Does anyone remember…

October 30th, 2008

The Dr. Smith “pedophile over-acting” character from Lost In Space?

dr-smith-new.jpg(Hanging in the Macy’s boys changing rooms)

Ohhhh, you so know he was into boys. Always hanging around with young Will Smith and a talking robot. He had no interest in Penny or Judy, and would lie around with arm over his forehead lamenting “Oh the pain, the pain”. Figure he’s over 60, in good shape, was a single Dr., and used phrases like “Hopeless heap of tainted tin”, or “Cantankerous, cold-hearted clod”…

Yeah, that’s a good idea, send a pedophile and robot you can unplug out on a dangerous planet with your naive overly trusting 10 year-old son. What could happen?

He wanted to explore Will’s pants more than other planets…

Certain Adults Need To Be Spanked

We know these people. They’re the ones who answer their cell during the movie and still keep talking. They’re the one who cut in line then let ten other friends in. They’re the ones who get into a loud, heated political debate and don’t vote. They’re the one who let their dog shit right in front of you on your lawn then walk away without picking it up. I wish there was an international spanker hot-line for these turds…

bad-kids-spank.jpg(Kid: Owww…oh look a quarter!)

Oh yeah, make sure to VOTE!

saferedirect-3.jpg(Nice shiner wuss)

Funny Sign

funny-cop-sign.jpg(Illiterate people get more tickets)

Go have a day!

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