We have seen it before. It Ends With an

Assy Racist Lying Orange Anus, ‘Undone’

(Anus’s of a feather)

Trump is going down. He clearly knows it

and tried to pull a Nixon. Ah it didn’t help

Nixon; & it won’t help Lying Orange Anus

Nixon fired Watergates special prosecutor

Who Was Independent Ace Archibald Cox

Trump just basically did the Same Act but

not grasping Almost All the investigations

are over. It’s like firing Cox AFTER he got

his entire case built. Like everythin’ in the

Trump Bubble of Bullshit a day late and 7

(Welcome in Russia!)

trillion Dollars short. His act of lunacy will

speed up the impeachment hearing and it

will force republicans Running for Election

in 2018 to pick A side. They side with him

& So Long Career (History is clear on this)

If they follow history & stand up for what’s

Just, Fair and Honest. They got a tiny shot

These Spineless Republican Fucks have all

shown they don’t Accept the 2nd Choice &

it ends them all……..Well fine, by, me, then
(Trumps Rodger Stone, a Nixon lover, who
even has the racist failed President tattood
on his fuck back likely gave him the idea or
Bannon who are Both the Same Vile Voice)

Also, Trump Broke the Ethics In Government
Act of 1978. Oooooooooooooooooooooooops!

Have a day!

Every Republican At Every Town Hall is

learning when your answer to tough ?’s

(No Questions!)

is “Well, go fuck yourself” things do not

go well. And so they run away, leave or

ignore the harsh realities of these failed

polices as human voters starrin at them

R—–from IA, Rod Blum “Faced” pointed

questions from Constituents Mad about

his Yes Vote On The Republican bill. His

response to the Booooos was “Nobody’s

Listening”. Ahem, No, They ARE & They

don’t like your Bullshit lies to their faces

(He Left!)

Blum also got up & Just Walked out of a

news Interview After The First follow up

question. These clowns are disgusting &

it ends in their defeat. All these assholes

who wield power, do it solely for the top

.3%/Koch Brothers. Vote Only For those

who will “actually represent” your needs

Prepare to vote out Every Republican or

Democrat who does not vote your needs

NOTE : Sally Yates Makes Ted Cruz Look
Like The Lying Asshole Republican He Is
NOTE : Trump Just Fired James Comey!
You Can “Bet”, Trump & Crew Will All Be
Impeached Within The Next Two Months
You Don’t Just “Dictator” Problems Away
The FBI/”Other Agencies” Will Leave NO
Doubt, He Has Violated The Emoluments
Clause, Sedition & Treason Smoking Gun
This Isn’t A Fucking TV Show, This Is His
Entire Life Behind Bars Evil Orange Anus
This Is “Historically Not Common” It Has
Only Happened Once In 1993 With One
William S. Sessions Who Used FBI Plains
To, Visit His Daughter, & Charged He His
Home Security System To “Government”
This Has “NEVER” Happened When Potus
Was Under Investigation Ever. Not, Ever
This, Is The Final Nail For Trumpy Then!

Have a day!

It seems only one Name’s to blame

For Le Penn And The Right Wing Of


racism’s defeat. Trump. The people

of France Saw what That show looks

like & all Voted NO to that shit show

Voters are FAR more Educated after

Trump. Will that appear here?!?!? It

seems it already has all with eroding

approval Ratings & All his politicians

Running From Mics/facts faster than

a cokedup cheetah. Justice, fairness

and A Healthy Economic Way Of life

(Buh, Bye racists)

won….over racism, ignorance & hate

It’s only one Election, but a Very Big

Step in Abandoning This Right Wing

Racist Populism That Destroys us all

NOTE : Yates Explains They Warned
Orange Anus About ‘Flynn’s’ Russian
Ties For $ & Kislyak. She Then, Said:
“Mr. McGahn, Demonstrated that he
Understood, That This Was Serious.”
NOTE II  :  A Republican Lying Prick
Named Paul Labrador Said, “Nobody
Dies “Due” To A ‘Lack’ Of Healthcare
Access”. Ah Yes…….They Fucking Do
You Evil Moron Assclown Jeeeeeeeez

Have a day!


May 5th, 2017

A must see, if ya loved the 1st one


It doesn’t Disappoint at All. A little

long in tooth with Ego, but just get

to the “Pillow Case” part and you’ll

thank me later. Go rock on you all!

Have a weekend!

clears The House, by only 4 votes

Four. Let, That, Sink In, For A bill

(So long R’s)

that just has 17% Approval rating

It passed 217-213 with 20 plus of

the Republicans Voting ‘NO!’. Ohh

boy, they are massively fucked. If

you are One of the 20 Who Voted

No, then Your Seat may be Saved

in 2018. For the rest, they’re fired

This vote was to repeal all the key

Elements Of The ACA. This Act Of

selfish hate Solely For the top .3%

(R’s in 2018+)

is the demise of Their Entire Party

It’s a Scar with a Tattoo That says

“We, Kicked Middle Class & All the

poor Off of healthcare coverage to

give that $ to the top .3%”. I’m no

expert In Math, But .3% won’t get

you Elected Ever again. They own

this stain of hate. It likely will not

pass the Senate since they all see

this as Electoral Suicide For Them

in 2018. Imagine, ‘Casting a Vote’

that likely won’t Even come about

(Dems score)

but having that “Hateful vote” on

Your Record Forever Republicans

They just told All Of America that

they solely serve the top .3% and

that means 99.7% of us are votes

they will never touch again, good!

