Chumps “Muslim Ban” was thrown out

AGAIN. So, much, winnin’ right Trump

(They did!)

toads?!?!? It is an executive order with

unconstitutional Animus against a very

“specific” religious Group. That will not

legally Stand. But don’t Expect Trumpy

to Legally Grasp This Fact. He does not

understand legal realities. He never did

Look how many times the Fuckwad has

gone to Court losing “Bigly” (cough) oh

remember His Con lie School Trumpers


(Lying moron!)

University? He’s a Trainwreck on top of

Mountain Of Bullshit Lies, wrapped In a

lying asshole straightjacket. T-O-A-S-T!

Republican’s Fake Lying Tears

Mark Meadows (R-NC) somehow states

He “Didn’t Know” The New “Healthcare”

(crocodile tears)

bill “Cuts” coverage, & raises cots for all

So then, Solely Fearing for his OWN ass

came the fake “Water Works” tears as if

sociopaths Can Cry. Ahem, he helped to

WRITE the Legislation & Didn’t Know its

main Points?!? These lying Assholes are

pure Evil. They Solely Serve the top .3%

Hint : You, And Nobody You Know, Is IN

that. Vote Republican, this is what u get

A Tax Cut for Top .3%, taking care away

NOTE: Republican “Bully Asshole” Body
Slams A Reporter Asking About The Big
Health Care Bill ‘CBO Scoring’. He, Was
Charged With Assault. What An Asshole
Newspapers Pulled Support From Him 2
NOTE II: Betsy DeVos, Can Not, Answer
BASIC Questions, About, Discrimination
She AVOIDED The Entire Question, Due
To, Her Big Appreciation, Of Racist Hate

Have a day!

There would be 23 million more

Americans That Are “Uninsured”


Now Under The TrumpyDoesNot

Care Joke Bill. This is According

to “CBO”, or as Republicans Call

it “Lies”, Because They All Want

Fantasy to be their “New” reality

None of them Actually live in the

real world. Yet, they’re supposed

To Make laws For Us. Nope, they

only Make Policy for the Top .3%

If you’re in that class you should

VOTE for them. Everyone Else is

(Whatever suckers!)

fucking insane and stupid voting

against Their own Interests. This

Bill Would Impact Trump ‘Voters’

the MOST, But They’re 2 Fucking

dumb To Grasp That. Big Morons

NOTE : Trump Visits The Pope And
This Budget Plan, That Is DOA Has
Only “Fuck The Poor” Meat. Ironic!

Have a day!

Evil Terror & The Slap…

May 23rd, 2017

This is horror……AGAIN. And This will

one day stop. Never All together, but

(Islamic Terrorism)

it will be few & far between. A terror

Attack at A Concert In London killed

22 injuring 100. This, will, not Stand

anymore. Use every resource to spot

radicalized Zealots of ANY stripe And

take them down. ISIS is only 20,000

to 31,500, Out Of 1.6 Billion In 2010

I’ll never put Faces Up unless we are

still Searching for Them. They get no

notoriaty, no fame or no attention to

their Hateful Causes. They, will get 0

(United we stand)

Speakin’ of Stupid shit, Michael idiot

Flynn Can NOT Plead The 5th. He is

already done The Acts and the FBI &

CIA Have Proof. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Welcome To ‘Jail’ Fuck Face Treason

Turd. He & Trumps crew are all toast

The Hand Slap…

Trump and his Wife are clearly havin

Problems. Shit, She lives in NYC And


NOT with him. Any Alarm Bells There

Ringing?!?! They Should Be. Watch it

Oooooooooooops. That has That “Get

the fuck out of hear with that bullshit”

vibe. Now that Trump is out of the US

right now, it Feels a little like a bully’s

gone from the playground. Good, and

when he Gets back, he might not be a

Sitting POTUS Anymore. Ha ha ha ha!

Have a day!

