Trump Is Finished…

July 27th, 2018

If you read me here, you know I’ve told

you Again & Again & Again That Trump

(We Know)

would go down. We are now right there

Cohen Told Investigators, “Trump knew

about Secret Russian Meeting”. Oh Fuck

that’s the end. Game over; he’s screwed

There’s no Recovery from here and they

all Know it. It’s Why Ya See Republicans

losing Their Tiny Minds Right Now. They

all Know Trump & Everyone Around Him

are Undone. “Imagine” what Mueller Has

on Him “ALREADY”, And, Now All Of This

(We Know)

You will See in the Coming days an utter

evacuation Of Republicans Scurrying For

cover lying with “I never liked him in the

1st place” While Voting for everything he

Demanded /’Publicly Supported’ Him. His

entire life’s over. Tick tock, get me a coke

NOTE: Yachts Of Fun. Betsy DeVos Had One
Of Her NINE Yachts Get Detached, & Floating
Into Rocks. Vandalism Is Wrong, But Boy OH
Boy AM I NOT ‘Crying’ For That Low Life POS
NOTE II: “Fox’s” Kimberly Guilfoyle left about
A Week Ago, To Help Do Propaganda For Don
Jr. But ‘Turns Out’ She Wanted To Be Just As
Vile As The Men, Being, An Alleged “Harasser”
She Went Around Showing “Dick Pics” To ALL
Those Walls Have Closed in & it’s all over kids

Have a weekend!

Michael Cohen’s Tape Is very Devastating for

Trump. And there Are More Tapes, way more


Trumps response: “What you’re Seein & what

you’re readin’ isn’t what’s happening”. Ah yes

the Old, “Pay No Attention To The Man Behind

the curtain” defense. It’s not any defense then

And the reich wing now are all losing their tiny

Minds, With “Lies”. Judge Napolitano, Hit Hard

The Entire Trump/Republican “Plan”, Seems to

be “Hey let’s just shoot the messenger” fallacy

They are trying to fire Rod Rosenstein. Why?!?

Well, it Seems they ALL know That Trump and

Crew are going Down. These are the final days

NOTE: A New Hero Rises. She, Stays On The Plane
In The Face, Of Others Yelling To Protect A Man For
Being Deported, Back, To Afghanistan. VERY Brave!
NOTE II: Sean Spicer Gets Correctly Called Out For
The Lying, “Enabling Soulless Fraud”, He Was Under
Trump by BBC Reporter While Plugin a Bullshit Book
NEWS: Alex Jones, Video’s Get ‘Pulled’ For Violating
YouTube Standards And Practices. It Is, About Time

Have a day!

It seems these days Mr Chump doesn’t

like Recordings of His Voice, His words


or Horrible shit he’s “Said”. Well, tough

titty Said The Kitty. There is no getting

around what he Said, & how it’s also so

illegal. It Also Means Cohen is “Dealing”

right Now. Period. There Is a Reckoning

coming For Trump, his Kids, his Crew &

all who have Supported Him. Oooooops

His Days Are Numbered Now. Tick, tock

Have a day!

Sessions In Deep…

July 24th, 2018

In a speech to High Schoolers, Jeff “I’m

A Racist Pile Of Shit Un-American Scum

(Jail Bird Soon)

Sucker” Sessions, Had His “Big” speech

interrupted by “Lock Her Up” chants. It

is the lowest we as a society have been

in Decades. Knowing W. Bush Was Also

In office. THINK About That for Second

This is Dangerously Serious Shit That is

happening. When A lunatic’s threatenin’

Mueller with violence, Trump Offering a

“relief package” to farmers HE hurt with

(Policies Win!)

his Fucking Tariffs, & All Of The ENTIRE

Establishment Attack Cortez Cause Her

Policies Win, Landslide Elections (Please

see FDR with a record 4 Terms in office)

Days will get Better, only if we all VOTE!

NOTE: Republican Chairman “Points Out” That
“Sound Reasons” Used To Spy On Carter Page

Have a day!

Laughing Stocks…

July 23rd, 2018

With Tiny Hands Tweeting In all caps he

is surely As Unstable as A Table with two

(Child Vomit)

legs. But the Entire world knows what he

just did last Week with Putin. It’s not lost

on anyone. In a Debate, racist Dixie lovin

Confederate “Flag Supporting” Republican

Corey Stewart got laughed out of a Room

during a Debate. He Tried To “Claim” that

Trump was, “Standing up to the Russians”

That’s when the Ex – VP Candidate Timmy


Kane also Laughed. These People are ALL

utterly detached from Reality. All of them

NOTE: Sasha Cohen, Just Elevated His Satire
And Hit, A New Standard. It’s Simply Perfect
Watch The Clip, & I’d Say ‘Republicans’ Have
Hit A New Low. But The Days Not Over…..Yet
NOTE II: Acid Attack on Toddler They Should
Be thrown In Jail Forever All Utter Sociopaths
UPDATE: Alex Jones Just Broke The Law. Ha!
Of COURSE He Did. He, Just ‘Threatened’ Bob
Mueller With His Finger Pointed As A Gun?!?!?

Have a day!

Trump Supporters are leaving in droves

BUT, it Means Nothing, Unless Everyone


VOTES! As the Writing Dries on the wall

the rest of Society Watches this “Horror

show” Trump has created in realtime. It

is Going VERY Badly. Cohen, Has Trump

on tape Discussing The Karen McDougal

Payments. Whooooooopsie. And things’ll

get worse by the day. Tick tock, ya shits

NOTE: Idiot Customer, Grabs Waitress’s Ass
And She Quickly Took Him Down & held him
& Cops Came. He, Was Arrested. YES She Is
Awesome Never Let Assholes Get Away Here

Have A Weekend!

