The “Bullshit” Convention…

February 23rd, 2017

C- PAC Means, Christian, Pushy Asshole

Children. If it was Conservative Political

CPAC-2017-with no one in chairs(0 Policy Substance)

Action Conference, They would not keep

on inviting Lying Mega Assholes to their

“party”. Forget they don’t grasp political

terms or understand remotely who’s the

Fascist party (Hint it’s right wing). Oh &

the Alt Right/Racists are their entire shit

Party today. You own it & the TeaOP was

the one’s who started it ace. Forget Tedo

“I’ll Lick Your Ass Crack And Phone Bank

Dan Schidender CPAC moron(“I lie forever”)

for you Trump” Cruz uses Projection like

a toy daily. Or when a lunatic who knows

NOTHING About our history or facts just

spews insane lie after fuckstick insane lie

These people Are Not Just living in an Alt

Reality, they are at Direct odds with facts

They always will be cause facts take rigor

NOTE : Snotty Spice Doesn’t Know What
The Press Does And, Doesn’t Know What
The Term, “Military Operation” Means!!!!

Have a day!

Courts “Crush” Trump…

February 22nd, 2017

The tiny handed Orange anus is gettin

legally Bitch Slapped and will Continue

donald-trump-muslim-ban(We know)

to be. See, “playing” at President isn’t

the ‘Same’ As “UNDERSTANDING” Our

System of Governance. We Have These

things called “Checks & Balances”. And

even 5th graders grasp this. Trumpy?!?

Nope. A Brooklyn Federal Judge, Carol

Bagley Amon delivered an order on this

past Tuesday, Asking For the Names of

people Held For Questioning/Processed

Trump "It's not a Muslim Ban"(<-Bullshit Mountain)

Better have those names in by the 23rd

My Guess, Trump Will Blow It Off And it

will Bite him in His Fat, Flabby lying Ass

No one is above the Law. I mean no one

Town Hell Part II

Republicans Are “Bonking” On All Their

town hall meetings. That will Cost most

Angry town hall voter(GTFO!)

of them their seats. You have Awoken a

giant that Has A “Massively” Successful

track record (labor movement, woman’s

rights, Civil Rights, etc). Citizens Are So

fucking PISSED and you Republicans all

have NOTHIN’ Policy Wise To State. The

paint is drying around your feet, oooops

Town hall voter sign(Not People)

Remember none of this means Anything

unless you VOTE in 2018, 20, 22, 24 etc

NOTE: Brownback Will Be Sent Packing
Next Election. Republicans, Are, Fucked

Have a day!

The “Fake” President?!?!

February 21st, 2017

How was your Presidents Day?!?!?!

Mine was Good. Spent it with Sonja

Presidents Day(No “Fake” Ones)

and our Soon To Be College student

at campus’s looking. That is why we

Did Not Post. Sorry About That. But,

what did Trump do now?!? He thinks

Sweden had a terror attack. No, that

never Happened. “Fake” News?! No,

more like “Fake” President. This is a

Fairly Simple Game By, “Tiny Hands”

It’s Called Projection, 101. Whatever

Trump-Fake-President-TShirt-(8560)(We know)

HE is doing, Accuse Others of Doing

Then he’ll claim “Let’s call the whole

thing off!!”. Not a very hard concept

Nope, Trump is the Classic Dog who

caught the Car. The Bumper is in his

mouth as an accelerators stepped on

Enjoy your Ride Trumpy. For as long

you can Hold On. At this rate, May is

an eternity. To the protesters, that is

Trump University failed(Your School?)

fine. BUT, where the Fuck were YOU

on election day? That’s like Not even

studying for a test, getting an F then

Blaming The Teacher. That Mirror, Is

looking Directly at You. It always did

NOTE: Trump Spent Just Less Than
Obama’s Yearly Travel Expenses, In
ONE Month. Ha Ha Ha Ha!! The Sad
Part? We Pay For It All. So Disgustin
NOTE II : Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster Is
Now Trumps ‘New’ National Security
Advisor. This, Is After The Flynn Shit
Fiasco. McMaster, Is A Decent Fit To
“Lead” And Knows The Costs Of War
Don’t Expect That 2 Sit With Bannon
UPDATE : If Trumpy Tries The Same
Ban, It Will Legally Fail, Again. Fidot
The Orange Anus Does Not Learn!!!!!

Have a day!

Trump Totally Unhinged…

February 16th, 2017

Who Goes to an Event only to Call

said event “fake”? A Mega Nutcase

Trump pretending to answer question by the media(“Fake news!”)

