In usual prick fashion Trump even fucked up

the Honor layup On Memorial Day, in Making

(Talking Anus?!?!)

it ALL About Him While, ‘Not’ Truly “Honoring”

anyone at all. It’s so bad, I’m actually looking

Forward To “The” Upcoming “Trump Is In Jail”

footage. He’s Simply Terrified Knowing all the

walls are Closing in fast & there is nothing he

or any of them can remotely do. As I told you

before that is why you are Seeing even MORE

insanity/lies/hate/Unhinged Tweets Flying out

“Speaking” Of People Who Are “Cancelled” for

being Soulless racist Assholes, it seems that a

(Well no shit)

reboot Of Roseanne is OVER. All After “Racist”

hateful Tweets “About” Valerie Jarrett and her

Being The Offspring, From The Muslim Brother

Hood And Planet Of The Apes. ABC “fired” her

instantly. She deleted the Racist Tweet (as All

the Racists Do), Then did The ol’ Non-Apology

Apology They ALL do. It’d Be Nice If Just One

time, Some One Clearly Stated WHY They Are

very Sorry For the racist Hate they spewed. It

(So long!)

simply Is Because, They Are NOT Sorry, never

were & will always just Say “so sorry you were

offended”, “I’m Not Racist” Or “It’s just a joke”

Ahem I WRITE Them For A Living. It’s Not Any

“joke” it is all racist hate; it’s not “bad taste” it

is just racist hate. She was Dropped by ICM, &

Deserves EVERY-THING Coming Her Way. It is

Just Another Day In This Country Still living In


1861. We will get past this, it’s just so Very Sad

(I also truly believe she has deep mental illness)

NOTE : Puerto Rico Was Decimated By Hurricane
Maria And The ‘Death Tolls’ Are “Clearly” HIGHER
Then Estimated. This, Is Clearly A Horror In Need
Of Rapid Infrastructure Help “Unlike” Most Before

Have a day!

He’s Cohen To Jail…

May 25th, 2018

Michael Cohen is not just Fucked. He’s now

Super Disco “Pound You In The Ass” Prison

(Cohen’s pal right)

fucked. Cohen, Met with A Russian Oligarch

and Discussed U.S.-Russia Relations Just 11

days, Before Trump Was inaugurated as the

45th president. Ooooooooooooooooooooops

Trump & Crew are all done. I told you this &

said This Again And Again & Again. Facts do

not lie. They just simply “are” what they Are

Have a weekend!

Notably Fascist League? The “Owners” Decided

to bold faced Lie to America, using anal puppet

(Wha Happen?!?!)

Rodger Goodsmell. They Claim, “We All respect

the right to players freespeech & all their social

activism”. Ahem with The new rules saying you

either STAND, or STAY in The locker Room says

that ‘You’ Clearly DO NOT. The Main Problem Is,

we Are having TWO Totally different US anthem

conversations. On One Hand ya have Select few

players usin’ the freedom of our 1st amendment

to call our attention 2 the 14th amendment and

(Peaceful Protest)

its Civil Rights / Equal Protection Clause. See, It

never WAS about Troops, the flag, Or disrespect

Those are The incorrect Views of People unwillin’

to have That conversation they are all protesting

about. It Is intentional & how Disgustingly Gross

And the NFLPA Hasn’t yet Fought Back. Look out

NOTE: Morgan Freeman Is Now An Old Perv As Well?!
Ohhhhhh Boy. That’s Why I’m An Atheist, People Who
Even “Play” Gwad Can’t Hack It. Ugh. How Gross, Sad

Have a day!

Trump and his Fellow Fuckabouts all decided it

was a great idea to roll back all of the financial

(We remember)

regulations on all banks after they crashed our

entire Fucking Economy. Holy Shit! This Is not

a game. Our Country Will Have the exact same

shit Under Hoover, Reagan, W Bush & now the

Orange Felon Asshole. Keep doing the same ol’

Horrible ‘Economic’ Lunacy (Entire “Libertarian”

play book of Bad Ideas), we Will Get The Same

horrific Crashes/bubbles. The reason?!?!?!?!?!?

