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October 21st, 2008

n534207594_1310078_5422.jpg(If you got to pee, I suggest “get up”)

Socialists, and terrorists, and Anti-Americans oh my!

What planet is this? The Sarah Palin’s, Michelle Bachmann’s, Rush Limbaugh’s, and Sean Hannity’s of the world can all collectively go fuck themselves. The notion that smaller towns are “more American” and others are “anti-American” is obscene. It’s pure evil. It’s McCarthyism of the 50’s, or the Salem witch trials. It’s 2008, we have the internet, and every person in this country will not accept these insane premises based on lies and hate. It’s like some hackey low budget re-make of The Crucible with shittier acting. Not today, not ever.

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Total insanity. The day after that interview, the Democrat running against her, Elwyn Tinklenberg was flooded with donations. She’s going to loose to a dude named Elwyn Tinklenberg. He sounds like a pissing blimp. Luckily the Michelle’s of this world can crawl back under their rock and “don’t let the door hit ya, where the good lord split ya”

donkey.jpg(File photo of Michelle Bachmann)

Funny Sign

n583098201_1015534_3660.jpg(Signs can be dicks)

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