The world of Trump is Crumbling all Around

his fat, lying, Racist Nest head. His Approval

(“Loud noises!”)

rating is Like A Chunky Turd Flushed down a

big toilet at 33%. He Lies so much Daily that

his body must be 100% asbestos or he’d just

Burst Into ‘Flames’. He’s So Much Methane If

someone Lit A Match He’d Explode. Now This

racist immigration Policy is Floated around &

everyone should Call this exactly what it is. A

‘White Nationalist’, Racist, ‘Legal’ immigration

attempt Ignoring Our Constitution, the Statue

(No shit!)

of Liberty And Our Entire Counties History. It

is What it is. But apologists like Jack Kingston

use the Same Lies to Ignore All these Realities

See when a Policy Evaluates legal Immigrants

on the basis of Ethnicity, Race, their income &

education to weed out; it’s Racist by definition

Forget The Horrific Economic Impact This Has

They Think just Having the “Discussion” is fine

Oh, right, Like Floating the idea Of Segregation

(Not Alt, racist)

or bring Slavery or Poll Taxes Back is Just this

Harmless “Conversation”? Fuuuuuuuuuck you

It’s similar to all racists spewin’ racist shit and

when called out on it Saying, “Stop Calling Me

racist for saying racist Things!!!”. Ahem, if you

wish not to be called Racist then STOP sayin’ it

you Hateful Ignorant lying Asshole Cuck Fucks

Things have Gotten so Bad for Trump he’s now

imaginin’ phone calls that never happened and

(We know!)

beggin’ Mexico’s president to lie to his citizens

About Trumps Ignorant Claim, Mexico Will Pay

for His Bullshit Wall. Nieto Just Refused Trump

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

NOTE: Trump, Has Pissed Off Everyone Within
The US, The World And Made A Claim That He
“Won” New Hampshire? Ahhhhh No, He Didn’t
BREAKING: THIS Is The Beginning Of The End
For Trump/His Entire Crew. Muller, Impaneled
A Grand Jury On The Trump RussianTies Probe
You Don’t Seat A Jury, Unless You Are Entering
A New Level Of Intensity. Trump/Crew Are ALL
Going Down….Nothing’ll Stop This Process Now
And Any Attempt To Stop It Ends Trump Faster

Have a day!

Us by Supporting a Bill that slashes

LEGAL Immigration. Psssssst, Your

(Yes, Worry)

fucking wife’s right there. But white

Nationalist Racists don’t Really care

But now a Lot of Republicans are so

starting to break. Ohhhh don’t think

for a Second it’s about conscience it

is solely about re-election and being

branded All as Having Done Nothing

before Trump and Crew All Go Down

For Obstruction, Collusion & Treason

(Flake Warned Ya)

Anyone who Believes anythin’ out of

Drumpfs mouth these Days is insane

and Utterly detached from all Reality

Thank Protestors for Saving The ACA

not Senators. Also, The Guy Hired To

“Stop” all the leaks was John Kelly, &

Face It, Trump And Everyone Around

him doesn’t have a “leaking” problem

It’s More Of, A Daily Fucking Monsoon

NOTE: Trumps Empty “But, But, But, I
SIGNED The Sanctions Against Russia”
Ploy For “Sake of national unity” Nope
Just Your Fat Ass From Muller Ahem It
Won’t Help It’s All Over Now Tick Tock
NOTE II: Since Trump Lost, Repealing
The ACA, If He Tries To Cut Funding &
Kill It A Federal Court Just Ended That
States Can Now SUE Trump For Funds

Have a day!

We Already ‘Knew’ The Russian Adoption

story was a lie. And who was the source?

(“Let’s Lie!”)

Trump. Oh, Things will Get Worse for all

these lying hateful Treasonous failures &

you can bet it ALL comes out in the wash

Trump is getting “sued” for his Seth Rich

Fake Story Lies created by Fox & himself

He’s also Thinks he’s got a handle on any

N. Korea Nukes that can now hit Chicago

To say They’re in “Turmoil” is not enough

(<-“Mr. Fraud”)

They’re Just Launching Chronic Explosive

diarrhea down their legs shoutin “it’s fine”

Delusion will never = reality. And ohhhhh

boy reality’ll be takin’ a bite from them all

(Update: Trump thinks “Any Father” would
lie creatin treasonous insanity for their kid)

NOTE: Lyin Bigoted Conservative Snowfake
“Douche” Tomi Lahren Still Gets Her Health
Care Through Her Parents, While Just Tryin’
To Bash Obamacare. She Is A TOTAL Fraud

Have a day!

