Sorry I didn’t post on Thursday and Friday

I Had Severe Food Poisoning Hurling Non-

(All Weekend)

Stop. I’m back and ready to tell you about

The Final, Trump Administration Blow. The

FBI just Executed multiple warrants Today

on Michael Cohn. They Raided his Office &

his Home. OH BOY they Are ALL so fucked

Imagine the “stuff” they know exists they’ll

find; and think of the shit they know Exists

that Cohn Tried to get rid of/destroy that is


already Documented As having Existed. Oh

Doctor, now you Got Him on every possible

charge in existence. If Cohn does not flip &

they already have limitless Shit On Him, HE

goes to jail for 40+ years on “many” counts

They don’t “Need” him to Get Trump, but it

is Clear They “HAVE” Him & Other Limitless

shit. No one’ll “Stand” near Trump anymore

(<-Referred by)

And this action was by US Attorney of NYC

only “Referred” by Mueller. Ohhhhhhh boy

Guess MAGA Means: “Many Attorney’s Get

Attorney’s”. Ooooooooooooooooooooooops

NOTE: Sean Hannity’s Day Are Numbered Now
After A Failed “Twitter War” With ABC’s Jimmy
Kimmel, The Hard Right Wing Echo Chamber o
Lies Isn’t “Selling” Ads Anymore a Failed Model

Have a day!

Turns out the “Shooter” was a crazy lady

pissed At YouTube For Them “Censoring”


her Content and Dropping her Ads from

her channel. Pissed, yes. Shoot up a lot

of innocent People?!?! Fuck no. Nothing

in this world is worth That shit. It’s nuts

And her family “reported” her missin’ to

cops Who Found Her THAT morning and

right BEFORE The Shooting. Then Those

Cops let her go Thinking nothing was so

wrong. Ooooooooooops. Her family said

she was very “upset” and might even go

(Won’t Show Her)

to YouTube. Ding, Ding, Ding! That Is a

large warning sign there. They did nada

Speaking of Walking into Horrible Traps

seems Trump Is Getting His Fat Orange

Anus ‘Slow Played’ Hard By Mueller. Ha!

He is getting Trump To feel like he’s not

a “Target” of the investigation. Ha ha ha

nice move! Trust your “Smarts” Trumpy

After all he’s “Like a smart guy”. Oh like

(“Ya fucked son!”)

a guy about to Purger Himself and go to

jail. Ask any lawyer, it is Very Bad news

NOTE: Election Upset, Democrat ‘Wins’ In
A State Supreme CourtContest In The Red
State Of Wisconsin. She Got All Of The Big
Areas From Rural, Urban, Suburban To Ex
Suburban Signaling Big Problems This Fall
NOTE II: Judge Really “Scolds” Manafort’s
Lawyer Saying, “I Don’t Really Understand
What Is Left Of Your Case”. She Tore In-to
Him So Badly, There Might Be Nothin’ Left

Have a day!

If you are In California near YouTube’s HQ in

San Bruno, stay away. There’s an Active gun

(Holy fuck!)

man/shooter right now. Check on loved one’s,

find ‘Safe Places’ To Hide, Be Calm As possible

and get out only If “Clear”. This is horrible But

Totally Expected. Until We ALL Enact “Rational

Gun Control/Reform”; These Will Happen, And

it’s daily. Early “reports” claim the shooter is a

Female & is Now Deceased. Sinclair is trying a

Monopoly End Around. “Legally Speaking” This

is a Failed Endeavor. If The FCC Chairman did

“Try” This (Ajit Pai), It Would instantly now be


legally challenged as violating their Broadcast

Rules For Ownership (only allows 39% of any

ownership, NOT 72% and growing). This, Just,

should, Not, Be. Speaking of “boy, you are SO

fucked”, Mueller’s “Working” Manafort from a

“Russian $$$$$ Laundering Election Influence”

Angle. That DIRECTLY “Places” Trump, In His

cross hairs; one down and 70 to go. Tick Tock

Have a day!

