No Blog Today…

February 8th, 2017

Emergency with my mom and spent

all day at the hospital. Not a fun day

Not At All. Savor Every Moment You

have With Your Family & loved Ones

Have a day!

UK Doesn’t Want Trump…

February 7th, 2017

Oh neither do we (is there an Island

Of Racist lying loud Insane Morons?)

AP-john-bercow-cf-170206_16x9_992(“Stay away!”)

Or is that Just Called A Klan Rally or

Skin Head Biker Bars. My such lovin’

Company He Keeps. UK BHOC Head

Speaker John Bercow clearly stated:

“I would NOT WISH To Issue an Invitation to
President Trump to speak in the Royal gallery”

He sited the ruling bodies opposition

to racism & to sexism & their support

for equality before the law along with

An Independent Judiciary. You Know,

The loud Orange Anus(<-Puffy Orange Anus)

REALITY! “Trumple Thinskin”, Is Also

always fighting against legal Realities

Calling a Republican judge appointed

by W. Bush “So Called” and Insulting

his Correct Legal Ruling simply cause

he’s a large utterly insane Racist baby

And now, His lunacy Reaches big new

heights, Claiming we don’t report any

Terror Attacks. Holy fucking shit, this

Judge-25-master180(“You’re fired!”)

moron needs to leave This Planet. His

“Stupid” Is Toxic, To Rational Humans

NOTE : The Most, Unqualified Loony
To Ever Be Offered Up For Education
Secretary’s Might Squeaky BY BUT It
Is ONLY, If You don’t Call R Senators
Pence Broke 50-50 Vote, She Is Your
New Lunatic In Charge Of Killing IQ’s
Al Franken Correctly Tore Into All R’s
NOTE II : Media Are Now Pointing To
Trump’s “Detachment”, From Reality
As If, THAT Is A Fucking New Thing?!
UPDATE : Lunatic Republican Doesn’t
See Muslim Terrorism & White Power
Terrorism Acts As The Same. Geeeee
Well NO SHIT!! Because White Power
Fuckholes, Are His Ass Fucking BASE
Just Puked In My Mouth, Such A Dick

Have a day!

Super Sunday & Court Slapped…

February 6th, 2017

If you watched the Stupor Bowl last

night, you saw a Tail Of Two Halves

Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission. Mandatory Credit: Photo by AP/REX/Shutterstock (8269474es) Singer Lady Gaga performs during the halftime show of the NFL Super Bowl 51 football game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, in Houston Patriots Falcons Super Bowl Football, Houston, USA - 05 Feb 2017(Tails!)

The Falcons in half 1 and implosion

in half 2. Also, the Reffing was Very

Bad. I must have seen 10 “holdings”

and 2 Chop Blocks on the Pats That

were never called that can Stall The

drive. Now, everyone can Jerk off 2

Tom Brady, the “Cheater” as if he is

the single Greatest QB eva. He’s not

but don’t tell him that. Speaking of

people with Inflation Issues, seems

Trump squishy idiot face(Bitch, slapped)

Trump got Bitch Slapped by All the

courts so far, as I said he Would on

His Illegal, Insane “Muslim Ban”. It

is sad and hilarious, all at the Same

time. And they squashed his appeal

Oooooooooooops. The loud Orange

anus doesn’t Know Anything About

governance, laws or polices. Nothin

What an utter moron. They literally

Protestors all point out Trumps fuck up(You’re fucked son)

do not know Anything About Policy

Our Current Refugee Screening, IS

insanely rigorous. But they hold no

facts. Because they ALL Can’t Read

NOTE : Tennis Player; HITS Umpire
In The Face With Ball. WTF?!?!?!?!?
NOTE II: So, This Sean Spicer Press
Conference Is More ‘Real’ Than The
Actual Ones. And It Is Scathing Shit

Have a day!

So You Think You Can…

February 3rd, 2017

Sit? If you’re way too fat, ah no

If you’re built very sideways, no

Mork And Mindy 4(Ah yes!)

If you’re Mork From Ork; ah no

Now, go have Some Fun before

Trump goes to war with the UK

for some random tweet. Ugh!!!!

NOTE : Trumps SCOTUS Pick
Started The Fascism Forever
Club In High School. My How
Charming. Was “Eichmann Is
Us” Already Taken? Big Trash

Have a weekend!