In what Can Only Be Called “Utter

Dysfunction & Rejecting all reality”

Trump didn’t So Much “Meet with

the Press” as much as he “Verbally

tried to spew Insane Shit, not even

remotely Connected to Any reality”

Normally when I’m a Good Person

I don’t Have To Tell You That. You

see the person I am & carry myself

as such. The Orange Anus Spewed:

“I’m really not a Bad Person by the

way” said NO ONE who Actually is

Trump Pointing at media(“Ur fault I’m nuts!”)

a “good” person. No, you are a tiny

handed, small minded, shallow ID

racist child who is FAILIN’ at your

fucking job. Anything, and I Mean

A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G he Says you can

bet the Opposite is True or it’s just

Projection. No “modern President”

in the United States has ever done

this. Not, one. As more facts come

out this will Get Much Worse, and

Trump Riding the GOP into death(Ends Badly)

Don’t Expect, Someone ‘Detached’

from reality to grasp the Upcomin

collision with that reality. BOOM!

This child’s literally a fuckin’ idiot

NOTE: Every Blue Dog Democrat
Doesn’t “Get It” And Will Likely B
Gone In 2018 Mid-Terms. GOOD!
NOTE II: Idiot White Supremacist
Racist Sought Another Dylan Roof
‘Domestic Terrorism’ Event. EVIL
And Superior Race?!?!?!! Hell, No

Have a day!

Trumpty Dumpty…

February 15th, 2017

Lied about A Wall, Trumpty Dumpty

had a great fall, All the bigots hands

Trumpty Dumpty falling off wall(“Wheeeeeee”)

and all of their Friends, couldn’t put

Trumpty Together Again. Never has

a POTUS ever Been This Fucked. So

that means the longer he is in power

the more danger/harm he can cause

But the good news is we can survive

this loud lyin’ sociopath cheeto child

Our form of Governance is simply to

correctly Structured to fail at checks

And “Balances”. Something, Trumpy

Knows Nothing About. Because they

Trump cartoon White house brilliant(Satire or true?)

all lack a Sincere Fundamental basic

understanding of HOW government

works, you’re seeing “Children” who

didn’t study for the test failing badly

Secretary Of Labor, Who, HATES All

labor, just dropped out of the job &

many more will Be Coming Daily. A

rat has the instinct to leave a sinkin’

ship. Others: Reince Priebus’s likely

gone. Kellyanne, so Long. Spicer so


sorry you will not make June buddy

Jason Miller, The lying Machine Was

the Original Person Tapped, Too be

Spicy’s roll but he had a sex scandal

and so he stepped down Ooooooops

Rearranging all The Deck Chairs On

the on Titanic Simply Won’t save an

Ill Prepared, loud lying Buffoon of a

captain. Even The Republican Shark

is circling now. All over but the cryin

Trump becomes Putin cartoon(Oooops)

Oh & need I Remind you, this is not

even the END of WEEK FOUR?!?!?!?

Have a day!

The “End” Begins…

February 14th, 2017

You read it Here 1st & on Valentines

Day, so Remember this post TODAY

Trump Simpsons paid idiots(Yes, we knew)

Everyone with a Functioning IQ and

ounce of wits knew Trump could not

last. All WWF Racist Blather, and No

actual content doesn’t last long for a

position of Governance. Republicans

will start turning on him now at light

speed. See, all Republicans only care

one thing, themselves. They see their

mid-term election looming, and need

to break Now. SO, out like Flynn has

mike-flynn(So long fucko!)

resigned over direct contact with the

Valdster before taking office. McCain

said “The Flynn resignation show the

signs of Dysfunction” in Trump Land

Ahem no, the last 3 weeks have said

the same Fucking thing to the Entire

world for Anyone with eyes and ears

At no Point In Modern History Has it

every been This Bad. Not even under

Nixon  (Who Resigned). Trumps New

Trump-jibe-obama that will be him(Projection Irony)

approval rating is 40% with 55% all

disapproving. Oooooooooooooooops

At no point was a POTUS below 53%

at this Point Ever. This is beginning

of the slide into the Abyss for em all

NOTE: Conway Investigation And It
Means She Is “Going Down” As Well
Trump Will Defy, & Lie But That Will
Anger Walter Shaub The Director Of
Government Ethics, This Ends Badly
NOTE II : The “Media” Is Done With
All Of Kellyane Conways Insane Lies

Have a day!

