’s killed 300 men, pushed 5 million killos a month in parovian marching power, and can knock an apple off a guys head over 50 feet away with the gun titled sideways

His new album dropping is called “I’m Mutherfucking Justin “Drug King” Bieber Bitch!” with the tracks “Booger Sugar”, “Blood Fart”, and “Yes I Sell Drugs”

bieber-hip-hop.jpg(“I will f#ck you up!”)

He once stabbed a women in the face with her own high heeled shoe for trying to steal $5 from him. As he was doing it shouted, “No…one…fucks…with…Bieber!”

Have a day!

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