They are running Out Of Me! Wait, I


did that wrong. If you’re Looking For

something fun to do, go watch all old

Seinfeld Episodes. It, Is “Gold Jerry!”

Gold! Library Cop is A Classic As well

Have a weekend!

Assad puts the ASS in his Name No

Doubt. What Will Trumper Tantrum

(<-Russian Ties)

do? Nothing, he’s following Russia’s

Hand which loves Assad, period. So

this is very Sad. My View With Civil

Wars is Avoid Them. However if the

entire Fight is A human rights crisis

and Children are Being murdered, I

am Gravely moved to so assess this

Oh, & Speaking of Soulless assholes

Bill “Loofah” O’Really, Is, So Fucked

He had 5 sexual Harassment Claims

(<-Sexual Predator)

that He “Settled”. And Do Not make

any Mistakes, He Did everything the

woman Claimed. He’s a Sexual Dink

fuck scum. And which problem child

instantly came to his Defense?! You

guessed it, TRUMP. Wow, when the

guy can’t stop diggin’ his own grave

“Sexual Assault buddies”. Bill-O lost

45 Advertisers & Growing. Goooood

(Do it live!)

In other bignews senate republicans

are now going “Nuclear” to get their

SCOTUS pick they stole, in. This will

be their ultimate undoing. When all

the Progressive Democrats or those

independents Get In, in 2018, THIS

will be a how you End Their BS fight

YOU Fucks Started it, but we end it!

When You Whine or Bitch we will all

(So long morons!)

bring up Your evil doing with “Rules”

They ALL Simply Want An ‘Oligarchy

And 98% of us don’t want that boyo!

Enjoy Your Pyrrhic Victory, it kills ya

NOTE :  RIP Don “Mr Warmth” Rickles
He Was A Legendary Comedian’s Soul

Have a day!

Seems Jared Kushner’s direct $ ties with

Russia (which are illegal for government

(<-Jared Jarred)

Workers Employed, By The White House)

are now Goin’ to be getting into the news

It is not “good” when you Decide to meet

With Russia’s: “Vnesheconombank Bank”

Which is a state owned Putin Bank There

It Was “Set Up” By Kislyak. Jared, & CEO

Of The Bank, Sergey N. Gorkov, Did Meet

One More ‘Nail’ For Trump And His Goons

I’ll quote Louis CK, For “Maximum” Effect:

“He’s (Trump) just a Lying sack of shit….
he’s just a gross, crook, dirty rotten lying
sack of shit………it’s not a political position”

Now Steven “King Racist” Bannon gets a

(<-Favorite racist book)

trump slap. He was removed as the NSC

head Today. Rearranging Deck Chairs on

the Titanic Time. Enjoy the icy Waters of

Jail Trump. Down down down they all go

NOTE : Even 75% Of Trumpers Hate This
Purely Very Evil “Private Info” Give -Away
And, You DESERVE Everything You GET!!
NOTE II : Down Goes Bill O Really At Lite
Speed While “Advertisers” Bail From Him
UPDATE : Trumps Approval Rating Down
Another Point To 34%, And Sinking FAST
At This Rate, May Will Be “Impeachment”

Have a day!

Direct Russian Financial ties and

His Administration “Buried” In It

(Lying machine)

All Is, The Problem. Orange Anus

“Solution”? Lie & make more shit

up solely to Distract from his shit

This is What Children Do When It

is clear They’re So getting Busted

Seth Meyers (A “Friend” from the

Past) Dismantled Trump, And His

Russian ties. This ends with jail &

Peoples Careers Ending. And It Is


all because of hurbis, ignorance &

hate (Racism is an Evil that won’t

stand anymore). Down they all go

NOTE : Besty DeVos Has A Brother
Who Is Black Waters Erik Prince. &
HIS Russian BackChannel & Trump

Have a day!

Devin Down & Opening Day!

April 3rd, 2017

Devin Nunes, has done everything

wrong In His Bullshit Investigation


Well, except actually Conduct it as

One Impartial, Bi-partisan “Manor”

He might even be Charged with an

Unethical Sort of Censure due to a

dereliction of Duties. This shit isn’t

a fuckin’ game. It’s just some very

Serious Shit here. And they Will all

go down, as the “Dumbest” mother

(“Devin’s fucked!”)

Fuckers on the Planet. Doing some

of the most evil treasonous fucking

stuff. This Is All Historic Corruption

Opening Day, Yes!

“Opening Day” is here for baseball

fans Everywhere. Bring, it, on as I

(Go Sox!)

say. The White Sox are in a lil Rain

delay right now. Hope they get the

game in. Enjoy the whole day kids!

(Update, rain delay play tomorrow)

NOTE : The Simpsons Nailed it Last
Night Skewering Everything. Great!
They Also “Made Fun” Of ‘Yale Safe’
Spaces Type Of Turds It Was Stellar

Have a day!

“Out” Like Flynn…

March 31st, 2017

Trumpys Head “Bitch”, Michael Flynn

wants some sorta “immunity”. Ahh it

(“Jail? Wha?”)

is clear he won’t because most all the

Intel Agencies Already have their shit

on record. Can’t ‘Give’ what someone

Already Has. This Is Massive & Surely

Signals The End For Trump & all those

Who Hooked Their Shit Wagon to Him

(This level Of lies/Treason has no other
parallel in modern history. Serious shit)

Have a weekend!

