It’s official. Most Elections are Over, and Those

races “called”. Gillum Lost, Abrams Lost and so


did Nelson. BUT this was the highest Voter Turn

out since 1974. WOW! Only happens if you vote

and are Politically Engaged. All Totaled It Was a

net House Gain of 37 seats With 3 Elections still

to be decided. The total’ll either be 38, 39 or 40

What a wave! Speaking of wild political shit, we

now have law suits galore happening in DC over

AG Whitaker and Acosta still. Yes you read that

correctly. Acosta just settled it seconds ago and

that’s good news. No more Fascist Bullshit From

(So long!)

these Monsters. The 1st Amendment is the Core

of who we are as a nation. This…….will not stand

NOTE: Horror Shooting At Mercy Hospital In Chicago Leaves
Officer critically wounded & at least 2 people Killed. My heart
is Broken. Yet Again. This Lunacy Must Be Addressed & NOW

Have a day!

While it’s nice to see Justice win. The judge did

NOT even address the 1st Amendment which is

(Suck it!)

very bad. But any day this Fascist White House

loses is a good day for rational sane Americans

All While This is “Happening” Sinclair is Airing a

“Propaganda Package” On Local TV Stations, in

Such A “Creepy” Citizen Kane William Randolph

Hearst “Villain” Kinda Way. That should NOT be

legal in anyway. Boooooooooooooooo. Not good

NOTE: RIP To Princess Bride Writer And Amazingly Cool
Screenwriting Legend William Goldman we will miss you

Have a weekend!

In 2-3 rulings on “Counting Every Vote” out there

we see light. Party Matters Not, Just Count EVERY


single Vote that was “Cast”. After all, THAT is our

entire ‘Form of Government’. This Representative

Democracy of ours. Count every vote fairly and in

front of election officials. The margins are getting

even closer & a recent rulin’ showed where votes

will Be COUNTED If the Signature is Corrected. It

signals the voter Compiled with Everything and it

is a “Good Ballet”. Just Needs to be Updated Now

At the same time a racist sociopathic child is now

freaking OUT about Mueller. He Should Be, VERY


scared. Mueller Is Coming Fast and Has The Goods

on them all. A “high end witness” was subpoenaed

but was ‘sealed’ (Likely Trump, Don Jr, or Kushner)

so we don’t know who that is. But, it’s one of them

which means the Trial start date of December 14th

might Offer America, The “Best” Christmas Present

we’ve had in A LONG time. This Means, A “Slew” of

NEW “Indictments”, Are About To Hit HARD. Buckle

up; so I’m Calling it Here. Trump, is ‘Directly’ in His

cross hairs. It’s just A matter of ‘how’ he gets there


Will it be thru Jr, Kushner & Stone, etc?!? Or will he

just go for them all at Once?! I honestly don’t know

Tick, Tock, tick, tock, tick, tock. It Seems, times up

NOTE: MORE Democratic Seats Picked Up In The “Blue Wave”
Keep Coming In. Another Seat Pushes The Total Up To 38 OR
40 When All The Counting Is Done. Ooooooooooooooooooops

Have a day!

Things Are “Heating Up”…

November 14th, 2018

LITERALLY. Not In Chicago, Where it’s Colder

than an Eskimo’s Anus, but Down in Florida it


is now Dealing With all Over Heating ReCount

Machines. Yes you read it right. And while the

“Count” continues Until we have a Total, Ricky

Scott, The Republican, in One Of Those CLOSE

Elections, Thinks he Already WON. Ooooooops

This’ll Bite Him in The Ass, As Most Uncounted

votes are Palm Beach & Broward. And, as This

is Goin’ down, the Orange Baby Pouts about a

Mid-Term Killing, That Is now Statistically Just


a Called A “Blue Wave”. It is So Bad even FOX

is defending CNN’s Law suit against The White

House. And, Let Us Never Forget all those Who

were lost/Died In The California Fires. We give

much love, time and Efforts to help in any way

NOTE: Mitch McConnell, The MASTER, OF Partisanship
Hate/Underhanded Level Evil Shit Is now Begging, For
“Bi-Partisanship” Now. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Fuuuuuck Off

Have a day!

