They “Are Not Aware”…

March 9th, 2017

In Trumps and All Republicans

‘Non-Stop Distraction Circus’ it

distraction funny note(We know)

seems they are Running Out Of

“Clowns” to throw at the media

right now. So imagine reporters

Actually ON The Titanic, Asking

serious questions about the ice

berg being met with “I’m not at

all Aware It Happened” As The

the fucking boat is sinking into

a sad, icy grave. When you are

asked about A Russian Election

ties & ya have none, you say no

Repubublicans funny saying(We know)

When you are not. You aren’t at

all “Aware”. Beware Of Anyone

spewing they are “Not aware”!!

That “Entire”, Republican Party

lead By The Orange Anus Is All

Simply Projection. Whatever, it

is they say, THEY are doing it &

not their Targets. How very sad

NOTE : Samuel Jackson, Slams
Ben “Bigot Toy” Carson For His
Hateful Hateful Lies On Slavery
NOTE II : Speaking Of Bigots It
Should Be No Surprise, SteverO
Bigot Bannon Has Racist Books
UPDATE : Sessions, Will SO Be
Charged With Perjury Yesterday

Have a day!

National Wimps Day…

March 8th, 2017

It is National Woman’s day all over

the Place Today. Good on You! But


if you’re Sitting Republicans Today

they are all running from reality at

Light Speed. They Are Saying “size”

doesn’t Matter, While not knowing

ANYTHING about the Content that

kills off all Citizens ACA healthcare

Trump & Company are trying to all

distract from overt Russian Ties, &

it is Not Working. Drip, Drip, Drain


They are Massively Fucked and did

it ALL To Themselves. They Simply

deserve everything coming to them

NOTE : All Republicans Try To Rush
Through, Insane ‘ACA Repeal Cause’
They Know It Sucky Tax Cuts For 1%
This Is Going To Kill Em In ’18 Good
Breaking: Trump Meet With Russian
Ambassador Sergey Kislyak AKA The
Same One, As Jeffery “Liar” Sessions
He Stated “Never spoke with them in
10 years”. The Lies Keep On Coming

Have a day!

Trumps Russian Ties Lies…

March 6th, 2017

It’s Seems FBI Director, James Comey

is about to have his Foot directly up in

donald-trump-cpac-russian-flag(We know)

Trumps ass fast. “Trumper Tanturms”

can’t fix Sessions perjury, Flynns fired

Manafort/ Carter Page/ The Agalarovs

Dmitry Rybolovlev / Michael Caputo &

Many, Many, Many, More. It’s All Clear

and his Financial ties aren’t in dispute

Want to know why no Tax Returns?!?!

They show a fuck load of Russian cash

This is just The Beginning, as the Fatty

The stupid face of Trump(Down, I, go!)

foul fuckhead begins to Unravel & Fast

And down Goes the lying Orange Anus

This is not only disgustingly vile it’s so

damn near Treason at This Point. Tiny

Hands will Be Impeached Shortly then

Mike Pence, the spot light’s rite on you

My father Passed Away on Saturday at

7:30am. The world so lost a very great

man. My tears just won’t Stop Flowing

NOTE: Trumps ‘Muslim Ban’ 3.Blow &
It Will Be Challenged And Stuck Down
NOTE II : White House Press Room Is
Now Dark. Spicer, Hasn’t Held An ON
Camera Briefing In A Week? Why?!?!?
Well He Can’t Address Trumps Lies Or
Russian Financial Ties That Will Crush
Him. They Are All Going Down So Fast

Have a day!

Happy Seuss Day!

March 3rd, 2017

Did Dr. Seuss write Green Eggs

And Russian Spam?!? Oh, right


he didn’t; yesterday was Suess’s

Day……..since it was his Birthday

Go read a book of his, they were

and always will be mega kick ass

Have a weekend!

And “Down” They Go…

March 2nd, 2017

In what is likely To Be Called The

“Russian Sessions” here comes a

jeffsessionsfeuerherdoath(“I promise to lie!”)

White House Meltdown That Has

neverbeen seen before in history

(Shit, it even took Nixon 5/6 years
And these Russian tied fucks did it
In a little over one Month. Bravo!!)

Jeffery “The Racist As Fuck!” AG

Sessions Claimed in his hearings

that he Never Spoke With Russia

He spoke with Them TWICE. Yes

read that again. One of the times

was a ‘Private Conversation’ with

Sessions and russian ambassador

Sergey Kislyak, that took place in

September in the Senator’s office

Busted, Caught redhanded, done,

Jeff sessions lying under oath(Bigot Bullshit Machine)

smoking gun, hand in cookie Jar,

fucked, no Way out (Costner flick

intended), & that, that’s all Folks!