It seems our Former Clueless star, who seems

to not know how to Point Out KKK Nazi White


supremacists are “Ok” cause she is not here to

“judge”, is Dropping out of her house race. Oh

wow, no Way (Fakes Shocked look). She is the

poster Child Of No Grasp Of “Policies”, How we

can Achieve anything concrete & knows nothin’

about Government what-so-ever. You Know, a

Republican Today Following Trump. Ooooooops

Speaking of Trump, The Bar Could not Get any

lower than Rosanne Barr These Days. She only

did This Reboot For Cash. That Is What it looks


like right now. She Has Also Had A History of

serious Mental Illness. She said so On Oprah:

“I was in A very unhappy relationship & I was prescribed
numerous psychiatric drugs… deal with the fact that I
had some mental illness……………….I totally lost touch with
reality……………….(and) I didn’t know what the truth was…”

Seems as being An ACTUAL Trump Voter she

never got it back. She’s ‘nuttier’ than squirrel

Shit. This will crash & Burn as most all things

In her Life Have. She Is in bright blue Hawaii,

worth an Estimated $80 million and trying to

“play” a “Blue color middle class worker”. We

all know her acting Sucks Wind, this’ll just be

(Us Too)

no Different. Speaking Of “Unwatchable Shit”

It Seems Sinclair Broadcasting Is Attempting

to Create, A Monopoly On Local TV Networks

buying them all solely to “create propaganda”

For Trump. Ummmm, That’s Directly Against

the FCC’s Broadcast Rules For Ownership. It

will be fought Tooth and Nail Costing Sinclair

$Mega-millions and They will lose this suit so

badly. It’s clear in owning 72%+ of all the Tv

(Stand Up!)

local Stations is against their rules. Cut & dry

shit legally Speaking and so very crystal clear

NOTE: Mueller Is Charging The First Along With
MANY More Tomorrow. Should Be An “Exciting”
Day For Justice. Look Out Trumpy Oooooooops!

Have a day!

Figured I would post this for you guys. It’s just

(Don’t Baaver)

a review I did for his 1st Special In 7 Years and

it’s Something I Normally Don’t Do at all. Enjoy

Don’t normally comment on comedian specials, because I know how hard
they are to Do/Produce/Create. Here goes. Just “watched” Ricky Gervais’s
Humanity lastnight. Really just shocked me as being such a lonely sad and
dysfunctional “experience”. It was like “listening” to some Old out of touch
asshole billionaire complainin at the smell $100’s make as he uses them to
light up his cigar, then extinguish it on a happy baby’s face thinkin it’s just
so “hilarious”. There’s almost no punchline, lots of punch. Aside from a few
jokes About Ridgebacks, Catlin Jenner (The beginning part), And ‘Floating’
testicles, it was a man complainin about topics he has no actual experience
with. All while rehashing old jokes about having kids/poor families done so
much better by Python, WC Fields, Youngman, Carlin, Pryor, Williams, and
Chapelle. Any good comedian knows the visual difference in the formats of
film & stand-up for the correct impact/story. Most all of it was no set up, no
depth, no layering, no turn and no writin. It was a lazy, shallow, needlessly
cruel, punching down work of a wealthy thin skinned guy railing about how
“awful” cultural sensitivity it all while being “hyper sensitive” himself. To an
audience of 1. It also Seems That he has just spent his last seven years on
Twitter baiting & trolling people, then Attacking Them. Makes Lenny Bruce
reading his legal cases intellectually “riveting” by comparison; and boy they
weren’t. As any good comic would tell you, try takin your own fuckin advice.
If you can’t even do that, why are you dispensing it?!? As a Gervais fan, he’s
using the only lens he has available right now…and it’s about as relatable as
Monty Burns on steroids. The Title of his show is what he clearly lacks most
today……and it’s the most Elemental ingredient in ANY great comedy today

If you watch it, you were warned. It’s just not as

good as His Earlier Work, Period. Meh…..Rarely is

Have a weekend!

If you’re attacking the Parkland victims, you are

telling the world A) I don’t Have any solutions or

(He Won!)

ideas to solve this problem and B) I’m a horribly

despicable Immoral Bag Of Shit. Laura Alt-Right

Bigot Asshole Ingraham, Lost 3 Advertisers And

counting. Oooooooooops. Seems if You’re a BIG

asshole, that doesn’t “Sell well”. Said it before &

I’ll say it Again. They lost, Badly. This never was

a “debate”. There was not rational opposing side

or Ideas to Solve This Problem. The other side is

(We Know!)

thoughtful, Open, Honest, engaged and ready to

fight, Solving This Problem. This, Gives Me HOPE

NOTE: White Sox Baseball Opener Today They Are
Winning 8-4 Right Now……With A Slew Of “Dingers”
(They went on to Win 14-7 Which Is Just Amazing)
NOTE II: The “BEST” Thing You Will See….On Late
Nite Television’s Dana Carvey “Doing” John Bolton
Welcome Back My Brilliant Friend, Ya Just Nailed it

Have a day!

