The “Never Responders”…

October 4th, 2017

You have 1st Responder’s, 2nd Responder’s

The rest of society, fire, rescue, doctors, etc

(We know)

all then do their parts once an active crime

scene is secure; To treat the Victims. What

Politicians, The ‘NRA’, and Most All Talking

heads on the right Do?!?!?! IGNORE IT ALL

Sure, they Say “Let’s Pray For Them” which

just means “I get NRA lobby $ so we will do

NOTHING. Now Shut up & let’s watch more

die Daily”. They all Incorrectly claim “There

is Nothing We Can Do“. Ahem, no. They All

mean, “There is Nothing I WILL do”, period

(<-Lying POS)

Until we ALL hold these soulless lying fucks

accountable for The Gallons Of Blood Being

split so mentally insane fuckers, racists and

unstable Confederate Dress up Soldiers can

OWN “Military High Capacity”, Machines Of

Death it will constantly continue. Disgusting

(They Actually all Seek to LOOSEN Gun laws
and have More guns in the most insane ones
Which is the exact opposite of what’s needed)

Bounty, The Sicker Fuckerupper

Another day, another Trump fuck up. WILL

Mueller speed it up Already. America is sick


of “Winning”. 34 People Have Died, with so

many more sadly being reported Daily. This

isn’t some game. What does the Orange Ass

do?!?! Throw them Paper Towels! I shit you

not! Someone should have yelled “Oh, since

we have no Fucking Running Water…….what

exactly will we be Using these for idiot?!?!?!”

Another could’ve said, “Without Food I have


nothing to wipe up, but once we get that can

I use your Fucking useless Ass face for Toilet

Paper?!?!?!?”. The Entire World’s had Enough

Have a day!

Domestic Terrorism & Guns…

October 3rd, 2017

No more mincing words, no more, no

MORE. This Was An ‘Act’ Of Domestic

(No shit!)

Terrorism. It was the Worst Attack in

US history. Anyone who states “ahem

this isn’t the Time to Talk About guns”

simply State, “There will never be any

Time, And Please Fuck Yourself, Since

you clearly aren’t a Human being, you

soulless Vomitous Pile of piss nothing”

The ‘Josh Abbot Band’s’ Caleb Keeter:
(He was at the Event on the stage bill)

“I have been a Proponent Of The 2nd Amendment
my entire life. Until the Events of Last Night. I can
not Express How “Wrong” I was. We actually have
members of Our Crew With CHL licenses and legal
Firearms on the Bus………………….they were useless”


While I am So Glad he has now come

Around On This issue; Like most ALL

Of Republicans/Gun Nuts; it Took An

event of historic proportions to fuckin

DO it. They lack Empathy, and reality

checks. And he begged “we need gun

control RIGHT NOW!!!”. No Caleb, we

Needed It LONG AGO. Welcome To A

Long Overdo Legal Reform Discussion

about sensible reasonable gun reform


to just ensure these Automatic killing

machines Aren’t Allowed to be In any

one’s Hands, Especially In A Mentally

Insane lunatics. There Are Limits, On

EVERY Amendment and Always have

been. But Not on weapons of death?!

This is Horror of a magnitude that we

haven’t ever experienced. Period. Full

Stop. We’re not Numb to this insanity

any longer. If Nothing Is Done, we all

(We know)

are Responsible for The Next larger &

more Lethal Event Of violence & soon

It will Be YOUR life and YOUR Families

NOTE: Trumpy & His Entire Collection
Of Hateful Vile Assholes Have PR Plan
To AVOID His Race Stance, On Puerto
Rico, By Lying. Then Pretending A Cup
Equals “Aid”, Knowing, They Have NO
Drinking Water. Karma Is Going To So
Crush Him At An Unprecedented Level

Have a day!

United, We “Kneel”…

October 2nd, 2017

By now you’ve Heard of the Horror

in that Insanely evil mass Shooting

(Worst Shootin ever)

in Vegas. Our Hearts break, it’s still

far too raw and we will always Rally

TOGETHER……& this is “Something”

That Trump, And, HIS Divisive Hate

version of America Doesn’t like. It’s

pretty easy 2 see “unity” “kindness”

“Inclusiveness”, And, “Love” Are All

things Trump doesn’t care for. Well

the rest of the ENTIRE country sure


as fuck does. Trumps hate at Puetro

Rico’s Mayor who’s watching All Her

citizens in Dire need is so disgusting

& we have not even suffered 1 damn

year under this Racist Sociopathic &

fascist monster known As Orange Id

When someone tells you exactly who

they are…you best fully believe them

(It’s a take on Maya Angelou’s quote)

Our entire country has More Thought

(Fuck off!)

patriotism, leadership, And Grasp of

what Makes this Country Run in one

single Nut Hair then that Racist fuck

has on his Fat, lying, Ignorant HEAD

Mueller is coming fast chump. Ooops

RIP: Tom Petty. He Was A Legend In
Music, Performing Live In Concerts &
Writing Such Solid Lyrics, A SAD Day!

