A “Sham” Investigation?!?!

October 4th, 2018

Honestly we do not know. Being objective is

what I always try to do here. Always call out

(If R’s Fail)

the villains on either side. These days that is

far more on the Republican side of isle cause

they Control All “THREE Branches” of Our US

government. It looks very “bad” that the FBI

did Not Interview Dr Ford Or Kavanaugh. So

that is noted. It is Also Possible That the FBI

is Going Solely off their Testimony from their

hearing, so keep an open mind. So, that said,

if Republicans do not Release It, that’s a Flag

(Almost Gone)

and a clear “No” Vote for fence Riders. If the

TeaOP redacts it, “No” vote again. If the FBI

Discovered Kavanugh lied, Which is likely, it

is all over. The ‘Partisan’ R Trolls will always

vote “Yes”. Comes down to four Fence riders

Flake, Collins, Murkowski & Sasse. We, Shall

see What Happens Tomorrow. And, if Not All

Senators Have READ The ‘Report’, they can’t

vote on what they don’t yet even know right?

(We know)

Flood Those Four Senators Offices for a “No”

vote if any of the above Happens. It’s serious

That would then “Imply” the partisan fix’s in

That, would be very Very Bad for R’s this fall

NOTE: EX-Republican SCOTUS, John Paul Stevens
Said, That Kavanaugh Is UNFIT & “Unfair Partisan”

Have a day!

After Trump Attacked Dr. Ford, Which Is Par

for the super Prick Golf course, It seems that

(<-Immoral fuck)

some Republicans Aren’t Having it. Gee, did

they “NOT” Know who Trump is?!?!?! This is

not a shock. How the ever Lovin’ fuck R they

now just “learning” who he is. Well, they are

going to be Up for re-election and if they are

hoping to Win in “Moderate States”, this Shit

is like a lead Balloon…It won’t fly. And if any

of Them Now Vote “Yes”, they were not at all

“Upset” about Trumps Comments. Their Vote


Is Now Directly ‘SUPPORTING’ Those Heinous

vile disgusting views. The choice is theirs and

it remains Seen if They Stand with Hate, or if

they stand with a Country which was founded

on truth, justice & the law. No pussy grabbing

NOTE: More Attorney’s Are Being Let Go In The
Mueller ‘Investigation’, A Clear Sign, Things ARE
Winding Down. After All, He’s Got All the pieces,
Players & Proof. Trump & Crew Are About To Go
Down. They, Should All Be VERY Panicked NOW!

Have a day!

As Brett O’Kavanugh sinks to the bottom of Lake

Bullshit, The FBI Is Speaking With And Recording

(<-Dean McAdam buy!)

everything that he lied about…under oath. These

are SERIOUS Problems. Some one Drinking a lot

in High School or College isn’t the Issue. It never

really was. It’s A 53 Year Old JUDGE LYIN’ About

it. And right now, all of his Tiny lies for no reason

are now gettin to be much bigger lies under oath

Four of his Yale classmates and many other have

all stated he “lied” About His Drinking Habits And

was not evenclose. It also seems that Kavanaugh

KNEW Deborah Ramirez, Even Texting Friends to


get them to “Refute” her claim before it was ever

made Public by Her. How Does One not “Know” a

person, but expects them to “Come forward”?!?!?

That’s a real head scratcher. As the immoral Slog

of ‘Partisan Republican Goose Stepping Boots’ All

makin’ noise; bout 10 of them aren’t havin’ it and

might be the Only Non-partisan salvation of us all

NOTE: Trumps Tax Scheme Is In The Sunlight Now
And, Mueller “Likely Already Knows About This” ALL
NOTE II: Seems, Lindsay Graham, Disagrees WITH
Lindsay Graham. Yes, What A “Partisan Lying Hack”

Have a day!

