This is Your lay up to fuck up. All of

you. Staying centrist, or allowing no

(Don’t choke!)

valid policies that help ALL voters &

all Americans (All of those Southern

Republicans, Moderates, those solid

Independents, & ‘Progressives’) Will

Likely Split / End Your Current Party

The only way to win, run Candidates

Like Christine Pellegrino (Who won),

Ossoff & Those In Congress. That Is

the only way. Bottom line, the world

(A Progressive)

is speaking very loudly. The reaction

to Brexit, & Trump has been Macron

and May getting thumped. Listen up

to the voters or you never touch the

power of office again. You see this in

Kansas Crushing Brownbacks insane

Trickle Down Lies That Crippled their

Economy. Even, Republicans, Are All

bolting to the center ground. Oooops

Trump’s Killing The Republican Party

(Just begun)

So make sure they’re ALL tied to him

(Hillary sucked, the DNC fucked it up)

Sessions “Session” Tomrrow

He will be pleading the 5th, which he

technically Can, NOT do Since this is

(Bigot Keebler Elf?!)

not a Criminal Hearing but Rather is

an Investigation. He will duck, dodge

Dip, Dive & Bullshit. Why? Well, he’s

fucked & Knows It. You Don’t Recuse

yourself when you know nothing. It’s

a tact for Those who all have DIRECT

Conflicts of Interest. His and Trumps

conflicts of Russian interests. He has

already “perjured” himself once, let’s

go for a few more times & win a prize

Jail or worse when he rolls on Trump

You will get “I don’t recall”. Well let’s

see if Mueller can jog his old memory

NOTE: RIP Adam West, AKA Batman
The Caped Crusader & Mayor Of That
Fictitious, Quahog Mayor West. He Is
Going To Be Missed Badly Much Love
NOTE II: Pay Attention To All Of The
Senate Republican Healthcare Guttin’
That’s Tryin’ To Pass In The Darkness
This Is Political Suicide So Fine By Me
BONUS: The Best, Big Racist Trumper
Moron Take Down By Lettin’ It Speak

Have a day!

Chicago Blues Festival…

June 9th, 2017

This weekend! The Blues are just a person


who is comparing Shitty stories and Really

just has You Beat By A Lot. It’s like a “You

think your life sucks, wait til ya hear mine”

It’s like A “Hard Luck” Competition & They

always win. Chicago summers are the best

Have a weekend!

Trump is Going Down And Will Take all R’s

with him who wanna tag along for the Ride

(Bring it!)

Anyone who watched James Comey Testify

today, Watched all of Trumps lies Go up in

Orange Anus Smoke. Trumps asked James

Comey to “Drop the Flynn investigation” &

Comey correctly took it as direction. Yet he

did Not FOLLOW That Insane Illegal Shit In

“Obstruction Of Justice”, And Was Promptly

Fired. These Are Facts. Not In Dispute. But,

In Trumpland, the RNC, & In A Lunatic Shit

(“You’re fucked!”)

show Trumps “Personal lawyer” spewed bs

at light Speed in the feeble attempt to stop

legal Reality From Existing. Forget Senator

McCain’sGrandpa Simpson’ Impression, &

Babbled About Clinton And Russia Election

meddlin’ which doesn’t Exist. It was like he

was drunk, on pills or totally out of it. They

Are All, Undone Here. It Seems Trump/R’s

big Game Plan Is: A) Smear Comey B) Just

lie about the lies while lyin’ C) Ignore facts


This ends will Trump and His Admin In Jail

(Irony: Chanting “Lock her up!” before jail)

(Also ‘Republican’ Burr, Deserves Big Credit
for an excellent, honest, nonpartisan event)

NOTE : Sandy Hook Denier, Sentenced For
Death Threat To Victims Father. Disgusting
NOTE II: Tool Box Gowdy Selected As Next
Partisan House Committee Big Sell Out Liar
UPDATE : May In ‘Serious’ Trouble And She
Is Losin’ Massive Majority 2 Jeremy Corbyn

Have a day!