People Profit From Human Misery. Hell, People

(We remember)

shorted the Housing Bubble and Making billions

Now, this Next thing makes me so Fucking livid

I can barely Type. The “Father” of the Santa Fe

Texas shooter, thinks it’s solely because he was

bullied and his Advances to a girl were “turned”

down. His Exact Words were…….he was “A nice

boy”. Ahhhhh, No. He Murdered other Kids And

was Singing / Laughing The Entire Time. It Was

the FATHERS “Guns” That Murdered Those Kids

(Oh yes)

And, what did HE do To Secure Them from that

monster Kid of His?!?!?!? NOTHING. Despicable

Have a day!

“I got caught Being Racist & that Hurt my Job”

Massive racists, Who Want To inflict the MOST


social damage on other innocent citizens really

almost Always Do The Fake Non-Apology After

all Of Society, Then Correctly Uses THEIR First

Amendment Right Calling them the Racist they

openly stated they Were. They Don’t Apologize

because They Mean it, Care, see the Harm that

is Causes/Damage Or Have Remotely Changed

They haven’t. This, Is now all about Them now

And The Fact Their Own HATE’s Ruining THEIR

(Not shit!)

life. Not about the Historical harm those views

just caused so they just grasped the very real

Economic/ Social/ Unemployment/No Partners

problems this “Means” for them, so NOW they

are “Really sorry”? No, they fucking are NOT &

It honestly Makes em way more Reprehensible

It’s like having Someone Abuse Your Kid, then

when they’re Jailed Ask “Hey, if I fake that I’m

sorry, will ya let me out of Jail for that bad shit

I did?!? Cause this puts a kink in my life now?!”

(Holy shit!)

In the “Holy Shit You Can’t Be That Dumb” file

Michael Cohen, Acting for Trump, Sent a letter

to the Onion About How They Satirize Trumpy

And, MUST Stop Now. So Naturally, The Onion

fucked with them back and boy it’s so glorious

NOTE: Michael Cohen’s “Business Partner”, Evgeny
Freidman Is Singing Like A Drunk At Karaoke With
No Waiting List. Ohhhhhhh Boy They’re ALL Fucked
NOTE II: Another ‘Shooting’ Today A Guy In Stand
Off With ‘Cops’ In His ‘Apartment Building’. When’ll
This Insanity, End?!?! We’re A Country Of Madness

Have a day!

In Trumpland, he’s Running out of Time and

with walls Closing in will try the ol’ “But, but


Obama Had an FBI Agent to get me”. Forget

It’s ALL Republicans at every level right now

who started the investigation: James Comey,

Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, ETC. Forget, Trump

lied In Claiming The Steele Doiser Started It,

when it was George Papadopoulos Telling an

some Upset Australian Officials, Who in Turn,

told our Agencies back. Then they opened an

Investigation. Ooooops. Desperate times call

(“You’re fucked”)

for a fresh insanely dumb new slew of tweets

& Melt Downs by Trump. It lets you Know he

knows it 2…’s almost over. This isn’t some

fuckin game. Our entire country hangs in the

balance. Are we a Nation of Laws that punish

overt criminals or not? If not it’s a free for all

Speaking of possible horrors to come, after a

shooting, Republicans only say Shit, they will

NEVER do Shit. They Are All bought & paid 4


by the NRA. Lobbyists Run Policy, citizens do

not. THAT needs To Change. Demand change

at The Ballot Box. Vote Only For Those who’ll

take No $. Send a message & vote Vote Vote!

NOTE: Mueller Expands Investigation While It Is
Clear Trump/Crew Financially Sought Saudi Help
This Is “Clearly” ILLEGAL & It Will Add To His Jail

Have a day!

Trumps pet Rudy Is not only making a mess on

all of America’s rug….he’s now publicly eating it

(Crypt Keeper)

Yes, On CNN, he Had To Pretend That a POTUS

does not ever get subpoenaed. 1st off yes they

fucking Do. And 2nd, Rudy Himself SAID It For

Bill Clinton 20 Years Ago Not Only Proving Him

a big fat liar, but confirming he’s just a partisan

fuckabout hack who Doesn’t know the law at all

He Wasn’t Mad At Cuomo, Showing His Obvious

partisan hypocrisy. Just mad he found it. And it

signals the end of a guy who never had any real

(Crooked SOB)

“beginning”. So long fucko, Enjoy Your Demise!