Flynn Pleads The 5th…

May 22nd, 2017

It only gets worse from here. Disgraced

Traitor Michael Flynn Just took The Fifth

(What now?!?!)

And it’s Because He Wasn’t granted any

“Immunity”. Law enforcement normally

doesn’t Have to do that when they have

all The Information Already. Ooooooops

Flynn will not turn over Documents and

the funny part?!? The FBI/CIA/Etc likely

already Have Knowledge of Them. If the

committee didn’t, they’d consider giving

him Immunity. Prepare for Bombs Daily

(Wait, what?!?)

on This. Especially with Comey testifyin’

right after Memorial Day Break. Fucked

(And Forget this isn’t a trial so he can not
legally do this and will be forced to speak)

NOTE : Clearly, Trumps Wife Melania, Is
Not Impressed With The Traitor In Chief
NOTE II: Horrific Terrorist Attack Kills 19
And We Will Find Out Exactly Who Did It

Have a day!

Best Laxative Ever…

May 19th, 2017

Are you bound up?!?! Can’t Poop? Blue Eyes, Brown?

Fret no more I have an instant laxative recipe for you

(Don’t fart)

1/2 a bottle of scotch, White Castle sliders & Steven

Seagal movies. You’ll be on the toilet within seconds

& shitting like a Bloated Cokedup Donkey. Ahh good

times, goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood times

NOTE: Trump Stated To The Two Russian Leaders In
His Office, “I just Fired The Head Of The FBI. He was
crazy, a real nut job. I faced great pressure cause of
Russia. That’s taken off”. No, He Will Taken Off 2 Jail
UPDATE : Paul Ryan Openly Lied About A Republican
“Meeting” Where, McCarthy Said, “Oh Yes, Putin Pays:
Rohrabacher and Trump….Swear to god!”. Ryan SAID
“That Never Happened!”. Recording Came Out & Now
He’s Upset About The Leak?!? No, He’s Pissed He GOT
Caught. And Make No ‘Mistake’ THIS Is Treason Folks

Now go have a weekend!

The White House, Republican’s, And

Trump Are Massively Fucked & They

(“Shit ends now!”)

must all be shitting themselves daily

Former FBI Director, Robert Mueller

is now The Special Prosecutor Going

forward to show Trump’s Russia ties

It’s also going To Focus on Trumpy’s

firing of Comey to stop his Flynn lies

It’s almost over just a few more tiny

surprises, But Trump is TOAST Folks

This will Not Only Prove Russian Ties

Directly To Trump From Page, Flynn,


Manafort, Kushner, and Many, many

More. Trump Goes Down On Several

Charges : Obstruction Of Justice And

High Treason(In taking Russian cash

For Favors/Intel & laundering It Into

all His Hotels/Business’s). If You Are

in the White House Today, know that

you Are Likely Going down with Him

This shit isn’t some ‘game’ this is the

most Serious Anti-American Shit I’ve

(Bye, Bye!)

ever Seen In My lifetime. You Are All

Directly Enabling Illegal Lawlessness

and that will ultimately end you shits

NOTE: Rodger Alies Died At 77 And It
Signifies The End Of His ‘Lies & Hate’
Brand Of Toxic Partisan Hackery Shit
Put It This Way, The Man’s Main Goal
Was, To Make $ ‘Lying’ To ‘Old Racist’
Assholes Spewing Toxic Political LIES
While Also Sexually Assaulting Ladies
He Will Not Be Missed, No Songs Will
Be Sung. The “World”, Was A “Darker”
Place, With Him In It. Glad He’s Gone
NOTE II: This, Is “Quite Possibly” The
Finest Summation For People Workin’
Under Trump, That I Have Ever Read

Have a day!

Jim Comey has A Memo and that piece

of Paper, Along With All His Testimony

(“You’re fucked!”)