They’re ALL Going Down…

July 19th, 2018

For those who don’t actually know The Definition

of Treason In the United States, Please read this:

(Sitting in a tree)

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against
them……………OR in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort

That LAST Part is The Key Folks. Did you notice

that “Or” part? That Means One, Not Both. Wow

Trump’s Exactly Who he Said he was, the entire

fucking Time. A loud, lying, Racist, Putin Puppet

who’d sell out his own Mother for a Rusty nickle

Well, it’s Almost all over now for him & his lying

fraud ‘Political Party’. DHS LIAR Kirstjen Nielsen

claimed “I did NOT see that Russia wanted Don

Trump elected”. Ahem, Putin Just Fucking SAID

(We know)

that was what he SAID a Couple of days ago ya

lying POS. Also, she Thinks all White Supremacy

“violence” is a “nuanced issue”. No ya big Racist

Apologist Asshole, it is NOT. Her Views Basically

Defend Fascism & Nazi Germany. Fuuuuuck You

Speaking of Trumpers going down, Devin Nunes

clearly Violated Campaign Finance Law and also

the house ethics committee outlaws the personal

use of PAC Finances. Oooooooooooooooooooops

(Yes, VOTE!)

All While Paul Manafort Will likely ‘Die’ in prison

now & R-Jim Jordan Witnessed and Allowed this

Molestation Ring According To Former Wrestlers

at ohio state from 1987-1995 & was interviewed

by a law firm handlin’ the case. Sounds a lot like

Ex- Republican Denis Hastert’s, Molestation Days

as a Wrestling Coach. Only this Time he Did NOT

do it (We Don’t Know the Facts Yet) but just kept


quiet about it which is just as Bad. Family Values

my Hairy ASS. These Dark Days Will Get Brighter

NOTE: Paul Ryan, Republican Lying Fraud Decided
They Must Fight The Very Thing They All Are Lying
With “We Must Fight The Alt-Right”. You Are Them

Have a day!

As Trump continues his daily war with the truth

and reality, in the Real World Mueller, and all of

(“Fake Nudes!”)

the DOJ are humming along With Convictions &

now a new charge against this kremlin operative

named Maria Butina. Oooooooooooooooooooops

She was the NRA’s poster child, asked Trumpy a

couple of Questions and was working directly for

Putin/Kremlin. And Who did She inflitrate?!?!?!?

The Right Wing Republican’s, Of the NRA, & ALL

their Current/ex politicians. Ooooooooooooooops

Speaking Of, “Holy Shit, Republicans Are Insane”


Sasha Cohen not only Punked Them hard, he did

a level of Social Satire That Will be the New Gold

Standard. The Fact That the Morons who Did this

Pro-Gun Propaganda SO Easily, is Overtly Telling

NOTE: a “White House Staffer” Resigns over Trump
Lying SO Constantly, And, Never Telling The TRUTH
BOOM! Mic Drop By Beck Dorey-Stein Here. Perfect
NOTE II: Down Goes R-Jim Jordan, Likely. Ah When
The Lawyers Start “Deposing” You…a Fat Lady Sings

Have a day!

FOX has turned On Traitor Trump and It’s

the Beginning Of The End for Both of them

(<-Piss Pals)

They See the Writing on the wall. This is all

about our Fucking Country, it’s future if we

still have one, our Safety and our “Security”

Treason isn’t a “Game” folks. This is deadly

serious shit here. At no Point in our History

has A “Sitting Executive” Done what Trump

just did In Russia. Never. Russia Is Not Our

Fucking Ally, Right Now. They Have Done A

shit load of Hostel Things Against us/others

like Putting His Missiles In Poland, Invading


Georgia, Interfering in The Syrian Civil War

and Directly fucking with Our 2016 Election

Supporting Trump. He clearly owns or does

have “something” on Trump. What that is I

have no clue. But it’s “Something” no doubt

NOTE: Republican Drops Out Of Race Over Trumps
“Treason Summit”. More Folks, Of Good Conscience
Must Do Likewise. This Shit, Isn’t A Game. It Is Bad

Have a day!

Remember that one time when a cop asked that

known rapist if he Raped 50 women & he simply

(We know!)

answered “Oh, no, I did not”. Then the cop said,

“He said he did Not do it, so lets all ignore large

amounts of Evidence, DNA links & when he told

me he Did It. Nothing to See Here”. In what can

Only Be Called A “Big Batshitcrazy Bizarre Press

Conference” with Putin; I Am Getting Really sick

of typing this. This is Not A “Game”. The Fate of

our Entire Country’s at stake. And we have a fat,

lying, Racist, Insane POS at the Helm Driving all

(<-Asshole Twins)

of us directly Into an iceberg at fullspeed. Oh my

these are Historically “insane” Times. Mr. Mueller,

if you’re Reading This Or listening, Ensure you do

the most honest, Accurate job here. If you do not

we might Never recover for decades. No pressure

NOTE: Racist Papa Jerk, Is GONE. There Are A LOT
of Racist Assholes Like Him in Corporate America &
It About Time, They Were Gone. Enough’s ENOUGH
NOTE II : UK Protests AGAINST Trump Were HUGE
And Clearly they Hate Him With A 77% Disapproval
Rating. And The ‘Queens Kids’, Avoided Him Quickly

Have a day!

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