One Week!

October 28th, 2008

Till the election. Finally! No more “you betcha”, “my friends”, “now look John”, “Joe the Plumber”, “Mavrick, mavrick, mavrick”, “Silly season”, “I can see Russia from Alaska”, “Media filter”, hair plugs, capped teeth smiles, crazy asshats shouting shit at rallies, morons holding signs, and buttons. I’m so fu*king stick of buttons!

epic-fail.jpg(This would look great on a 70’s van)

You want them so badly, you scrounge through piles, shops, and stores to get them. Then all they do is sit on your desk, in a drawer, or pined to a sock monkey because you don’t want to poke a hole in the fabric of your clothes. Let’s not even get into the idea that you’ll bleeding from your fingers, and chest wincing in utter pain as you attach it. After the election what do we do with them? We eventually pin them to a bag, that sits in the damn corner. If you do take it out; you loose them, they fall off, or break. Then what do we do? Go get more buttons…

I say this to buttons…become magnets, you’ll be happier on my fridge…

High School Musical 3 Is Better Than 2…

Because it has a 3, and 3 is better than 2. Duh!

That and Disney told me so, weeeeeeeeeeeee…

hsm.jpg(Useless jazzy slanted graduation!)

Sure all parents are happy they have some place to dump our kids for 2 hours on a Saturday, but that doesn’t mean I should have to suffer. The #1 movie in America? Really? That’s I know our economy is fucked. Now your kids will want the HSM3 soundtrack, the HSM3 yearbook, the HSM3 graduation costume, the HSM3 back-pack, the HSM3 tampons, HSM3 home pregnancy test, HSM3 gaydar, HSM3 grout, HSM3 anti-depressants, and HSM3 lard

If there is a HSM4, we’re going to tangle Disney…cause I’m coming out with HSM47 showing them all as older abusive alcoholics, divorced, and slowing sinking into stupid self destructive behavior…

Funny Foto

bar-stools.jpg(Sister Hot Gams doesn’t work)

Go have a day!

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