Lil’ Dick & Porter Quits…

February 7th, 2018

The Orange Idiot wanna be dictator wants

“Military parades”. Going to an all military

(Bone Spur Bob)

High School Myself, & Graduated as a first

Lieutenant, they’re fun. But if you’re Potus

demanding them, it’s a Dictator move. Let

us Call Him Lil’ Dick if you will. With Devin

Nunes runnin silently away from reporters

refusin to answer if Trump helped craft the

“Partisan lie Memo”, he has now outed him

self as a sure part of the investigation. The


fact Is, You Wouldn’t Protect Trump unless

he and MANY other Republicans are on the

Carter Page Surveillance. Oooooooooooops

Wife Beating Porter Quits

White house Staff secretary Rob Porter, just

quit. But why?!?!?! Oh, Turns out he likes to

(So Long!)

BEAT & Abuse his Ex-wives. A lot!!!! Trump

hires only the Best liars, Racists & Shit wife

Beaters. The Best! And, Trump Lackey John

Kelly, defended him as a “Man of honor and

true integrity”. Ahhhhhhh Yes, Beaters Of A

feather ALL stick Together is my best guess

It will All come out soon enough as they Fail

These people have no Honor, morals, or any

sense of humanity. They’re sad failed frauds

NOTE : Some ‘Good News’ In Ruby Red MO.
For Democrats, “Who Won” A R House Seat
It All Means Nothing, Without Voting People
November Approaches Fast My Friends. Yes

Have a day!

And, Lunacy Continues…

February 6th, 2018

An actual Illinois Nazi Is running for office

on The Republican Ticket, Trump Wants A

(<-Anal Plug)

“shut down” if he doesn’t get a wall & now

‘Human Trump Anal Plug’ Sean Hannity, is

positive the stock market plunge was really

“Obama’s Fault”. Ha Ha ha ha ha ha. FUCK

OFF!! And Speaking of Utterly insane idiots

Trump is Now in The “Anger” Part Of the 5

Stages Of Death/Jail. It, Is Called “DABDA”

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression And

finally Acceptance. He will Never get to the

(Times Up!)

final two; see he’s a lying racist moron fuck

sociopath Incapable of Feelings. The Entire

Republican Party today are all intentionally

lying, picking a Fight with Their own DOJ &

FBI/CIA while Ignoring Reality. This insane

tactic, Will lead to Their Entire Party’s utter

collapse. When All you do Is Lie for a living,

cheat, abuse others, hurt others, Ignore the

law, Launder Russian $, Obstruct Justice, &


ignore Our Constitution, There Will be such

a cataclysmic Reckoning; they ALL go down

NOTE : I Guess Dump Jr Doesn’t “Think” His
Fathers “OVERT Racism” Qualifies as “REAL”
Racism. Ohh I see. Just Like When You’re So
Jailed, That Will Not Be “Real Jail” Then?!?!?!
RIP: John Mahoney At 77. Such A Wonderful
Actor, Talent And Human Being. We Will Not
Forget His Amazing Work. What A Great Man

Have a day!

Seems Republicans are royally fucked &

they all seem to know it. It’s all over but

(<-Bullshit Factory)

the crying. And My BEST Guess Is All of

the Devin Nune’s in the party are helpin

Trump For One Reason. THEY are on all

of the Carter Page Surveillance. Oooops

Now Devin “I’ll Be Joinin’ Kushy, Don Jr.