In the ever burnin Trumpster Fire

Known As, Trumps Administration

(We know!)

another Couch was thrown on that

pile. After only 11 fucking days one

Anthony Scaramucci was Removed

from the Job. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

His wife left him, he hitched his big

lying Asshole idiot wagon to Trump

and This is what happens. So, Front

stabbed, backstabbed, stab stabbed

The Mooch Has Scooched & Lost his

(So long!)

chooch. They could all fuck up a one

car funeral. The Walls are Closing in

and The Orange Anus Is Spewing All

Nonsense to Avoid Those Walls. But,

It’s Not Going to Help. Writing Is On

those Walls and Even he knows That

NOTE: Racist Asshole Joe Arpaio Was
Convicted Of Contempt Of Court, And,
It “Could”, Cost Him 6 Months, In Jail,
But At 85, Not Likely. Ooooooooooops
RIP: Sam Shepard An Acting ‘Legend’

Have a day!


July 28th, 2017

Is….Fucking….Awesome! Yes, It Is

one wild Ride you might not grasp

(Kick ass!)

at 1st. You Will. You’re Smart and

Most Importantly, It, Is ALL About

History. Sorry, I adore our history

spoiler alert: the pic jumps around

in time, So Please Note this for the

Maximum Effect for All The Scenes

NOTE: So….McCain Etches His Name
In History Forever As The Lone “Nay”
Likely Saving ACA From Demise And
The One Question?! Where Were ALL
The Others: Sasse, Portman, and ALL
Other So Called Moderates?!?!? They
Don’t Fucking EXIST!! McCain, Saved
His Legacy, As A Decent Human Man
NOTE II: So, Trump Replaces Reince
Priebus, With John Kelly. This Is Just
Insanity Lunacy And All Of The Walls
Are Closing In, On Trump/Toads Fast

Have a day!

Seems The US Military Isn’t Taking any

“Tweets” as legal Policy these days and

(Treason Cheetolini)

that is how we Should ALL handle him

The entire Shit surrounding this White

House. Daily he berates Sessions tryin’

to Get Him To Quit. He Won’t, which is

great. Even if he did Quit, that’s a clear

big cased Closed to Trump. Let’s face it

the case is already Closed. It’s now just

Muellers Game and the Walls are closin’

in Fast. Watch For FAR More ‘Erratic’ In

(We know)

the Coming days/weeks. When a Dumb

ass is cornered expect loud bullshit and

in Historic levels. Down, Down they GO

NOTE: The BSOA Decided They Now All
HATE Trump, AFTER They Allowed This
Insanity To Occur…& On Tuesday Never
Apologizing. Not Accepted, On My Honor
You Vile Lyin “Now We’re Hurt” Assholes

Have a day!

Oh, John McCain…

July 26th, 2017

How far you’ve fallen. History will

not be “Kind” to you what-so-ever

(Not Smart)

By now youall must already know

that Republicans Voted With a VP

tie Breaker Simply to Debate This

Hideous Odious Hateful Shitty Bill

The only two R’s who really Voted

against this Train Wreck were two

woman: Collins & Murkowski. The

big take Away was John McCain &

it makes ZERO sense. He had this

great speech, but his VOTE to still

(We know)

‘Debate’ A FAILED Concept Is Just

An ‘Ignorant Vile Evil’. See His Big

speech didn’t match his vote and

Set aside he has a brain Tumor, &

for him to Show Up was an Action

of strength. But his Vote was NOT

No matter, Tuesday Night So very

late, They lost on Gutting the ACA

57-43. If they’re playing games on

This, It’s Just As Bad. This is likely

(So long!)

2 be dead since they’ve a massive

Division Between Moderates, And

the Far Right With All This inanity

But these Games with our citizens


It’ll Be Punished At The Ballot Box

NOTE: The Treasonous Orange Ass
Decided To, Unconstitutionally Add
Transgender Discrimination, Going
Against An Equal Protection Clause
No Matter, ‘Legally’ He Can’t And It
Will Die Just Like All His Failed Shit
Its SOLELY To Stop All The Russian
Heat He Has Melting Him. Noooope
(A New Hero Beck Emerges Just To
Confront Trump Face To Face Bam)

Have a day!