They own this train wreck forever

& just handed dems fire to run on
(Wait, Until The CBO Scores Come
Out. It, Will Be, Horrific For All R’s)

NOTE :  Add Another Impeachment
Path With The 25th Amendment, &
“I believe that invoking Section 4 of
the 25th Amendment Is No Fantasy
but an entirely plausible tool”. Oops
NOTE II : D –  Jim McGovern Blasts
Every Republican Correctly & Fairly

Have a day!

Is the Big Jan Brady line these days

Instead Of Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

(We Know)

The intelligence community now has

“Specific, concrete and corroborative

evidence of Collusion.”. Oooooooops

There has Already been a major inter

-agency “investigation”. It found that

they Had “Evidence that the Kremlin

tried to help Trump Win the election”

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich

said there Was A, “Real And Growing

Possibility Trump’ll be impeached” &

he Shared The New Yorker Article on

Twitter, & The British GCHQ “Agrees”


They got ALL the Facts on this and it

ends trump/all his stooges who did it

That Just ‘Means’ Comey, The CIA, &

every other Agency is waiting to drop

These Bombs. Happy Mothers Day, &

Welcome, To “President”, Mike Pence

NOTE: David Axelrod Correctly Slaps
Clinton, On Her “Hideous” Campaign
“Comey Didn’t Tell Her Not To Go To
Wisconsin, Or Michigan”. BOOM!!!!!!!
NOTE II: 7 Bounty Hunters Shot At A
Car It Was A) The Wrong Car, & B) It
Was Death They Created. They’re All
Correctly Charged With Murder Good
UPDATE : Spicer, Doesn’t Know What
A “Wall” Is, And Trumpy Tries Health
Care ‘Fail’ For A Second Time. If They
Pass ‘Anything’ That Takes Voters Off
It, They Lose Their Mid Term Election!

Have a day!

John Dean On Trump…

May 2nd, 2017

“His Total Ignorance On So Many issues”

Ohhhhhhh, there’s a ton more. Shit like

(Trumps nuts)

“His language level being roughly that of

a six to eighth grader…& probably on the

the slow end of that”. This is not just any

one. This was the Former legal council of

the White House Under Nixon John Dean

“Who knows what’s Going on in his brain

with these Attractions (to dictators)” and

“Selecting Andrew Jackson as his ‘idol’ is

bizarre. He(Jackson) is known by history

as the worst of all the original presidents”

(Dean Nixon Days)

Trump is so fucking dumb he thought the

Cold War, was “fought” in the Winter. He

thinks water isn’t wet, & Thinks Dictators

who “murder” their citizens are Awesome

Fucker doesn’t know anything! He stands

by his Insane Remarks on Jackson & gets

decimated by historic facts and all reality

NOTE : Trump Seeks ‘Evil’ 1st Amendment
‘Clamp Down’ With An Amendment To End
Freedom Of The Press. HOLY Fucking Shit!
The Supreme Court Would Stomp This Flat
NOTE II: Cop Must Be Charged For Murder
You Can Not, Just Empty A Gun Into A Car

Have a day!

The bigger they are, the more bullshit

they spew. Like everything in life it all

(Well no shit!)

catches up to you. And now it’s simply

happening To The “Loud Orange Anus”

He, Thinks “Obama Is Responsible For

Flynn”. No that’s you fuckface and it’ll

be one of the 100’s of nails in HIS fine

Impeachment Coffin. He, Won’t Stand

by his “Wire Tap” Racist lie Either and

then ended the interview kicking out a

Reporter. This is What ‘Fascism’ Looks

like people. This Jabbering racist lying

anus doesn’t know the FIRST thing on

The Civil War, Or Andrew Jackson. He

is a fucking moron. Jackson was racist

as ALL fuck. Buy lying Racists like Him

tend to all stick together. Like dog shit

attracts flies. If he Took an IQ test, it’d

burst into flames from all the methane

NOTE: So, Trump Commits Sedition By
‘Undermining’ The US Constitution And
Claims It Is “Archaic” & “Really Bad For
The Country”. The CONSTITUTION, OF

Have a day!

Bacon World…

April 28th, 2017

What if there was a world made solely


of Bacon. Bacon cars, Bacon clothes or

Bacon TV’s Showing Bacon 24/7. Oooo

I’d Love that. Only Two Citizens Would

ever exist. Us and tons of Cardiologists

NOTE : The Bears REACHED So Badly
For, Mitch Trubisky. If He’s A ‘Dud’, It
Costs Pace/Fox’s Jobs. Oooooooooops

Rock your weekend!

Spicer can’t name a single legislative

Accomplishment For Trumpy. Mostly

(<-Lying Machine)

because he doesn’t have one. The big

two things he’s done were by cheatin

Gorsuch by going Nuclear & their AG

in Sessions by Pence breaking the tie

Now a judge slaps down orange anus

yet Again. U.S. district Judge William

Orrick ruled Against Dumpster Fire’s

“Sanctuary Cities” is Simply coercion

holding their funds Hostage. Buzzzzz

Wrong Fucko, you lose. Trumps bigly

(<-Mega cuts for rich)

Tax Plan is give away Trillions to the

ultra Wealthy/top .3% While fucking

the “Rest” of us. My, my, my. Simply

handing over our Taxes to banks and

Wall Street And Hedge Funders. The

“problems” With That ALREADY were

Seen Under Reagan, W. Bush and so

fuckface Thinks we don’t remember?

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, we do. Bye Bye Ass

NOTE : Germans Booo Ivanka Trump
For Lying To Their Faces. SO Clueless

Have a day!

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