Town Hell & Betsey DeVois

February 13th, 2017

If you are a Republican today shit

isn’t Going Well. That is An Under

Florida moron lies to audience(Bill Akins lies)

statement. Remember all The Tea

Party Anger, Screaming Irrational

lies Plied By FOX And The Top 1%

Plutocrats Of Death Panels, ETC?!

Well they Were Mad as Hell & Not

gonna take it!!!! They just did not

know what “it” was. It Was Anger

& “Hot Air” Manufactured By FOX

and all those top Republicans like

“Bitch McConnell” screaming “We

Bitch McConnell lies(We Remember)

will Obstruct EVERYTHING!“. So,

now We Have A POTUS “Actually”

DOING the shit They Were, at the

time, supposedly worried about &

now?!?! Not a fucking PEEP. Well

guess what, voters are all peepin’

now. A Lying Republican Tried to

bring up Death Panels again. That

didn’t go well. And Jason Chaffetz

was “Boooooo’ed” For Bullshitting

melissa-mccarthy-on-snl-1-322x212(Get To Steppin)

badly. Their responses?!? “Alright

settle down children”. Ooooooooo

this is not going to go well. VOTE!

Only happens if ya vote every year

Betsey DeVois “Trouble”

What if I told you the Secretary of

Education misspelled the name of

Betsey DeVos screwed it up(Holy shit!)

a prominent Civil Rights Leader &

then when Called Out for that also

misspelled their apology?!?! Ralph

Wiggum’s now our SOE. Miss D is

now Miss Spellings. It’s not that it

was misspelled people. It’s that if

you are not qualified for a job shit

ralph-wiggum-me-fail-english-thats-unpossible(Ahhh Ralph!)

has a way of showin’ we were NOT

qualified For Said Job. A Bad Start

NOTE : My Mother, Joan Elizabeth
Bolger “Passed Away” At 2am This
Morning. She Was A Good Woman
And Although So Very Sad; All Her
Suffering Is Over. She’ll Be Missed
NOTE II : Germany Picks, A Social
Democrat To Lead Them. WOW!!!!
They’re More Democratic, Than Us

Have a day!

The Blues Brothers…

February 10th, 2017

Were never so appropriate right

5_illinoisNazis(Me too!)

now. Jake Blues : “I hate Illinois

Nazi’s!”. Yes, Don’t we All?! And

go Start Your Weekend Early by

watching it Again. Brilliant Stuff

NOTE : Speakin Of Illinois Nazi’s
And Trump Voters Alike This Ass
NOTE II: Republicans Are In Big
Fucking Trouble “Running” From
All, Their Town Hall Constituents
Who Are Massively Fuckin Pissed
And Have Every Right To All BE!!

Have a weekend!

Jeff “Bigot Shit” Sessions finally got

confirmed. And by 1 D-Joe Manchin

jeff-sessions-donkey-hotey(We know)

Or, Republican Bigoted Asshole 3.0

helped put him in Power. Ohhh boy

He is not A Democrat. He is in a big

Red State so he Ran Under the Title

But ISN’T. How Fucked up is that?!?

And not simply racist but policywise

1980’s REPUBLICANS, “Would” NOT

Confirm Him. Ooooooooooooo Snap

He voted against stem cell research,

Denied Woman Crossing State lines

Sessions statement of hate(What a prick)

to Have An Abortion, Voted Against

The Violence Against Woman Act, &

voted YES on Banning Flag Burning

Well, racism & fascism always do go

hand & Nazi Salute. He Is The Most

loathsome thing since Steve Bannon

And, when Elizabeth Warren Finally

spoke about Her MLK’s Wife’s Letter

she, was, Silenced. Why?! Well only

“White Supremacist Racists” Would

elizabeth_warren_silenced for no reason(“Da fuck?!?!”)

not want to hear that Since they are

the only One’s Targeted In the letter

This is ‘Historic’ Never Been Done In

‘Modern History’. Republican fascism

NOTE : So When Republican Matty
Drudge States “Republicans Should
All Be Sued For Fraud”. Ahem They
Are All FUCKED Days R Numbered
NOTE II : Kelly CONNway Violated
An “Ethics” Rule For ALL Executive
“Branch Employees”. She Is TOAST
UPDATE: White House Staff Shittin
Pants, Over “Mentally Off” Trumpy

Have a day!

No Blog Today…

February 8th, 2017

Emergency with my mom and spent

all day at the hospital. Not a fun day

Not At All. Savor Every Moment You

have With Your Family & loved Ones

Have a day!

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