He was asked directly “What he’d

do if there was ‘Evidence’ anyone

Associated with Trump campaign

communicated with the Russians”

And Sessions direct reply to that?

“I did not have communications with the Russians”


Bob, what Does he win?!?!? A trip

to a hearin’ where he will be likely

going 2 jail for committing treason

Congress Shine A Light on Trump(Shine A Light!)

At the least He Must be Recused &

at the most…..well it’s over for him

and everyone else. When the Truth

“Outs” & it Always Does The “Buck”

stops with The Orange Anus. Boom

NOTE : DNC’s, Laughable Trump Talk
Response, Of A Babbling 70 Year Old
In A Staged Diner. Wow, You Suuuck
NOTE II : So, Trumps Campaign May
Have Violated, Campaign Fundraising
Laws On The Book. Right Now, Looks
Bad, Since What He Took In Was Not
Used To Pay Down Since They Clearly
Had More Than Enough Cash In Hand
UPDATE: Someone Find Out Who The
Kid Is Behind Sessions Testifying That
Lie Over His Left Shoulder W/Tongue!
At :13 Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllaaaarrrrrriiiiiiiious

Have a day!

Trump Addresses Congress…

March 1st, 2017

Without Flinging his Own Feces at

everyone, or tripping over his own

Trump being a racist asshole(<-Teleprompter Tom Hypocrisy?)

ties…that are Made in Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiina

Let’s be real here his speech was a

decent one. Honestly, it was and it

was very unlike Trump. Give him a

C or C-, which is Far better than an

F-, His Usual Low Bar. What did he

do well?! Read a Speech written by

a Right Wing Ideologue clearly and

not Royally Fuck it up. He also said

he wants better foreign trade deals

Trump is moving his Muslini hands(Liar In Chief!)

& a massive infrastructure overhaul

GREAT!!!!! Loved Hearing That, but

HOW’ll He Pay For It When he Cuts

taxes massively for the top 1% only

helping the Middle Class slightly?!?!

It’s an old trick done by Reagan and

W. Bush. Promise Them everything,

Deregulate Wall Street, Put It All on

the Countries Credit Card (Wait, we

thought Republicans Hate Spending

Graphic on terrorism(<-Facts)

which just means “Only on The Shit

we love, you spend nothing Dems!”)

Then wait, for the next big Financial

implosion they Created! Now for the

Shit he said that was Horrible/lies &

Piles Of Absolute “Fact Free Bullshit”

Immigration In America, Is Not Only

“Slowing” Down, They Are Going the

Other direction, Out!!! He lied about

US Trade Deficit’s Repeating his lies

from Before. Immigrants are not the

only people Committin’ acts of terror

or crime. It’s racist to state it, period

Trump is the Racist fuck(We know)

So does he address the most hateful

Terrorism in America ALL from right

Wing White Supremacist Racists?!?!

Awww fuck no, that is his Votin base

Nope, Crickets. Racist Crickets. And,

here are more Massive Lies. Trumpy

might want to take his C- & go home

NOTE: Watch Michael Moore Crush
Trumps Hollow Self Serving Bullshit
Circus Of A Grieving Widow, All For
His Own Political Masturbation. The
Sadness Of Ryan Owens Death And
Trump Made The “Yeman” Decision
At A Fucking Dinner Is Gutwrenchin
Carryn’s Grief Was USED When & If
Her Tears ‘Subside’ The Rest Of The
Country Will Be There, Trump Won’t
And, That Trump Fuck, ‘Took’ ZERO
Responsibility, Makes My Blood Boil
NOTE II: Trumps Ratings Last Night
Were 25% LOWER Than Obama’s &
Expect Him To ‘Lie’ About That, Also
UPDATE: Republicans Just Voted To
Keep All Trumps Russia Ties Hidden
This Goes Deep If They’re All Hiding

Have a day!