The “Relationship”, Between Trumpy, And

AG Sessions has become so tense that he


(J Sessions) Suggested that he’d ‘Resign’

All the Rats are fleeing the fat, lyin’, loud

Sinking Trumptanic. It Still Won’t Protect

them From Serious Treason Charges that

are likely Coming. Comey testifies on the

Hill Tomorrow, And he Already Painted It

as “Trump demanded my loyalty” on the

Flynn/Russian Ties investigation. Oooops

This is going to go Down as the beginnin’

of The End for Trump/Republicans And it

(Buckle Up!)

will all be On display tomorrow. It is Just

called Obstruction Of Justice for Starters

and ends with Impeachment For Treason

Down, down, down they all go; which Jail

they land…we don’t yet know. It’s all over

NOTE: Watch Independent Congressman
Angus King, Literally GRILL Trump Suck
Ups Trying To Avoid Answering Direct ?’s
About Meetings, With Trump They’re ALL
Going Down. That Lying Asshole, Stating:
“I’m not Sure I have a legal basis” In Not
Directly Answerin’ Unclassified Questions
THEY, ARE, ALL, FUCKED. Gooooooooood
NOTE II: Ossoff’s Special Election Is Now
Great. It Is, About Policy Like Livable Pay
And, Republican Karen Handel, Says That
She’s NOT FOR IT. This Kills Her Chances

Have a day!

No matter if It’s Trump’s Insane Twit

Tweets, Lies, Hate, Ignorance or fails


He is now A Record low in “Approval

Rating” & Has More Approval for his

Impeachment Proceedings then folks

approve. Let That Sink IN! Oooooops

The world’s a sadder, more hateful &

Darker Place with Him In Power. But,

that isn’t Even The Worst part. He’s a

living, breathin example of republican

Policies When In Power. His Approval

rating is 36% (Holy fuck how is it that

(Down goes Trump!)

high still?) yet those Citizens who will

gladly impeach him’s at 43%. He’s so

Underwater Right now, Drowning Is a

real option for his work. Tick tock and

it only gets worse with Comey lighting

him up on Thursday. Down goes anus

NOTE: Sarah Huckabee, Lying Troll 2.0
Is Sick Of Reporters Askin’ Which Trunk
Sean Spicer Is Hidin’ In Go Check All Of
The Bushes. You, Might Find, Him There
Or Penny Slots In “Old Town” Las Vegas
NOTE II : Maher Makes An Awful N Slur
For No Reason And Apologies For It We
All Know He’s Not Racist, But Still Weak
Sauce Rookie Mistake & Getting So Lazy

Have a day!

London experienced yet another violent

terrorist jihad Attack by religious hating


Extremists. THIS, WILL, NOT STAND!!!!

Theresa May said as Such & also Called

Trump “WRONG!” for His Insane lies for

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan. These Acts

of Horror And Hate Will Not stand again

If you’re a Violent religious extremist of

ANY stripe, Good Citizens, and Agencies

are coming for you all. No MORE!!!!!!!!!!

Comey Is Coming!

Trump punched the Toughest Guy in the

bar & ya can Bet His Comeuppace will be

(Trump Slap!)

something For The Ages. How did we get

here? Ignorance, apathy, hate, disgustin’

lies of Massive Levels and ignoring reality

That ‘Ignorance Bubble’ is About To Burst

with Comey’s Testimony. June 8th will be

a bad day for treasonous trumpers. Good!

Have a day!

Wonder-ful Woman…

June 2nd, 2017

When it comes to Amazons, I’m


All In! Wonder Woman Isn’t Any

exception. Except, for her magic

lasso of truth. Any guy is fucked

With That Lie Detector Test Shit

Have a weekend!

Orange Anus “Withdrew” From our

Paris Agreement on climate change

(<-Pure Evil!)

Due to President Idiotfuck, We now

join Syria & Nicaragua. That is IT!!!

Only 3 People didn’t join this and it

shows WHY. This is ignoring reality

& Science by Way Of Plugging one’s

Fat Ears Ignoring Facts. Please look

at the Modern Advancements in the

other Two Counties. Oil, sand and a

shit Ton of Bogger Sugar/Coke for a

nose. Let THIS Fact Sink in for now:

(Sure is!)