Burr In Trumps Saddle…

March 30th, 2017

Since, Devin “I’m A Biased Lying Trump

Whore” Nunes “halted” his investigation

(<-Going Down)

it seems the Senate will take up a new 1


NC R-Senator Richard Burr, Will Now be

Chairing A Touted “Bi – Partisan” Senate

Intelligence Committee. He already said

he was a “Trump Voter” But his Job is to

“Serve The American people” & I believe

him. At Any Moment That Belief Can Be

proven Wrong, But As Of Now I’ll take it

at Face Value. Aside from this Occurring

(Justice is coming!)

they Should Have A Fully “independent”

Investigation into these Serious charges

of Trumps direct Financial ties to Russia

This is not only terrible optics, its is just

Obstruction at This Point & Jail for most

Ironic Projection: “Lock her up!” is Now

“Lock them ALL up throw the key away!”

NOTE  : Trumps Approval Rating, Drops
AGAIN Now At 35%. He’ll Be At 20% By
May Heading Down As An Impeachment
Of Him ‘Begins’. So, Down, Down, Down
NOTE II :  The Sean Spicer School Of BS
Where He, Never “Answers” A SINGLE ?
But, Happy, To Deflect/Attack Reporters
UPDATE : Mike Flynn AKA Russia’s Boy
Wants “Immunity” To Tell All. Oh Guess
What How About NONE, Asshole Or You
Go To Jail Forever For Treason?! This Is
The Start Of The End For Them All!!!!!!!

Have a day!

Devin “I’m Trumps Bitch” Nunes, is

having some serious problems. The

(“Look Away!”)

problems are going 2 get worse on

each coming day. And they all have

to With Trumps direct financial ties

to Russia during that ’16 Campaign

Aside from giving information to an

Orange Anus, who is the Subject of

this investigation is bad enough, so

now he blocked Ms Yates testimony


(Why Cancel?)

Doesn’t matter, it’s all coming out &

the Senate’ll have their own hearing

This Ends Up In Trumps Fat loud lap

NOTE: Trump Wants, To Step In The
Exact Same Bear Trap….Again. He Is
The Definition Of Inanity – Doing The
Same Failed Shit, Over And Over But
Expecting ‘Different Results’. Moron!!
NOTE II: Bernard Mark’s Today’s Big
Hero. It Made The Hairs On The Back
Of My Neck Stand Up My Eyes Welled
With Tears. People Are NOT Going To
Take This Horror Anymore. No More!

Have a day!

Trumptanic Panic…

March 28th, 2017

Into the icy waters it sinks, the sad

part is still how much it “Stinks”. If

(Ice Berg!)

You Are or were A Trump supporter,

you might all be interested to know

that YOU Are Paying For The Wall &

tax Cuts for the top 1%. Suckers ya

got had, Conned, duped, fooled and

the only one you have to “blame” in

all this…….is Y-O-U. Let me quote it:

“The rich have been doing it to the poor
since the “Beginning Of Time”. The only
Difference, Between the Pyramids & the
Empire State Building, is The Egyptians
didn’t allow unions. I know what this guy
is all about, greed. He don’t give a damn
about Bluestar or the unions. He’s in and
out for the buck & he don’t take prisoners”

That was Carl Fox to his son Bud in

(“Wake up”)

the 1987 movie wall Street. So wake

up pawns. Rise to your feet with this

knowledge, and never get fooled like

this again. If You Aren’t A Billionaire

and vote Republican, ya just handed

over your fucking wallet to them. So

if You’re a CEO a Corporation or Rich

I get your vote. What’s your excuse?

Oh also, Kushner had Direct dealings

(Down they go!)

with Russian “Bank” VEB which was

sanctioned by America in 2014. And

down they fall. One, by one. Oooops

NOTE : So Long, Devin “I’m Trumps
Bitch” Nunes. Top Dems Are Calling
For His Recusal And To “Step Down”
NOTE II: Trump Administration Did
Silence Yates Testimony On Russian
Ties Investigation This Gets So Bad!

Have a day!

Blame Game Of Shame..

March 27th, 2017

Trump Failed, Simply Because he Does

not grasp HOW Governance works. He

(<-Orange Anus!)

Doesn’t Know How To Pass A Bill, What

it takes to Gain Consensus, Or Even the

rules of “How many votes you need” so

he went down in fat Orange flames and

always continues 2 do so, he lacks rigor

His Approval Rating Is at 36%, and it is

dropping like temperatures in the north

pole. And who does he blame? Oh thats

easy, Everyone BUT him. Geeeeeeeeeee

(Down he goes)

If it’s Always Some One Else’s Fault, the

one Constant Fuck Up, is YOU. Cheeto’s

head won’t be POTUS by May. Enjoy!!!!!

NOTE : Kopple Topples Trump & Hannity
Stating “You are bad for America”. Boom
NOTE II : Racist Joe Arpaio Doesn’t Want
His Actual Racist Words Allowed In Court
Guess What?!? You OWN That Shit Fucko

Have a day!

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