Gates Closed & Trump Sunk…

March 28th, 2018

Turns out Richard Gates was Directly “Working” with

a Russian Intelligence Agent. Ooooooooooooooooops


Turns Out, The 1st Person, A Dutch Lawyer Alex Van

Der Zwaan, worked with Gates & Manafort. And he’ll

be the 1st person ‘Sentenced’ on april 3rd. He lied to

Mueller & the Special Counsel, About Working With A

Russian Intelligence Agent With GRU. And So, Gates

is Already Working With Mueller. Manafort is not, but

“Asked the Charges to Be Dropped”. Ha ha ha ha ha

good one you Fucking tool box. Yes, this just in all of


the criminals Everywhere….would like the charges to

be Dropped. Manafort Will Die In Jail. Oh & Speaking

of jail. Donny Drumpf is super disco fucked. It seems

NO Lawyers want to represent him. Yet law suits and

legal problems Are currently Coming from 5 different

directions. Not much Time left on the clock. Tick tock

And the more Trump struggles the worse It will get &

(Lie 7 Billion)

his day of Reckoning will be Unlike any we have seen

before In America. They Are ALL Going Down So Fast

NOTE: Another Day, Another Idiot Fired By Trump And
The Musical Chairs In Romper Room Continue For Turd

Have a day!

We’re back! Sorry about Yesterday, workin’ on

a big Upcoming Project & needed full attention


It seems you’d have to be either dead or Trump

to not have seen Stormy On 60 Minutes. She is

far more Honest, Articulate and Specific Than a

sitting President. But Let Us Be Honest. That Is

everyone These Days. She Pointed Out 3 things

that were huge. One, Confirmed they did it and

when Melania Was Knocked Up. Two, She’s got

proof. And three, They Threatened her And also

paid Her “Campaign Hush Money”. All Of These

(Trump’s fucked)

are a MASSIVELY illegal, a Real no-no. It’s just

another in the even mountin’ saga to end them

The “March For Lives”…

This Weekend, “Signified” An Immense Culture

Shift. The NRA /Gun Nuts, Don’t Have A Debate

(They won!)

on their hands. That requires honesty, fairness

intellectual Rigor & Solutions. They Offer None

So It’s Simply Ad Hominem. That Means, They

already lost. The Policy Will Be Set By Those in

office who want to STAY In Office. If they don’t

they go. They Get Voted Out this November. It

is Telling, When The NRA/Gun Nuts Only “Real”

“Solution” to The Problem is: do nothing, more

guns and “let’s just attack those victims of gun

(Future’s bright!)

violence” lyin. & avoidin’ the issue. It’s the side

of people in History who LOST. Fine by me, the

young people Standing up are winning. We will

not ever Forget This “Moment”. It is pretty cool

Have a day!

Trumps days Get Darker, longer And More

fucked up by the Second. What used to be

(<-Anus Hole)

Weeks/Days, Is Now “Minutes”/”Seconds”

McMaster’s is Gone. And In His Place will

be an unhinged Sociopath war monger in

John Bolton. The Level of Ignorance That

got Him Blasted For Iraq WMD’s, Spinnin’

INR facts & lost His bid as UN rep. Seeing

as he wanted to Abolish the Entire UN we

(<-War Criminal)

all know he’s an anarchist to blow it all up

This Is Now A War Cabinet. This is Lunacy

Have a weekend!

The Austin “Bomber” Is A Domestic Terrorist

PERIOD. This isn’t news. The fact the cops in


this entire thing are just Calling him “The out

cry of a very Challenged young man”. WTF?!?

He left a 25minute video confession of it. See

the very definition of Domestic Terrorist here:

“The Calculated use of Violence (Or the threat of
violence) against civilians in order to attain goals
that Are Political/Religious/Ideological In Nature”

YES, this directly applies. Why won’t the cops

say this is domestic Terrorism?!? Because the

views Of The Religious Right/Racists/KKK are

currently, The HIGHEST Amount Of Domestic

Terrorism in the United States today. Oooops

(“He’s fucked!”)

Trumps ONLY sound lawyer To Help Him with

Mueller John Dowd, Just Split! Oooooooooops

time of death For Trump & crew Is today. It’s

all over now. The only legal assets left for the

Orange Anus is a lunatic lying Conspiracy nut

named Joseph DiGenova. Good luck with that

you Fucking Moron. Jail looms Now. Tick Tock

Trump & crew will get more unhinged as days

(Pubic Head)

pass and Mueller’s about to close them all out

There is no escape. They’re simply all undone

NOTE: Sack A Shit Saccone Finally Concedes The
Special Election To Conor Lamb. A Blue Wave Has
Now Officially Began. Only Counts, If WE All Vote!

Have a day!

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