Nicaragua, is Among All the Poorest

countries in The Americas”. Oh Holy

fuck! Make No Mistake this IS a war

vs science, math, facts and all reality

Next Trump will Shout “Gravity does

not Exist & the World’s FLAT!”. Wow

this is a very sad day in america and

one that every Citizen should soberly

fight against this Type of lunacy. Sic!

This, Only Ends ‘Orange Anus’ Faster

(“I’m I done yet?!?”)

61% of Americans Wanted 2 stay in it

where only 17% wanted out. Ooooops

NOTE: A Portland Murder White Racist
Asshole Shouts Everythin All Trumpers
All Do 4 His Sentencing Disgusting Evil
NOTE II : Trump Is Emotionally Out Of
Sorts Source: “I see him, ‘Emotionally’
withdrawin’. He Has Gained weight. He
doesn’t have anybody whom He Trusts.”

Have a day!

Hope Your Memorial Day rocked!

It was awesome. Got to hang out


with Family and new friends for it

all. Even Almost had A BBQ flame

fuck up but its fine! Also was able

to Hang with my Brother Jay for a

Full Day. Playing…Watching NCAA

Golf At Rich Harvest Farms. It was

awesome. Thank You To All Vets &

for those served, are servin’ & now

training to Serve. Thank You for all

your service. We will never forget it

Oh, Look Out!

In “Ultra Red Districts”, Democrats

Are Now Winning, Bigly! Democrat

(She WON!)

Christine Pellegrino “CRUSHED” her

Republican Challenger in a NY state

special election. That was a big area

for Trump in the 2016 election. It is

big news. Note to all Democrats and

Donors. Progressives…Like Christine

are who ya need to run. This is very

bad news for Republicans/Trumpers

It’s Showing what Would Have likely

Happened IF Bernie Was Nominated

Instead Of Hillary. Oooooooooooops!

NOTE: Cathy Griffin Went Too Far &
She Knows It. We Can Not “Become”
The Hate We Are Fighting Against. It
Undermines Any Critical Message Ya
Might Have Had. It’s Ignorant Stupid
Shit Solely To Get Attention. So Bad!
NOTE II: This, Is Pure Violent Evil In
Mississippi, By, An Ignorant Vile Tiny
Nothing, Unworthy, Of Name Mention
The Only “Actual Citizens”, Are Those
Who Sadly Died At The Hands Of Evil

Have a day!

Chumps “Muslim Ban” was thrown out

AGAIN. So, much, winnin’ right Trump

(They did!)

toads?!?!? It is an executive order with

unconstitutional Animus against a very

“specific” religious Group. That will not

legally Stand. But don’t Expect Trumpy

to Legally Grasp This Fact. He does not

understand legal realities. He never did

Look how many times the Fuckwad has

gone to Court losing “Bigly” (cough) oh

remember His Con lie School Trumpers


(Lying moron!)

University? He’s a Trainwreck on top of

Mountain Of Bullshit Lies, wrapped In a

lying asshole straightjacket. T-O-A-S-T!

Republican’s Fake Lying Tears

Mark Meadows (R-NC) somehow states

He “Didn’t Know” The New “Healthcare”

(crocodile tears)

bill “Cuts” coverage, & raises cots for all

So then, Solely Fearing for his OWN ass

came the fake “Water Works” tears as if

sociopaths Can Cry. Ahem, he helped to

WRITE the Legislation & Didn’t Know its

main Points?!? These lying Assholes are

pure Evil. They Solely Serve the top .3%

Hint : You, And Nobody You Know, Is IN

that. Vote Republican, this is what u get

A Tax Cut for Top .3%, taking care away

NOTE: Republican “Bully Asshole” Body
Slams A Reporter Asking About The Big
Health Care Bill ‘CBO Scoring’. He, Was
Charged With Assault. What An Asshole
Newspapers Pulled Support From Him 2
NOTE II: Betsy DeVos, Can Not, Answer
BASIC Questions, About, Discrimination
She AVOIDED The Entire Question, Due
To, Her Big Appreciation, Of Racist Hate

Have a day!

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