I’m A Pirate!

October 27th, 2008

Guess who this boy dressed as a pirate for Halloween is…

obama-as-a-pirate.jpg(What’s a pirates favorite movie? Anything rated “Arrrrrrr”)

Is he…

A) Democratic Presidential nominee Barrack Obama
B) The current host at the Jackson Hole Wyoming Long John Silvers
C) The kid who kicked over my pumpkins, and burnt “Fart face” in my lawn last year
D) My bastard son Toto I had out of wedlock

What are you going to be for Halloween? Maybe a fairy, or a vampire, or a stoned drunk guy attempting to hit on women and failing badly? FYI, the last one’s gonna be a very popular costume this year so choose wisely…

Barrack Out With Your C#ck Out!

I went to this political pirate party on Friday dressed as Pirate Obama. It was fun. Here’s the evidence…

dsc01530.JPG(Button says “Captain For President”. Nope!)

dsc01546.JPG(Couldn’t see in the mask. See what I missed?)

dsc01553.JPG(Sword fight!)

The blonde girl in the middle photo on the right is our new friend Dani from Chicago! She and her husband Rick the fireman were kick-ass fun people…

Look Around Chicago Today

Sonja helped create the entire ad campaign for the Chicago International Film Festival. You’ll see them on bus shelters everywhere for the next three days. The tag line is “See more in the dark”, so during the day it only has three words in black, but at night words appear around them for more story…

film-fest-before.jpg film-fest-after.jpg

Amazing, awesome, clever stuff. She’s brilliant AND cute to boot…

Go have a day!

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