Closing Non-Arguments…

August 15th, 2018

In what can only be called one of the most

insane Non-defense legal moves, Manforts

(So long fucker!)

fate appears to be sealed. Oh and this trial

is only ONE. He has Another Coming Up in

September (I believe the 17th). He’s going

away to Jail and Will likely Die there. Good

He Violated Every Law Possible, “Sold Out”

our Fucking Country & Has ZERO Remorse

As Trump Tries to Play Politics with Others

solely for Distraction, it’s not Working, and

the entire country see’s Right Through him

(Yes indeed)

I say it so much my fingers are tired of the

typing but this Isn’t a Fucking game. Boom

NOTE: Racist Nazi, Told By Dad Who He Lives
With To “Get Out Of My Room”. Superior Race
Indeed. Ha ha ha ha What a loser piece of shit
NOTE II: 1st Transgender Candidate Was Just
Selected In Vermont To Go Against The TeaOP

Have a day!

Manafort Trial Rests…

August 14th, 2018

The prosecution already rested yesterday

And today the Defense, Without Calling a

(<-Prison Bitch)

single fucking witness…rested. Wow are

you Kidding me?!? Did Those lawyers all

actually get paid for just doing nothing?!

Then again must be hard to even form a

defense when you are “guilty” as all fuck

In fact there really was no Defense. See,

when you are caught dead red not much

wiggle room. Perhaps Cohen, Sessions &

Trump/Crew Would be Wise to learn this

fact/lesson. Then again, that is why they

(You Better)

are in this jam in the 1st place. They’re all

immoral “Crooked Dumb Fuck” Sociopaths

Manafort is going To ‘Die’ in Jail. Good, he

deserves to for what he did to our country

You Can Bet, Sessions, Nunes, Jordan And

Trump/Crew Are All Next. Tick Tock fuckos

NOTE: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont, Connecticut
All Are Primary Voting Today. Remember, To VOTE!

Have a day!

(Rolls Eyes) Yes, I’m Punny As Hell and It’s

HI-larious. Yes, the Racist White Nazi party

(Counter Protestors)

in DC was a flop, but don’t for 1 second you

thinks it is Over. The Racists in Our Country

are ALL Terrified Of Publicly Being shown or

Called Out Now. They’re lurking On-line And

in the Shadows like never before. See, when

they step into the light, they lose Jobs, lives,

& Business. They Don’t Want That. Well Our

entire Society of Rational people Do. And we

will Fight For This Country. We defeated this

Hateful Shit Before, &, Always Have Through

out history. It’s no Different This Time either

NOTE: The EU & UK Are “Blocking” Trumps Iran
Sanctions. Seems the entire world’s now against
NOTE II: Florida Man Loses “Stand your ground”
Case And Charged In Manslaughter Case. Boom!

Have a day!

Contempt Of Court…

August 10th, 2018

Rodger Stone’s Aid / Buddy Andrew Miller

has “Refused” to Testify before the Grand


Jury. Hint: you can’t “refuse” a subpoena

from A Grand Jury. Also, you have no 5th

Amendment Rights Either. Now, They Will

All Be Held In “Contempt Of Court” Which

means “Jail” Until you Testify. This Is just

lawyers for the “defense” who don’t grasp

the Specific RULES For A Grand Jury. See

they are Vastly Different than a Civil Case

Oooooooooooops. Rodger Stone is next &

(Bye, Bye!)

so on, & so on, & so on. This all Ends with

Trump & Crew Jailed In the end until they

testify. This Is not a fucking Game. Said it

here far too often. Playing “games” with A

nations National Security and Felonies Will

get you Jailed for life. Time’s Up; tick tock

Bob Mueller’s Team, Isn’t Fucking Around!

NOTE: Racist Nazi white supremacists descend
On DC With Their Hate. The Police Want To Be
“Guardians Of Democracy”. Perhaps Don’t Just
Equate Both Sides As =, And We Are ALL Good

Have a weekend!

Kansas Republican Kris Kobach’s Lead Over

Kansas Republican Gov Jeff Colyer has now

(We Know)

“shrunk” to 91 votes triggerin’ an automatic

recount. So, much, Winning! He is Trumpys

guy. Forget Ohio’s 12th ‘District’ Is Also Still

counting all Their Votes With Another Super

close race. None of this shit means Anything

unless You ALL VOTE! Vote, vote, vote, vote

Speakin’ of “people who are royally screwed”

Paul Manafort Looks like he Will Be Dying In

jail At this point. This trial isn’t Going well at


all. And while is happening, Cohen’s also just

about to be “going down”. Right after R- N.Y

Chris Collins Was Just “indicted” For “Insider

trading”. Ooooooops. Get a fucking clue folks

Republicans today ARE the Swamp & Always

were. Sure some Democrats do as well which

is utterly Disgusting & Called Out here. See I

am consistent in my views. Sadly this swamp

is filled to the Brim With Trumpers today and

(“Oh shit!”)

we must make sure This Shit is Drained once

and for all. Only we can end It together. Vote

NOTE: Pure ‘Fucking Evil’ Of Racist African American
Punks Attacked A 71 year old Sikh man. It Turns Out
The Disgusting POS Kid, Is The Son Of A Police Chief
Forget they don’t even know the Religious Difference
A Muslim Vs Sikh. It Shouldn’t ‘Matter’, Their Hate Is
What Guided Their ‘Assault’, Not Rational Judgement

Have a day!