Have a day!


September 29th, 2017

If you haven’t seen IT, consider IT


A Great Thing So You Don’t have a

pair of soiled pants. Your pants are

now filled to The Brim with Shhh-it

NOTE: The Head Of The Air Force
Academy Gives The Most ‘Needed’
Leadership To Date. He’s A HERO
Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria…Just Showed
Every American WHO, We All ARE
NOTE II : The Price Is GONE, AND
Burned All Our Tax Payer $, & Ran
RIP: Huge Hefner. Playboy, Social
Activist Hero And….A Chicago Icon

Have a weekend!

The Price Is Wrong!

September 28th, 2017

Trump is not having a Good week nor

is our country. You have a lunatic hick

(Utter Nutter)

with A Gun as R-Nominee in Alabama

who was Removed from office TWICE

You got Bannon/Palin/Bachman’s big

wing of “Batshitcrazy” as the Entire R

Party today Driving it off a Mega Cliff

And now, as Distraction #3 You got A

Con-man hired by a Con-man in Tom

Price, Running up The Tab on ALL us

American Tax Payers. Now, we are all

objective here. Only good thing Trump

(<-Real POS!)

did with Puerto Rico was “promise” to

help and send them things. Even their

Governor agreed, but wanted a follow

through on it. Knowing WHO Trump is

he WILL ROYALLY Fuck it Up, And You

heard it here 1st; shit just is what it is

NOTE: Republican Steve Scalise, Who
Was Shot At A Congressional Soft Ball
Game, Finally Came Back To Work So
Good For Him He Also Claimed It Was
A Miracle. Ahem, No. Being Shot Point
Blank In The “Fucking Head” As Gabbi
Giffords Was…Was A Miracle. He Was
Shot In The Hip. Again. Glad He’s Just
Back But Not The Same Events At ALL
NOTE II :  Big Democratic Win In FLA
Special Election Unseating Republican

Have a day!

Now, The “Trumpers” Turn…

September 27th, 2017

When all focus should be on Puerto Rico

and The Still Sufferin’ Victims of Harvey

(Tough Shit)

In Houston And Irma in Florida, We Get

an Orange Racist Asshole Who Is feeling

Bob Muellers Walls Closing in so quickly

that he Believes “Distraction” is the Tool

he should use. But it’s not workin’ and it

is even turnin’ them all away faster then

Anyone ‘Thought’ Possible. Face it, If You

Were A Trump Voter & Didn’t Know Who

this lying Racist con-man fraud was then

(Waking Up!)

You all Deserve Everything you’re seeing

right Now. He is The SAME ASSHOLE As

before, just With a lil’ More Power. So no

One Is Surprised. This Sunlight Ends Our

“Trump Nightmare of Hate”. Ex – McCain

Campaign Head, Steve Schmidt, Called It

out. My question to everyone now waking

up……”Where the fuck have you all been?”

NOTE: Absolute Horror, At Six Flags Great
America In Gurnee, IL As A Group Of Eight
Teens, & One Adult Attacked A Family Of 3
Hospitalizing, Them All. They Started With
The 12 Year Old Child Then The Father Did
Come To Aid, When They ALL, Surrounded
The Father(51 year old) Beatin’ And Kickin
Him. The Wife Tried To Help & Was Struck
As Well. This Unacceptable Horror And All
Should Be Doing Serious Jail Time What If
Anyone In The Family Died?!?!? All Violent
Fraud Criminals Pickin’ On The Weakest In
Society If You Look At The Mug Shots They
Are All “Adult Like” Big Men. It’s Disgustin’
(Why Did No One Else Come To Their Aid?)
NOTE II : Four NCAA Basketball Programs,
Are In BIG Fuckin’ Trouble Right Now Over
Bribes. The FBI Will Hammer Em All. Good

Have a day!

A Gun At His Rally?!?!?