Now, Another ‘School Shooting’, More ‘Horribly’

dead & Partisan Republicans/Some Dems, Who

are ‘Owned’ By The NRA All Do NOTHING. Take

your “Thoughts & Prayers” & ram It up your ass

You not a Good Person, a Christian, or remotely

Hold Any Morality. They Picked $, Over Children

And all of History will judge you correctly as the

(So, Nothing)

soulless Sociopathic monsters you all are. They

will ALL be Correctly Charged as Evil by History

Have a weekend!

The lousy shits in the US Senate confirmed

Torturer Gina who thinks it “Worked pretty

(Love me torture!)

well” Even though she’d never do it again if

she promised, all while Crossing her fingers

Haspel. This is a Sad Disgusting Day, which

are many with Trump & His Roving Asshole

sociopaths at the Helm. No matter, all their

time is almost up. Clocks run out & you can

bet they will ALL be feeling the legal heat &

boy does it BURN! See, Bad Things, so very

bad Illegal Things You Do, the More you do


them, the quicker your demise comes. Time

is Up. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. It’s over

NOTE: ‘Racist’ Less Than Nothing Prick Gets
Booed Out Of A Coffee Joint. All I Can say is
GOOD. That Prick Should Be Put On Blast, &
His Name Should be found Out Yesterday So
He Can Publicly Be ‘Called Out’ For This Hate
So, We Already Have the Super Racist Aaron
Schlossberg Who Violated The Law By Using
Fighting Words & incitement on social media
Blast. Racists, Want Dark & Cover. Don’t Let
Them. If They Want to Break The Law & Just
Hate Others, They Can Deal with all Of Social
Consequences That Come with Spewing Hate
Turns Out, He Runs, Like A Pussy When Just
Asked To Address His Overt Hate. He’s Toast
Oh & Get This, He Gave $500 To………..Trump

Have a day!

Whoooooo hooooooo! At A time In this world when

it Is most Dark, Tiny Rays of light shine. And in no

(Must Have!)

way Is This a Lock to Pass The house & Trump can

even Veto it. But It Would then be a BIG campaign

issue In The Mid-Terms & look Out. This is a Large

step in the right Direction as a Nation. Oh and just

speaking of Right Direction, let’s touch on the now

“wrong” one. It is now clear Don Jr will be charged

with, Collusion/Foreign Election Interference. This

is Deadly Serious Shit Here. And Trump Himself Is

on the Hook for Obstruction In crafting Dummy Jr.

(“Let’s share a cell”)

alibi for said Meeting With The Whole idiot Russian

“adoption” bullshit lies. Ooooooooops. They are all

So fucked in every possible way. Look out, it’s just

almost all over. Trump And Crew know It. Look for

them to Get Crazier, louder & way more Disruptive

NOTE: Progressive Democrats, Are Winning Primaries
And “Special Elections”, At An Alarming Rate Showing
There’s A Blue Wave Likely Coming. Only If You Vote!

Have a day!

To start pickin Fights with Mueller & the entire

Investigation. Ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


What a fucking big Collection of fidot’s. Oh that

is a great idea: Harass, Abuse & Pick fights with

the people about to JAIL all your ignorant asses

Wow you really can’t make this shit up. They’re

almost totally undone now. At this Rate, just let

them ALL keep talking as much as possible and

they will be In Jail before Dinner Time. It is like

watching a Man Hand Crafting their Own casket

while Loudly Yelling, “I Build The Best Furniture,

Only The BEST!”. Mueller, And The Entire Grand

(Oh we know)

Jury are watching Everything & know almost all

of the shit they already did. When you did mega

illegal Crimes, Punching The Cops On Duty, only

speeds it All Up. Fair Enough. It’s almost all ova

NOTE: Disgraced Republican, Blake Farenthold Who
“Left Congress” After “Sexual Harassment” Charges
Paid Out Of Tax Payers $. Guess What? He SAID HE
Would Pay It Back. Ha Ha Ha!!! He Didn’t. And NOW
He Is, A Fucking Lobbyist. This Is Disgustingly VILE
RIP: Tom Wolfe, Writer, New Journalism, & Student
Of Life. Read His Work, Read His Quotes, And Enjoy

Have a day!

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