October 24th, 2008

Awesome idea for someone who’s trying to appeal to the Target/Wal-Mart crowd to go and spend $150,000 on clothes for her entire family on the campaign at Needless Mark-up and Sux 5th Avenue

funny-palin.jpg(Truer words were never spoken)

Opie Rocks It!

Click Me

Thanks, I needed that! Oh yeah, and fuck Elizabeth Hasselbeck. She’s a delusional whack-job hell bent on lying and sucking human souls. It’ll play well on the campaign trail stumping for Palin…

Fantasy Fest 08 Day Two!

obomba.JPG(Looks like someone lost a bet)

slave-master.jpg(My bitch bookends!)

toga-toga.jpg(Toga, toga, toga)

Ohhhh, it be fun down here. It’s insane!

Have a day suckas!!!

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