Turd Threatens Mexico…

February 2nd, 2017

With an “occupied” war in Mexico

Yes, you Read it Correctly. It has

Trump angry yelling child(Insane Douche)

only been coming up on TWO yes

TWO weeks since the fascist child

has taken Office. Yet, his lunacy’s

at a fever pitch right now. The big

Tangerine toddler just threatened

Mexico our ally with invasion just

based on his own biased incorrect

views (That Do not reflect reality)

with US troops. He said on A Call

that He would Send US Troops in

The Shadey Bunch ha(And Liars)

to Mexico to Take out all the “Bad

Hombres” Unless all The Mexican

Military begins to “Control” Them

itself. It Horrifically loony for him

to threaten Chicago, a Us city the

other day now he’s Openly pitchin

“War” with Mexico and Iran. Next

it will be  China, North Korea and

maybe Australia?!?!?! At this rate

all your Republicans Best sign Lil

Trump pointing & yelling sad(Tiny hands, tiny IQ)

Johnny Up 4 a War Meat Grinder

wars Trump/Bannon are Seeking

Holy Fuck Balls. This Is Not Even

week TWO! He likely will not ever

see March at This batshitnut Rate

NOTE: “Republican”, Murkowski
Puts Country & Reality Over ANY
Silly Partisan Bully Tactics. Bravo
And She’s Not Scared Of Trump’s
Tweets. Bring It On Orange Anus
NOTE II:So Republicans Are Now
Reapin’ The Obstructionism They
Showed For 8 Full Years; Ha Ha!!
And, Appointing An EPA Head, In
W/O Quorum’ll..Be Remembered
UPDATE : If You Are An LBGT’er
And Voted Trump, You, Got HAD
They’re Looking At Ending Rights
How Many Executive Orders?!?!?

Have a day!

Supreme Slap, DeVos DOA?

February 1st, 2017

Trump has Now Nominated Neil

Gorsuch (Gore Such). So who is

neil.gorsuch.donald.trump(“Puckered Anus Face”?)

he? Well he’s great for religious

Republicans ‘agreeing’ with that

Hobby Lobby case. He is Pretty

much a Literal Constitutionalist

from The 1700’s. He’s So just a

polished Scalia. Ahem that isn’t

a good thing for America. Ohhh

NO!!! Oh and his mother nearly

ended the Entire EPA & Was So

fired; the sins of the mother are

neil.gorsuch.louise.gorsuch.donald.trump(Scalia 2.NO)

not the his, but you see his Stiff

ideology in her Actions. But HE

also ruled against ALL Assisted

suicide; he’s a Teri Schivao pick

(never thought I’d bring that up

again) In 2014 Four States have

Legalized Assisted Suicide. And

Democrats will likely give the R

a nice taste of “Obstructionism”

that every “R” did for 8 straight

years. Since it’s 60 Votes they’ll

DeVos Bullshit liar(We Know)

likely have a Good Shot At That

And things don’t look so good 4

Betsey DeVos. Two Republicans

went against her/if 1+ goes she

is Toast. And, With Elections All

comin’ up less Than 2 years you

can bet some’ll find Their Spine

So, if Mitchy ends filibuster and

then Republicans paved the way

Bullshit Mountian(We Know)

for a Lifetime Of “Policy Throat”

ramming by Democrats when in

power Forever. Ooooooooooops

NOTE : Jon Was Back, Which Is
Good. But So Are ALL Voices To
Share In Opposin’ Unlawful Shit

Have a day!

Tiny Dick-Tator…

January 31st, 2017

Turns Out, The Entire Reich Wing

was loudly projecting when it was

bamboozled(Yes, we know)

Obama in office “Screaming” that

he was a dictator & it was simply

the usual Thing every Republican

Does. P-R-O-J-E-C-T-I-O-N. Now

the Orange Clod just Deregulated

Nothing Specific. He said that for

every 1 New Regulation They will

cut two. WTF?! He Said they will

cut regulations by 75%. Oh good

a Libertarian Racist Nightmare in

Racist morons(<-Suckers!)

full flow. Oh & hint: you lying ass

toys signed a “Muslim Ban”. That

has never been in Dispute. And it

was even said by Rudy Rockhead

At this rate, old Trump might not

make March at this point and we

all know it’s the shortest…like his

fingers. And How About All those

fuckin’ MORON Republicans who

said, Trump ‘Never’ Would “Do A

Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus. (Photos: Cheriss May, Win McNamee (2) /Getty Images)(Team Liars!)
Muslims Ban”. Well Golly jeepers

what are They Saying now?!? Oh,

the USUAL Bullshit Hypocrite lies

Ryan & Mitch the bitch are aholes

At Least, a few sane R’s spoke up

NOTE: Priest Tell Anti-Trumpers
Protesting Against His ‘Unlawful’
Actions; To Go “Commit Suicide”
Stay Classy Padre My Such Love!
NOTE: Spicer, And Conway Have
Lied So Much In A Short Amount
Of Time They’re Gonna Immolate
UPDATE : Trump, Tries To “Run”
Country As A Business Firing AG
Sally Yates So Fast. It’s His Right
To Do So, But He Can’t, Just Fire
‘Everyone’, Who Upholds Our US
Constitution. But, He Might TRY!