September 26th, 2017

As Puerto Rico Tries to Simply live

This is one of Those Posts That Are

(Oh jeeeez)

hard to type. Our “County” is going

through Change and Those Hateful

voices from a past that died so long

ago, are Trying to Get Much Louder

They’ll Never win, but it’s a bad day

Roy Moore, Felon Racist lying Fraud

pulled a fuckin’ loaded gun on stage

You did not miss read that. Pulled a

loaded gun to show he’s a ‘real’ 2nd

(Gun=Penis/IQ; Tiny)

Amendment Guy. No Roy, you are a

fundie lunatic Unfit For Civil Society

Hopefully He Wins, which Would Be

a solid Chance for Democrats to win

Alabama, your Violent extremism is

showing Bigly. If this Truly is who U

are….the world Has Passed you by &

you/your hate will be left in the dust

bins of History. These are not trying

(We Know)

times. They Are Testing Exactly who

we all are; and WE don’t do that shit

Pat Tilman’s wife told You Off Trump

And, More Coming Out Daily. All Our

Country IS “Coming Together” These

days….but not remotely Why Trump/

Republican’s All Thought For. GOOD

NOTE : Republican Deathcare Bill Fail
3.Blow. These Sociopaths Are Nothing
But A Puddle Of Piss, Who ‘Lied’ From
Day 1. After 8 Years You’d Think They
Had Something, Right?!?! Nope, Their
‘Entire Plan’ Was “Fuck Off…….Kill ACA
& Hand Over Tax Cuts!”. Now, They’re
Just Going For The Tax Cuts Part. Boo!

Have a day!

Everybody “Hates” Trump…

September 25th, 2017

It’s seems no matter who it is, or what

Horribly Vile, Tone Deaf Hate Was Just

(We know)

spewed……everybody is turning on the

Orange Anus. The Latest, Is The NFL &

Lebron James. Trump Doesn’t Get Our

1st Amendment, as most fascist do not

See, the Reason people fight for all our

Freedom’s As Bolger’s Have Done in all

the Centuries….was for the right of any

citizen To freely Express Themselves &

Honor Our US Constitution, That Those


before us all have sacrificed so much 4

To even have this amazing freedom but

to not grasp why, is disgusting evil that

is Unworthy of Respect. Make no errors

here. Trump seeks to Assault Freedoms,

divide us, and Spew Hate non-stop. Yet,

that’s not who were are. It never was &

is Painfully Clear in the Unity Of Teams,

coaches, owners, citizens and all human

beings In This Country. When LB James

& Known cheat like Brady Calls You Out,

(We know!)

as a hate fraud, shit isn’t going your way

One doesn’t Have to Agree With A Stand

To “Understand” it. It Just So Happens, I

Also Agree with it. See, Bolger’s fight for

those who Can not Fight For Themselves

NOTE: Well…….Graham & Cassidy Fucking
LIED. Their Hate Bill, Attacks Pre-Existing
Conditions. These Vile, Evil, Pricks Should
Be ‘Voted Out’ Yesterday, & Will Politically
Suffer, For ALL This Insane Lying Bullshit!

Have a day!

It’s “Fart Friday”…

September 22nd, 2017

Today is all about “Fart Friday”. There are

bus-fart-voice-funny(The Ass Voice)

so many different styles, kinds, and classes

of that blast from your ass. Here are a Few:

-The Turd Rumbler(A thick berrrrap)
-The Squirrel Squeaker(Tiny squeak)
-The Bazooka Butt Burp(Loud boom)
-The Juicy Shit Shaker(Classic wet 1)
-The Anus Annihilator(Hard quick force)
-The Mud Flap Muffer(A soft murmur)
-The Bank Shot(Lift a cheek to echo it)

So start naming some of your today & share

NOTE: McCain Steps Up, Stating He Will Vote
“Nay” For The New Lying TrumpDoesn’t Care
Bill. Nicely Done; History Will Be Kind To Him

Have a weekend!

Trump(doesn’t)care 3rd Fail…

September 21st, 2017

Republicans, aside from lying daily & sticking

up For the Orange Anus ManBaby, Do love to

(We know)

keep Digging When In A Hole. They don’t just

Double, Triple or Quadruple down. They are a

shitty Kevin Federline Record Skipping over &

over and over. Not only are Our Ears Bleeding

but We’ve had enough. Citizens’ll All Lose the

coverage they have & punt all the pre-existing

condition issues to the states. Well guess what

you lying Fuckstick fraud?!? What if your state

doesn’t “GET” a Voucher? Then that State, like

(Liar Twins)

most Republican States who Turned down The

expanded Medicaid, Will Fuck all Their citizens

Over. If it’s such a great bill, state Exactly why

us Citizens Should like it. But They can’t cause

we WON’T. So, They LIE, Avoid, Dodge, Shout

“But, but, but Obamacare” Without stating any

thing about why this Bill is Good. Cause it isn’t

And Jimmy Kimmel pointed that out…….AGAIN

(Call ALL These Republican Senators Now, And
Make Your Voice Heard. If you don’t we all lose
It’s In The Kimmel Video At 9:43 In This LINK)

NOTE: South Dakota Republican Thinks It’s Fun
To Run Over Protestors Killing Them. Holy Fuck
This Far Past Disgusting….& Isn’t Acceptable For
Anyone To Mock, Let Along A Sitting Republican
Her GOP Friends Won’t Punish Her, They’re Evil

Have a day!

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