March 22nd, 2010

Vs. Freebasing Cocaine from a rusty spoon?

You decide!

bowling.jpg(Seems fun, but could hurt my back)

Hurm, have to really think about it now that I have affordable healthcare in 3 years

base.jpg(Seems fun, but could burn myself)

Bowling has the knocking down pins part I like, but coke has the drugs part…

Tough call…

*Flips coin*

Welcome to Richard Pryortown, population…ME!

Reform At Last, Reform At Last…

Holy shit reform at last…that doesn’t kick in for another 3 years…

*Insert wha whan trombone SFX here*

massachusetts-health-care-reform.jpg(Electric yellow puzzle piece)

If all it took was an electric yellow puzzle piece added to a blue puzzle for reform

Why didn’t we do this sooner?!?!

It passed. After all this total insane BS, it finally fucking passed. Now I won’t know what to do with myself for the next 3 years. I should beat my body into the ground…

healthcare-reform.jpg(Loud noises!)

So by the time the healthcare comes, I’ll be ready for some serious work…

Stay Classy DC Racists

Over the weekend during the final healthcare reform push, some people decided to spit in the face of congressmen, call them “Ni$$ers”, and a gay man a “fa%%ot”

racism.jpg(Who’s the Corduroy person?)

They wrote a fascinating 2 and half page book titled “Yes, I’m A Super Dickhole”…


I think today’s racist are way better than yesteryears. I mean, they can float around in a PC environment, but all the sudden drop of the N bomb out of nowhere…

That’s talent. That’s cloaking at the highest level. You used to be able to tell by the way they lynched someone, wore hoods, or held signs saying “I Hate Ni$$ers!”

baseball-negro-player-problem.jpg(They’ll find a way)

Now, you just gotta wait patiently until they let one rip. They’re the Thanksgiving table fart of racism today. Watch out for the Silent But Deadly ones….

Have a day!

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