Have a day!

How Fascism Begins…

January 30th, 2017

Post, I Warned U about. It is bad

Trump, Steve “KKK” Bannon and

Fascism 101 hate(We Remember!)

Rudy “bigot toy” Ghoulianni have

decided the Governmental rule of

laws is Optional. They Began the

“ethic cleansing” project of simply

“Banning” all Muslim Refugee’s in

countries we aren’t even at War in

READ, THAT, AGAIN…..not only is

it utter racist Fascist lunacy, but it

is against the law 2 do so. They’ve

now violated The Immigration and

trump-italian-fascism-mussolini(We know)

Nationality Act of 1965. So legally

speaking they’ll all be “Decimated”

in court. But will That Sink in? Oh

fuck no. These are Reality denying

Racist Fascists. Fuck the Courts, &

they will howl, “All the Judges and

laws are Hillary voters, ignore em”

American Citizens have Quickly all

responded in legal peaceful protest

to stop this Illegal unconstitutional

Racist moron asshole(Racist Anus)

fucked up ‘Hate’ in record numbers

But, the real Play was in Removing

National Security Council, Director

of “National Intelligence” and their

chairman of the joint chiefs of staff

Replacing them all with Bannon?!?

This is unheard of. It’s replacing all

Intelligence with Racist Lunacy lies

And now, these Dark Days Will not

last. For we as Americans seein the

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures as he speaks at a campaign rally Friday, Feb. 5, 2016, in Florence, S.C. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)(“Racist In Chief”)

fastest most unpopular president in

modern American History do it will

not stand. Buckle up Orange fucker

the Next 3 Months’ll be Hell And it

is All Self Inflicted shit. He will Run

from “Office” And Deserves EVERY

Amount of Public Scorn for the rest

of his Miserable, pathetic Racist life

Pence, you are on deck, and also on

notice. Try the same BS pushing us

Trump being an idiot(“Can I leave”)

into a Theocracy and You’ll Get The

same fate, only faster. You woke up

all The American Citizenry & All our

feet will be SO far up your ass, your

tongue will able to tie our shoelaces

NOTE : Evil Terrorist Attack Against
A Canadian Mosque A Shooting That
Killed 8 ‘Innocent’ People. We All Do
Wonder How Racists Will Explain It!

Have a day!

SAG Awards…

January 27th, 2017

This Sunday People! Buckle up for

sag-awards-2016-770x472(Whooo Hooo!)

one fun ass ride. My “votes” are all

ready in and Sunny and I are going

To A Party In Chicago At Rockit Bar

Looking Forward to Soaking it all in

NOTE: Theresa May, Meets Trump
Taking Trade But Disagrees On His
‘Brexit’ Views Strongly. Trump Has
Lost His Mind, But He Never Really
Had “One”, To Begin With, Anyway
His “Tiny Handed Ego” Can’t Grasp
He LOST The Popular Vote, Legally

Have a weekend!

The Delusional Dumbass…

January 26th, 2017

When a Reporter Sits down with

the Lying Bully Baby They Might

trump-lies(We know)

want to Wear Fishing Waders for

all the bullshit they’re about 2 be

“Neck high” in. ABC’s David Muir

had to listen to Lies About “Voter

Fraud” that do NOT exist then he

had to Watch Trumpy lie about it

Again, Again & Again. Then came

“The Wall”. It’s Expected To Cost

us Between $12-26 Billion. And it

will paid for by US tax payers. He

Voter fraud lunacy lies(Trump Lies)

is claimin “But I’m just telling you

there’ll be a payment (by Mexico)

It will be in a form, and perhaps a

complicated form” Translation: “I

have no clue How/if they’re payin’

for it you dumb Fuckers!!”. This is

Uncharted Waters, For The POTUS

to be a lying bully moron who cuts

people off rejecting all reality. The

limitless Danger in any leader who

Donald-Trump face with finger(Historically Hideous)

openly rejects reality favoring any

fantasy that pops into their tiny id

is terrifyin’. He has serious mental

issues, That Places Us All At “Risk”

NOTE :  “Mary Tyler Moore” Passes
Away. RIP, She Was ‘A Great Actor’
NOTE II: Racist Bannon; Threatens
The Press To “Keep Its Mouth Shut”
This Is Fascist Germany 101 People
UPDATE : Trumper Suckers, You’re
“Paying” For The Wall You Morons!!

Have a day!

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