The “Believe Me” Lie…

February 28th, 2017

Jon Stewart, was back But behind

Stephen Colberts desk and it sure


sounded Fine. He Pointed Out the

thing all of us do in Trumps mega

“Believe me!!” lie. People who are

trust Worthy don’t have to ask for

it. Liars Fucking do. It was nice to

see him Back. Trumps Russia ties

Will Sink Him Quickly. You Do not

Trump Russian Stooge(<-Putin’s Bitch!)

just Fire Someone When they did

nothing wrong. Tick Tock Trumpy

NOTE : Asshole Evil Racists, THAT
Threatened African Americans Got
Jail Time And Cried. FUCK YOU!!!!
Only Once Your Evil Racist Actions
Are ‘Correctly Legally Judged’ You
Feel What Your Hatred Does Stfu!!
NOTE II: Hey Racist Sessions Just
Violated The 14th Amendment The
Equal Protection Under Law. Prick!

Have a day!

If you caught the Oscars last night

you saw a bizarre Ending For sure

Moonlight-wins-best-picture-award-at-the-Oscars(What, what?!?!)

With Warren Beatty and one Faye

Dunaway said the wrong envelope

La La Land did not “Win” best film

That Would Be….Moonlight People

And Speaking of massive fuck ups

Trump ‘Skipped’ the White House

Correspondents Dinner. Meh, I do

not really care. It has always been

a Media Cozying up fest and he so

trumpster-fire(Flame On!)

clearly hates them and all citizens

to grasp facts/reality. But now we

have Trump on tape sayin that he

“I Have Not Called Russia…in TEN

years”. Well, that will So be Super

easy to check and he will be lying

Oooooops He lied. Trumps Russia

Ties will likely be his Undoing But

Those Wheels, Were In Motion by

him since Day 1 people. Ooooops!

Dems DoubleDown On Dumb

The new DNC Chair is just as bad

as the corporatist whores they are

perez-1920-1280x720(Awww shit!)

They should have put in an actual

Progressive or Sanders Like chair

They have fucked it up badly here

and the optics are dreadful. Why?

This will Bite Them in Ass so Fast

NOTE : Trump Racists Graffitied
The “N – Word” On Their Garage
Door. The Victims, Left It Up, Til
Fucks Are Caught. BUT Now The
Stamford Police Are Fining Them
$100 Per Day To Remove It. This
Is Disgusting, The Neighbors Are
Purely Evil In Not Caring To Find
Out. They Know Exactly Who Did
It That Neighborhood’s Protectin’
The Racists, Period It’s Disgustin’
NOTE II : CPAC Trumper Morons
Wave And Hold Russian Flags To
Make Themselves Look Stupid!!!!
RIP: Bill “Chet” Paxon. He Passed
Away Due To Some ODD Surgery
Complications. Watch, The Movie,
Frailty. It Is An “Amazing” Flick!!!

Have a day!

Oscar’s Schmascar’s…

February 24th, 2017

The only little heavy statue I want in

futurememories_2268_1061359000(It’s a Weiner!)

My House Is That “Little Kid Pissing”

booze dispenser. It is Such A classic

Now enjoy the Oscars This weekend

And start it all off right. BOOOOM!!!!

NOTE : Trumps Big Fascist Dictator
Move To Block, & Ban Certain News
Outlets Like CNN, BBC, Politico And
Many More. This ‘Violates’ Our First
Amendment Badly And Is Likely The
1ST Of Many Moves That Are Laying
The Grounds, For His Impeachment
The Courts, Will Decimate This Tool
NOTE II: White Supremacist Fucker
Trump Lover Evil Killer Racist, Shot
And Killed ‘One’ Innocent American
Citizen And Wounded Another TWO
Did Trump Tweet About That?!? No!

Have a weekend!

The “Bullshit” Convention…

February 23rd, 2017

C- PAC Means, Christian, Pushy Asshole

Children. If it was Conservative Political

CPAC-2017-with no one in chairs(0 Policy Substance)

Action Conference, They would not keep

on inviting Lying Mega Assholes to their

“party”. Forget they don’t grasp political

terms or understand remotely who’s the

Fascist party (Hint it’s right wing). Oh &

the Alt Right/Racists are their entire shit

Party today. You own it & the TeaOP was

the one’s who started it ace. Forget Tedo

“I’ll Lick Your Ass Crack And Phone Bank

Dan Schidender CPAC moron(“I lie forever”)

for you Trump” Cruz uses Projection like

a toy daily. Or when a lunatic who knows

NOTHING About our history or facts just

spews insane lie after fuckstick insane lie

These people Are Not Just living in an Alt

Reality, they are at Direct odds with facts

They always will be cause facts take rigor

NOTE : Snotty Spice Doesn’t Know What
The Press Does And, Doesn’t Know What
The Term, “Military Operation” Means!!!!

Have a day!

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