The “Laundry” Man…

July 25th, 2017

These Days no matter if Trump is

doing his Klu Klux Scouts Schtick


Setting a New Low of Hateful lies

turning it into a Hitler youth rally

Or tryin’ to get AG jeff Session to

Quit, One Thing Is Perfectly clear

The Walls are Closing in and He’s

in A World Of Hurt. And The Best

Part?!?!?! He knows it. His direct

Financial Ties To The Russians, &

Kremlin have been Goin’ on since

The Mid -80’s. He Is Their Money


“Laundering Mat”. This, Is Not In

Question, never was. Trump gets

it & Realizes Mueller’s Crew know

as well. Trump is on record sayin’

“I have Nothing To do with Russia,
I have no Investments in Russiaaa
none whatsoever, uhh I don’t have
property in Russia….and I am ahh
in very, ah ah I mean I am in total
compliance, in every way. I built a
great company but im not involved
with Russia. I have, Had “dealings”
over the years where I sold a house
to a this very wealthy russian many
years ago. I Had, the Miss Universe
Pageant—Which I Owned for Quite
a while — I had it in Moscow a long
time ago but other than that, I have
nothing to do with Russia… says
(Just a simple letter from this legal
that any chump could get) I am not
involved in Russian loans no nothin”

Ahem, over 3 & A 1/2 decades say

otherwise my lying Orange Anus &

you can can Bet your Tax returns’ll

show it as Well. Ooooooooooooops

NOTE : Senate Lunacy Continues, As
Mitch, “Turtle Face” McConnell, Tried
To Pretend Votin To “Debate” Is The
Same As Voting For Their Healthcare
Trump Hate Bill. They’re Batshitcrazy
It’s A Mystery Bill Designed To Divide

Have a day!

The latest Hired lyin’ Machine

to cover for Drumpf is Named

(<-Lying Whore)

Tony Sackofmooching; and he

joins a magical list of lying ass

hole Treason enabling fuckers

This is the same Guy who just

“bashed” trump years ago. Oh

so now we know he’s a Hooker

We’re Just Haggling Price Now

And That Price is Rock Bottom

He was hired To lie coverin’ Up

the grave damage of the russia

& “Special Prosecutor” Mueller’s

(“Remember me?!?”)

findings. Except This Tony my

man….when you lie for anyone

who committed/is committing

Treason/Obstruction, Or Even

Collusion, YOU’RE in it as well

His “Job” is to Reboot a Failed

Presidency. Tall order & failed

(Obama ‘destroyed’ him in 09)

Trumper Tantrum 9.Blow

Trump Bashed Sessions Again

He also Cried Like A little tiny

(Going down!)

Puss Claiming “Hey, All Those

GOP Congressmen Don’t have

my fat lying racist Treasonous

back”. Trumps “goal” here is a

Session Resignation so He can

hire Another lying Treasonous

yes man to fire Mueller. Oh, &

you can bet with all Donny Jr’s

(Lie 7 Trillion)

Wednesday “private” interview

instead of “Public”. As Far as a

Nothing Burger he’s a whooper

Jr. The Walls are closing in fast

NOTE : And Now, Richard Milhouse
Kushner, Incorrectly Claims, “I Am
Not A Crook!!”. So, The Guy Who’s
‘Lied’, On Every Security Clearance
Form; “Didn’t Collude, With Russia”
Forgive Me But Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
TOMORROW: Democrats Tone Deaf
Messagin’ Is Ignorantly Out Of Step
They Best Get With The Best Bernie
Wing, & Policy Progressives Or Lose

Have a day!

White Sox “Rebuild”…

July 21st, 2017

If you’re a White Sox fan like me


we now have the #1 farmsystem

in all of MLB. Whoooooo Hoooooo

The future Sure Looks Bright and

for now We Will Lose BUT an end

is sight. In 2-3 years, Look out!!!

NOTE: Trump Tries, To Figure Out
Ways To “Pardon Himself”. Ha Ha!
Oh Fucking Boy They’re All Fucked
They Are All Going Down And Sean
Spicer Just Jumped Off The Trump
Tanic. Rats Have A Way Of Knowin

Have a weekend!

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