And, Trumpinski In Jail” Nunes; Claimed

That Trump Never Meet the 1 Guy, Who

plead Guilty George Papadopoulos, all of

this…despite being Selected on his Great

Foreign Advisers Committee in a PHOTO


with Him. Ooooooooooooooooooooooops

Their lies are getting worse each day and

Mueller’s Investigation isn’t At all fucking

amused. And what is The Racist lying ass

Divider and Thief Doing?!? Usual asshole

Twitter Tantrums. He Is Getting SO BAD

the bully turd is Repeating himself with a

“Little Adam Schiff” ALA “Little Marco” in

the asshole planet debates. Trump is just

terrified. And he Should be. This is NOT a

(We Know)

fucking game; the jail time will be serious

He’s a fuckin moron whos about to go bye

NOTE : The Stock Market, TANKED Today
And It’s A Record Position Sell Off, That It
Hurt Losing 1,100 Points The Most In One
Day. It Just Lost Over 1,841 Points In The
Last 4 Days. Tomorrow Best Stabilize or It
We’re In A World Of “Financial Hurt” Folks
NOTE II : What A Wild Super Bowl It Was
One Of The Best I’ve Seen In Years Like A
Heavy Weight Fight Back & Forth. A GOAT

Have a day!

It’s Groundhog Day…

February 2nd, 2018

Which means The Republicans Saw Their Shadow

after releasing a partisan nothing memo meaning

(We Know)

it’s another 6 weeks of Mueller. This Will go down

as a massive mistake & actually speeds all of this

up Even Faster. Carter Page was Already ‘ON’ the

FBI’s Watch Since 2013. All This “Memo” Did Was

show the FISA Warrant Process, out of Context in

an attempt to Attack The DOJ/FBI/CIA. It is a Big

fail & now puts Every Republican who backed it in


a war Against The Rest of America. You know, the

one’s who follow Our Constitution And Rule of Law

Have a weekend!

Hope Hiccups & Mangled Memo…

February 1st, 2018

Mueller & His Entire Investigation are speaking

to Mark Corallo, On Hope Hicks, & Pointed Out


to them he “believes” she obstructed Justice by

saying the Don Jr’s E-mails Will Never “Get out”

They “Got Out” & Showed He Took A Meeting to

“Get Dirt” On Clinton FROM Russia. They will all

be “Singing” Like A Fucking Choir. Only hold out

is Manafort & With Gates Down, He Best Sing Or

that Time Goes; & it’s Jail time for the rest of his

short life. See, they Already Basically “Got” what

they want. This is Now Going on the “Record” to

(“It’s over”)

confirm it. Oh & speakin’ Of Super Disco Fucked

Trump & the WH plan on releasin’ their partisan

“Utterly out of context hit piece” Memo. So, you

fucks Already Feuding With The DOJ/FBI/CIA all

want to publicly slug them in the Face with lies?!

Well Then, Please Proceed. This’ll Be Yet Another

Direct ‘Documentation’ Of Obstruction With WAY

more Republican’s who are Directly doing it. Ohh

please, do It. You Treasonous Treacherous frauds

are terrified making Enormous mistakes & are all

(All Going Down)

playing a Deadly Game here. GOOD. Their skin is

in it Now, & That Means Jail Time For All Of Them

Release it Or Not, Simply doing this Drum beat of

Obstruction Against The DOJ/FBI Will now Simply

ensure they are ALL on the radar for charges now

Ya just went to War with the fuckin’ United States

NOTEĀ  : Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan Called All Those
“Memo” Republicans Out, For Their Overt “Reckless
Partisan Behavior”. This Speeds Up, Trumps Demise

Have a day!

Lie Machine & Attack The FBI…

January 31st, 2018

The “State Of The Union” is “Let’s all lie!”

Trump is nothin’ If not predictable and it

(The Bullshiters!)

will be his eventual undoin. And make no

mistake here. The Entire Republican idea

here is to “Attack” Both verbally & legally

the honor of the FBI. Oooooooooooooops

Republicans Are in DEEP Fucking Trouble

Almost ALL Of Them. This Isn’t Some Big

ass Game. They Are Actively Punching an

Organization, That Brings Down Criminals

This doesn’t end well for any of them and

it’s ALL Earned Comeuppance of The Best

(“Try Me!”)

caliber. Wray, the New Active Director of

of FBI after Comey was fired by Trump is

not havin’ ANY of this bullshit. None of it

The lying Nunes “Memo” Solely to attack

discredit and try to claim a “partisanship”

is being pushed back VERY hard with the

leadership sayin the memo “had material

omissions of fact that does fundamentally

impact The Memo’s Accuracy”. Wow, This

is some Sleazy, Insane, disgusting shit. It

(<-You’re all Fucked)

also tells me they are All VERY Desperate

in picking a Fight with the would be jailer

Your Time is Neigh, no where to Run now

NOTE : Another One Bites The Dust. So, Trey
Gowdy Doodie “Quit”; And, Will “Retire” From
Congress. Ohhhhh, Boy, He See’s The Writing
On The Wall, And Possible Jail Time, So “Bye!”