Every, Vote, COUNTS. Every One. No Matter Which

party, or for whom It’s cast for. Count them all & it

(Yes it does)

will be clear who the winner is. There is no fraud &

there Will be no “interference” by Republicans or a

loud lying Asshole Temporarily In The White House

Even though they are tryin’ to deny vote that were

cast. Nope. The Count will Go on as per the rules &

the correct Vote Total will be done by this Saturday

And in what is really the most Disgustingly evil and

sad ever. A security guard who helped stop a mass

shooting………..was SHOT DEAD by police. For fucks

sake. Yes, the security guard who had a hat on and


a gun, stopped the Would be shooter, Held him on

ground; then Midlothian Police Showed up, & Shot

HIM. The Security Guard was Black & the two fuck

cops were…….WHITE. This is Pure Evil shit that will

not stand any longer. Charge the cops with murder

NOTE: CNN Sues The White House Over Jim Acosta’s Removal
And “Who” From The Rest Of The PRESS Stood Up To Support
Jim & Denounce This?!?!?! That is right. NO ONE. You ARE ALL
Cowards. This, Is The Most Un-American Thing, In My Lifetime

Have a day!

This, is, Anti-Representative Democracy. This is also

Fascism. PERIOD. We have insane racists spewing a

(<-“Here’s Racist!”)

“lynching” statement in Mississippi then just running

away from it with no apology; we have a lying racist

POTUS who doesn’t Remotely know how Absentee or

provisional are CAST in our elections spewin’ his lies

about non-existent “Voter fraud”. This is just historic

LUNACY that Isn’t Acceptable. This, Must End. We’re

a national of laws, Rules & will not Accept This HATE

& lies Anymore. It’s Over, done, finished. I quote the

Simpson Tree House Of Horrors ‘season 6’, Attack Of

(“Just Don’t Look!”)

The 50-Foot Eyesores. “Just Don’t Look!!”. The More

attention we Give these Monsters, the more they All

enjoy it. Call it out, move on & They Will all go Away

NOTE: Marvel Legend Stan Lee Passed away at the Age Of 95
It Was ‘Likely’ His Heart & Pneumonia. His Imprint On Our Big
World Will NEVER Be ‘Forgotten’. He Made It “Cool” To Be The
Comic Book Nerd I Always Clearly Was. Thanks for The Stories
NOTE II: And Now, NAZI Youth, Saluting In School Picture Yes
You READ That ‘Correctly’. A Fucking NAZI Salute, before their
Prom. Get To The Bottom Of This. It Is 2018. This Is ‘Pure Evil’

Have a day!

Recount Favors ALL Votes…

November 9th, 2018

This recount is something that terrifies all the

Republicans. When They Finally Count All The


Absentee & Provisional Ballets, They are From

Democratic strong holds. So……..their game is

to DENY The Vote. We All do know the time it

takes To count these accurately. It’s 2 Weeks

or a tad more after each election. This will get

Sorted. Every VOTE Counts. That, Is On Every

side. Look out. Time is Ticking & things are all

happening Quickly Trump & Crew are Terrified

This all gets sorted out on Saturday. Look out!

Have a weekend!