FBI Investigation & Prick…

October 1st, 2018

The FBI investigation will fully find out what

did happen with Dr Ford, and the two ‘Other’

(Law’s comin)

accusers. If it’s a “Sham” investigation which

means a “political stunt” by the far Trumpian

Right (Hatch, Graham) It Still Won’t satisfy a

group of About 10 Moderate Republicans and

allow a “Yes” Vote On Kavanaugh. Think Of it

like idiots Playing “Chicken”, twice when they

lost badly the First time. See Flake & crew all

asked for this to “Help” them decide. If all the

(& growing)

other Partisan Hateful R’s do not allow it that,

likely Means A “No” Vote. And, With Midterms

looming, means even Trying to shove another

nominee through, won’t work (ran outta time)

And, w/the FBI Tirelessly working away to get

all the facts, And They Will, you have Shit like

This From The Orange Lying Anus. Disgusting

And now his New “Love” Is Of A Dictator lying

(1 more lie!)

prick little man. How fitting. Get him out Now

His New “NAFTA 2.0” will only Serve all of his

interests of big business, this is another scam

NOTE: The Chicago Bears Offense, Looked Like A
Real NFL ‘High Powered Offense’. Let’s Hope This
Stays That Way For The Entire Season everybody
NOTE II: Kayne West, doesn’t care about History,
facts, reality or Fellow Citizens. The $ he made is
FAR ‘More’ Important, Than Truth/Justice, In USA

Have a day!

And, Another Hero Rises…

September 28th, 2018

Republican Jeff Flake did Something that we

will remember for all of American History. It

(Nicely done!)

was as heroic as it was thoughful. Jeff simply

said “I am a “No” Vote Unless We Delay This

Vote For One Week And Simply Allow An FBI

investigation, Limited In Scope, to Get to the

truth”. Wow! Perfection. This is just a Search

for the Truth. And Make No Mistake here this

means we Will Hear from Mark Judge, others,

the July 1st Party, might even find the House,

(<-Buckle Up)

& secure the Facts needed to make a decision

Brett Kavanaugh is shittin his Devils Triangles

NOTE: Enjoy This ‘Detailed Breakdown’ Of Both Dr Ford
And Kavanaugh’s Ability To Answer Questions. Wow this
is simply amazin & shows Brett Avoided them constantly

Have a weekend!

Heroic Bravery, The Collapse…

September 27th, 2018

Dr Ford just Testified today. This was not only

a historic moment, it was brave, gutwrenching


honest, Poised, Composed and truthful. In the

only Way Possible, she was not only truthful &

fully Cooperative, she was Brave. I can not say

the Same For Brett Kavanaugh’s Testimony. It

was unhinged, loud Yelling & utterly ‘Nanners’

He Yelled, Sneered, Tried Conspiracy lies, And

Verbally Interrupted/Ignored ‘Every’ D Senator

questions. It’s all Over right now. There will be

an FBI Investigation. It will Prove Who’s telling

the Truth and who’s lying. And with Brett lying

(The Sneer)

many times, Under Oath. It looks Very bad for

him. It should. He is simply not Fit. And every

single person who Wanted him/supported him

will Have to Own This Stain. Just think for one

second; EVERYONE Else Around Him who Told

the truth…….is lying? Not bloody fucking likely

He Would Not Agree To Any ‘FBI Investigation’

If Republicans rush this, they will lose so badly

NOTE: Lindsay Graham Has “Utter Melt-Down” With
Reporters & Then Does It Again In This big Hearing

Have a day!

Julie Swetnick stepped forward and her charges

are VERY damning. She was Very Clear About it:

(<-Mr Asshole)

“In approximately 1982, I became the “victim” of one
of these ‘Gang’ or ‘train’ rapes where Mark Judge and
Brett Kavanaugh were both present (naming a friend)”

There needs to be an fbi investigation yesterday

Not for Criminal Charges But to Find out Exactly

what happened. This is utterly Unacceptable shit

people. And what are Republicans all doing?!?!?!

Standing Firmly Behind Kavanaugh & Slandering

the victims. EVERY, SINGLE, ONE of Them. This

ends Their Entire Party. They are Enraging a shit

ton Of Mid-Term Voters. All independents, who’ll

be all the difference makers this fall. If all of the

Republicans Allow This to Occur, They Will All Be


correctly called the immoral frauds they surly are

Kavanaugh Maintains His ‘innocence’ While Lying

non-Stop On His FOX. This Comes After A Bunch

of former Students confirm his hard drinkin days

& Already Said these Accusations all make sense

As Tomorrow looms Mr Crazyasfuck did what can

only be called “Sheer Lunacy” in the Form of This

off the rails babbling lies free range bullshit press

conference. I have never seen anythin’ like this in

my fucking life. Ever. He Didn’t Answer A Single ?