Clusterfuckers Galore!

August 8th, 2018

Trump & crew might as well open up

a New Store Called “Clusterfucks Are


Us!”. Trumps Mar-a-largo cronies all

get hired with ZERO experience. Yes,

you read That Correctly. Pick all your

“Buddies” and with no Governmental

experience what-so-ever. Holy shit!!!

They are simply wealthy anarchists &

they want to Burn it all to the ground

Well, ‘Veterans’ are turnin’ on Trump

and that’s not good. Our entire world

is at stake here. Trumpers want to all


Just Watch The World Burn. We Must

always Fight for the light. And keep a

light always “lit” so those In the Dark

can’t get away with such Heinous evil

NOTE : Many In America, Voted Last Nite
And Boy, While A Trumper’s Win, Is NOW
Contested(Under a 1% 2 start a recount)
That is A -23 Swing Where Trump Won It
Is Serious. The Winds Have really Shifted

Have a day!

Things are so bad for The Orange Anus right

now he is Trying to “Claim” That the Russian


Meeting in Trump Tower Wasn’t a crime. Ah

right. Um so “meeting” with a hostel Foreign

Government to directly effect the Us election

in 2016 isn’t a “crime”?!? Yes, yes it really is

But this is Because Trump & Crew Are Going

downfast. Gates already testified against the

Man-o-fort in Their “Trial”. He is pretty much

toast. Gates stated he Committed “crimes” &

(Cut a deal)

falsify Tax Returns. He Doctored Most All of

his Financial Statements. Going to jail & will

die there. Good; one down & about 50 to go

NOTE: Alex Jones, Is Off Most ALL Platforms And
It’s Because He ‘Violated’ the Terms & Conditions
Rules, And Guidelines. Ooooooooooooops. GOOD!

Have a day!

I’m Back Baby!

August 3rd, 2018

Sorry, was Gone for 2 days in LA pitching

stuff, working on New Content and trying

(<-Trump Voter)

to sell an important asset. Oh and we had

significant Success. That Said, back to the

“Grind”. Speaking Of “Grind”, Trumps Life

seems to be comin’ to a Grinding halt and

it’s not Pretty. Trump Thinks, Which really

isn’t Something I Can Type with a Straight

face, he can Just “Cut a deal” with Mueller

Trump Thinks, he is “Like A Stable Genius”

He isn’t. He is “dumber” than a Box of hair


And this ends with him in jail. It’s serious

shit & Trump/Crew are Playing This All As

some “game”. It’s not and as Trump gets

more unglued by the day his “Guilt” adds

up Quickly. This Ends Them All. Tick Tock

NOTE: Lowest Of The Low Despicable Scum
Sucking shit feeder Alex Jones Tries To Sue
The Sandy Hook Victims He ‘Slandered’ And
This Will Likely Be The ‘End Of Him’, Forever
Death Threats, Stalking & More By His Sicko
“Fans” Because Of His Lies Is NOT Protected
Speech. This Is The Lowest. He Will SUFFER

Have a day!

Well,the trial has now begun. And they

will see an Air Tight Case against Pauly


This Likely Ends With Manafort In “Jail”

for life. While that process is underway

we have some Republicans, it’s around

40%, say that Russia interfering in our

elections to “help” Republicans is great

Holy shit! Tis The Treason I Guess and

it really simply Ends Them as any valid

political party “Choice”. This isn’t some


fucking Game. It’s deadly Serious shit &

it’s life/death type stuff; they’re all done

Have a day!

Trump Is Terrified…

July 30th, 2018

And he should be. At this point they don’t

Even Need Manafort. Which Means Either


Manafort gives them something new or he

dies in Jail. In Usual Trump “Batshitcrazy”

fashion, his tweets are lunatic, showing he

knows His End Is Here. Trump & everyone

around him won’t get much Sleep In these

Next 2-3 Weeks. As Rudy Goulani AKA Mr.

Nosferatu who lies more than a rug makes

his claim that “Collusion isn’t a crime” (ah

yes it most certainly is when you’re workin


directly with a hostel Foreign Government

to directly effect our ELECTION!). They’re

in Full On, Panic Mode. Oh & You Can Bet

Trump, His Trolls & All His Republican’s in

office will either A) try to distract avoiding

these stark Realities or B) Remain silent &

try to Pretend they never loved Trump yet

supported Him & Voted YES To Everything

he purposed. This, likely Ends Republicans

NOTE: Roy Moore Got ‘Punked’ Hard By Sasha
Cohen. It is A Things Of Brilliance, And He Has
Set A New Bar For Social Satire. Well…….Bravo
NOTE II: A Racist FLA Man Who Killed Another
Man In Cold Blood Was Not In “danger” or fear
Of “Death”, Or “Bodily Harm”. He, “Committed”
Murder, Period. He, Will Be Found Guilty, Folks

Have a day!

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