It’s Halloweenis!

October 31st, 2008

earnie-bert.jpg(After looking at this closely, I’m scared)

Sure you have your costume ready, you have the party to go to, or a place where you’ll be drinking your face off. If you’re a parent, you’ll be dressing up just to hand out candy to all the little loud neighborhood bastard kids…

borat-guy.jpg(Thanks for nothing Sacha Baron Cohen! Look what you made people do. It’s like UPS, I see packages everywhere now)

But what if you don’t have a costume yet? Have no fear, here are some simple one’s you can do for free…

Place Coat Hanger Around Your Neck – When people ask you, “What are you supposed to be?”. Reply, “I’m the affordable abortionist!”. If you don’t get slapped, kicked, or have a drink thrown in your face, just wait. You will…

Put a Toilet Seat Around You Neck(Noticing a theme here?) – When people ask you, “What are you supposed to be?”. Reply, “I’m shit-faced!”, or “Sorry, I’m just talkin’ shit”. Make sure to smear chocolate on the seat for added effect…

Attach a pair of rubber hands(or stuffed gloves) around your neck as if you’re being choked – When people ask, “What are you supposed to be?”. Reply, “I’m the 2008 Chicago Cubs!”. Don’t plan on having sex with any Cub fans…


saferedirect-6.jpg(I have a mirror, I can read it just fine)

Did I stutter? Oh, I did…s, s, s, sorry about t, t, t, that. Well go vote anyway…

Funny Foto

n696271953_1313435_6400.jpg(He must work out)

Go have a Halloweeny!

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