(So deserved)

or allow a reporter to fully ask their question. And

never before in my entire life have I seen a scotus

pick charged With These Serious Allegations & the

Republicans all collectively do nothing. It ends em

NOTE: So, ‘Republicans’ In Their Ever Sinking Depravity
Hire A Woman From Racist Joe Arpiao’s Office To Smear
Dr Ford Tomorrow. Oh boy This, Will Make Em Look BAD

Have a day!

Laughingstock & 3rd Accuser…

September 25th, 2018

Trump tried to deliver a speech to the UN today

And it Went about how you’d Think any Trumpy


speech would go. From bad, to worse to a laugh

when it wasn’t supposed to be a Joke. Wooooow

what a fuckin’ super Clown. If he Wasn’t POTUS

it’d be a Shit ton Funnier. Hey, speaking of loud

lying Losers, It Seems there Will Now be a third

accuser Stepping Forward Wednesday against a

seriously ‘Disliked’ SCOTUS Nominee Brett Cave

Man Kavanaugh. And, The “ENTIRE” Republican

Party is Standing Firmly Behind Him. Which is a


great thing for Voters To Witness 1st Hand. This

is death For The Entire GOP. Good, they now all

Own This Immoral Hate Standing Up For Sexual

assault, instead of Morality And Law. Vote Them

all out this November. Go Register to Vote folks!

NOTE: With Dr Ford Set To Speak This Thursday And
More Problems For Kavauanugh Daily, It Seems AS IF
The Entire GOP Has Now Stepped In A Big Moral Bear
Trap, That Will Never go Away. Ahem, They Shouldn’t
Have been Hunting In the 1st Place & all Deserve This
NOTE II: Cosby Sentenced 3-10 Years in State Prison

Have a day!

2nd Accuser; GOP Fucked…

September 24th, 2018

As Rod Rosenstein “Is Up In The air” & means he

might be “fired” by trumpy the world see’s an ass

(Staying 4 now!)

hole Sociopath Skipping Across the Red line of All

red lines with glee. If Mueller is touched or told to

stop, we will now be in a Constitutional Crisis, but

it Also Ends Trump/All Republicans. Please, By All

means; proceed. And as This Idiotic Distraction is

is happening as a 2nd Accuser Stepped forward in

the Kavanaugh Saga. Ooooooooooops. And Boy Is

this shit Going Down Hill Fast. He’s Trying the old

“I never ‘wrote’, I stuck my dick or tried to rape a


young girl In My Day Runner, so is must not be at

all true” Excuse. It won’t Work & Shit will get very

bad For Both Him/Republicans by the Fucking day

They are Now Under the Hot spot lights defending

this Disgustingly Vile Shit for All of America to see

This ends so Very Very Badly for All R’s Right now

NOTE: Dems Have A 12 Point Lead Heading Into The
Mid Terms. It means Nothing unless Everyone VOTES

Have a day!

“Have A Good Time”…

September 20th, 2018

As the US deals with more senseless gun violence,

Republicans, All Attacking a ‘Sexual Assault’ Victim

(We know)

and Right Wing Media ignoring Anita Hill hearings

We still have Donny Dipshit “playing at president”

and royally fucking it up. While visiting decimated

parts of the Carolina’s he said “have a good time”

Followed, by Telling Another Man Who’s Boat Was

destroyed “at least you got a nice boat of the deal”

This guy is so Fucking insanely shitty at being any

kind of Human Being. He’d be A better Serial killer

than President. But he’d still manage to screw that

(<-Outta Touch)

up too I Am Guessing. Remember, VOTE, or this is

lunacy will only get way Worse. Register, and vote!

These people still need help, so donate $ or time to

help others. Thanks to all the tireless workers there

NOTE: Cohen Is Giving Mueller Everything He Needs
And More. Mueller Already Had Almost Everything, &
Now He’s Getting Way More. It’s Over For Trump, Etl
They Got The Trump¬†Organization’s Accountant Allen
Weisselberg Spilling, Manafort, and Cohen. So DONE
NOTE II: Christine Blasey Ford WILL Testify But with
Conditions. And, is Still ‘Seeking’ an FBI investigation
She is simply Ensuring this Isn’t a Political Smear Job

Have a day!

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