Have a day!

You will Hear lie after lie after Insane lie

tonight. There will literally be No kind of

(We Know!)

attachment to reality. None. He will lie &

make Shit Up, Flub stuff, Not Know basic

Facts/Math/Historical Realities and Smile

the “Entire” Time As Most All Republicans

lap up His Lunacy. Good! They’re now all

attached To Trump Forever. No gettin’ in

a car drivin’ away from him. Devin Nunes

is in DEEP Fucking Trouble. He is Playing

(So Long!)

partisan politics while Running this clear

interference For Trump/Crew. Oooooops

NOTE: A Blue Wave Is Slowly Becoming A
Large Tsunami. This “Republican”, Rodney
Frelinghuysen Is Stepping Down. Ooooops
It Only Happens, If You Canvas, And VOTE
NOTE II : Republican Wants To Arrest Any
Dreamers That Are Brought to the State Of
The ‘Union’. Holy Fuck!! How About We All
Arrest Any Congressmen, Who Committed
Sexual Harassment, Bribery, Corruption, &
Any Felonies. The Place’d Be A Ghost Town

Have a day!

McCabe Attacked By Trump And…

January 29th, 2018

Steps down. These are dark, dangerous times

Do Not Worry. The law stands Squarely on the


side of Justice. See, the major difference with

Nixon, and Trump Is A ‘Grand Jury’ Is Already

Impaneled. That Was not the case with Nixon

and Mueller Has Already ‘Instructed’ Said Jury

to move forward with the charges since that’d

directly be Yet Another Obstruction Of Justice

charge. Hey, Time Keeps On Slipping slipping

slipping into The Future. Follow the odds folks


He will be out fairly soon as will Kushner and

his Creepy name sake Don Jr. Ewwwwwwww

NOTE : Another Republican “Retiring” And This
Just Means “I’m Not Getting Re-Elected” And It
Also Is Yet Another Slap 4 Republicans IN 2018
NOTE II: It Was ‘Really’, A Colorado Republican
Committing Voter Fraud & Got Probation Ooops

Have a day!

Dear Republicans, You Should Be VERY

worried. Not just a little, but a Lot. And

(Oh No!)

it not only means the end of Trump but

the END of YOU! You did Nothing at all

to stop/call out/Correct Trump and you

Actually Supported HIM, Every Step Of

The Fucking Way. Ooooooooooooooops

It’s so bad out there right now that ALL

the Republicans left are Going With the

Old “The FBI Has A Secret Society In It

That Is Out To Get The President”. This

is a clear sign they see just the hammer

coming Knowing it Also means Them as


well. Fear. They know they Are all going

down. Tick tock, your Reckoning is here

Oh and Trump ‘Tried’ to FIRE Mueller in

June of 2017 but the lawyer he asked to

do it, threatened to quit. Oh he’s Fucked

Have A Weekend!

With the Democrats Playing super

“Cavemen” With DACA, Polling At


87% of Americans who Approve it

Trump And Republicans, Are All in

a bad way today. Mueller’s coming

fast and now there Senate Judicial

Committees are just Second fiddle

To The Grand Jury. Kushner really

got “spooked” knowing they might

release Committee Testimony And

likely Won’t Go. No matter, Mueller

(Bye Teen Model!)

is the one with The Stick here and

it’s about to all Come Down. TICK

fucking TOCK. It’s almost all Over

NOTE: Trumps Payment To Stormy
Daniels Violated Campaign Finance
Law Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Boy!

Have a day!

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