Another Horrific Shooting. 13 Dead, Never to

draw breath. And for no Fucking Reason what


so ever. My Heart Breaks for the Victims and

all their families/friends/cousins. I am all out

of tears. But I certainly have a shitton of new

motivation to Demand Rational Sensable Gun

Control NOW!!!(Mental Heath Screens, UBC’s,

close the Gun show Loophole, etc.). All of this

inaction to Even “DISCUSS” Measures is PAST

Unacceptable. Speaking of Unacceptable, The

Florida Races for Governor & Senator are still

TO CLOSE TO “CALL” with the Gaps Shrinking


And Recounts have Triggered. Oooooooooops

The Same in Georgia, where the former AG’s

the fucking asshole on the ballot. He resigned

today finally. But EVERY Vote will be Counted

You can bet your Damn ass on that. This does

favor the Democrats With Absentee Ballots as

the 65-35 for counties in their deep favor now

NOTE: Ignorant Partisanship On The Left Is NOT
Remotely Acceptable. A Group went To 1 Tucker
Carlson’s Home To Yell, Bang On Their Door And
Harass His Family. That, Is Not Right, Or Helpful
VOTING, Not Violence. That Is The Only Solution
And Now they gave An Intolerant Asshole A Safe
Space To Spew White Nationalist Bullshit IDIOTS

Have a day!

Last night was not a “wave”. It was more of a

“flash flood”. If you read me here often….I am


nothing but Honest. I Told you House=yes, &

Senate=no. That’s Because Democrats Had a

lot more Seats Up For Grabs, where as all the

Republican’s didn’t. In 2020 and 2022 That Is

not the case. But Wins all Around Mean a Big

“check” on the orange tyrant and Republicans

Speaking Of “Holy Shit” ‘Checks’, Trump, Just

asked Jeff Sessions to resign. He did. And it’s

called being “fired”. There is no Way to “Spin”

this. Mueller will be Working over-time now &

(It is!)

there is no getting away from this glaring fact

And Now Nelson From Florida & Abrams from

Georgia Races are Too Close to call & WELL in

the “recount” territory of 1%/.5% or less; also

Gillum could be in that territory as well at .7%

And Shrinking. Count ALL The Votes, Then We

move on. Every Vote has a Legal right to all be

Counted. The House Win Protects Mueller And

that Can’t Be Understated. If the New AG fires

or “stops” Mueller, there will be charges and it

(AG Penis Head)

ends With Trump In Jail. Unlike Nixon, We got

the crimes he/his kid committed easily proven

NOTE: Dead Man, Ex Bunny Ranch Trumper ‘Wins’
Election. Yes, They Voted For A Fucking Dead Guy,
And We “Wonder” Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
NOTE II: Trumps Tries To “Distract” From a House
LOST By ‘Attacking’ CNN’s Jim Acosta He CLEARLY
Is feeling The “Heat” of Mueller coming causing the
Sessions Firing And This Lunacy Shit. It won’t work

Have a day!

V-Day Is HERE; VOTE!!!

November 6th, 2018

Troops, Only One Command. VOTE. You must

do your Civic duty. Be aware of the issues and

(We all did!)

VOTE. They key places to pay Attention 2 are

Texas, Florida, Indiana and Georgia. If, Dems

are to win back the senate which’s a slim shot

by anyones standards; it happens with a Beto

win in Texas, or a Sinema In Arizona or A Phil

Bredesen In Tennessee. The House Looks Like

a Solid 8-12 Point lead For the Democrats and

it Could Even Go Into “Wave Land” with a few

races Falling the Right Way. Look out America

The only way 2 beat cheaters, liars and frauds

is Turn Out Voters SO much, it does NOT even


allow the Kemp-like cheating. If turnout’s very

high; Democrats Roll big. If not, Republicans’ll

win. Right now, Turn Out Is high, but it means

NOTHING, “Unless” You Still VOTE. Ignore The

polls, Turn out & Vote. Leave No Doubt tonight

NOTE: So FOX “News” Isn’t Even Hiding their CLEAR
Partisan Propaganda Shilling These Days, As Hannity
& Pirro BOTH Speak At A Trump Rally. Ahem We Did
Already Know This. It Also Tells Me, They Are Scared
NOTE II: And The Racist Robo-Call Against Adams Is
Par For The ‘Racist Course’. This Vote Today, Will Tell
These ‘Hateful Racist Trumpers’, This Will Not STAND

Have a VOTING day!

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