McCain and Palin are…

October 22nd, 2008


mccain-palin-superhero.jpg(They are evil super villains)

You heard me. Obama is not some saint, savior, or messiah. He can’t part water, but you’d think he could by the way they attack his character when you can’t run on economic issues. It’s stupid, isn’t working, and will ultimately lead to he and Biden getting elected on November 4th.

They’re acting like evil super villains for shits sake. What’s next, tie him to a water tower of a small town set with explosives, then go on TV saying, “Obama tied himself to a water tower saying he’d flood people who cling to religion and guns because he IS a terrorist”? Then maniacally laugh after the camera’s turned off…

This is the most insane thing I’ve ever seen, and I saw 47 seconds of the show “Hole In The Wall”. The only thing more unsettling would be watching a human beat a small java monkey with a pipe wrench…

Saving Sarahman!

Sarah thinks the VP is “In charge of the US Senate”. Wow. I mean…WOWIE WOW!

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Mistakes are normal on both sides. Not knowing basic constitutional rights is flat out silly. I had to know this stuff in 8th grade. In fairness, I didn’t. Because I was starring at Laura Dale. Then again, I’m not running for VP of the US…

Funny Foto!

n1497962102_30082386_13891.jpg(So true)

I’ll be blogging from Key West the next three days. It’s vacation sucka…

Go have a day!

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