Under Oath, Will ‘Likely’ Take Trumpers

Down For Good. If it is All Confirmed &

it Appears to Be Right Now, it is time to

Talk “impeachment”. He’s fucked, toast

And Most Importantly, STILL Continue

the Admins Russian Ties Investigations

then you add Treason to The list. Where

Are Republican leaders?!? Hiding From

the Press/Media because they’re simply

terrified & unable to answer all these ?’s

(We know)

Only 2 have attempted to come forward

with Angus King (You Can’t make these

names up, was Beef Royalty taken?!?!?)

and McCain saying This is a “Watergate

in size & scale” but even worse. And the

Democrats are Simply calling for all the

facts. If true, It’s so Impeachment Time

And What is Lying Paul Ryan saying?!?!

Trying, To Even Protect Trump By Lying

saying “It is so Obvious there are Some

(Coming Soon!)

people out there who want to Harm the

President”. No, This, Is Obstruction Of

Justice And Likely “Treason”. The only

harming here is being done by Trumpy

And then the Fucking evil villain out of

some horror book tried to sell Tax cuts

You Read That Correctly! This vile POS

tied his lying Asshole wagon to Trumpy

and deserves Everything coming at him

NOTE: A 3rd Confederate Statue Comes
Down In New Orleans. The Government
Doesn’t Need, To Spend $ 4 Treasonous
Racist Statues Tryin’ To Rebrand Racism

Have a day!

Trump Openly Admitted he released

Highly Classified Intelligence, To The

(Bye Bye!)

Russians(Sergey Lavrov, and Sergey

Kislyak) last Wednesday. Wheels are

Officially Off The ‘Chump Train’ As It

Barrels off the Tracks plummeting to

the ravine below. Republicans are all

Calling For An “Independent Special”

Prosecutor To Review All Of Russia’s

influence in our Government today &

it ends most of this lyin White House

They’re Solely Doing This, to attempt

(We know!)

savin’ Their seats in 2018/2020 when

all of Trumps Lawlessness Impeaches

His Fat, Lying, Moronic Anus. Trumpy

Does Have A Power to Declassify our

Intelligence. Not Our Allies. And now,

This And About 20 Other Charges will

End The Reign of Putin’s Bitch Trump

The 1917 Espionage Law (title 18, Us

Code §§ 793 (d)-(e), & 798) is Also A


likely legal Tool to take Trumpy down

NOTE: Mike Quinn Correctly Calls Out
Lying R-Kevin Cramer In Town Hall, &
Then Apologizes For Stuffing $ At Him
BREAKING  :  Trump Asked Comey To
“Let The Flynn Thing Go” And, Comey
‘Documented’ That All. He’s FINISHED

Have a day!

Investigation. This signals the end for

Orange Anus Donny Rump. It is called


‘Obstruction Of Justice’. Trump Will Go

down, & he admitted the reason he did

Fire Comey, was To “End” The Russian

investigation. News Flash, All Of These

investigations are still going on & most

are already complete. Trump Admitted

this and this is the fastest route for his

exit. He clearly Doesn’t Want the Potus


gig anymore, but does not “Grasp” how

this Ends with Him Jailed/Tried for high

Treason. The Insanity, Ignorance, Hate,

lies, racism and now violating every law

are the only reasons we are here, is the

Orange Anus’s actions. Period, he’s Doa

NOTE: Drunk Racist Trumper Get Jailed
And Cries After Harassing A Kind Family
NOTE II: 59 Yearold Brad Grey So Sadly
Passed Away This Weekend From cancer
He Was A Legend In Our Business. Love!
UPDATE  :  Trump Reveled Highly Secret
Classified Material, To “Russian Officials”

Have a day!

Photo Of The Weekend!

May 12th, 2017

In a bold move for silverware everywhere, the forks, & knives decided…

(Guess he swallowed 100 magnets)

To create a Sneak attack on Ivan’s food in his stomach, from the outside

Never play leap frog with a unicorn & always admit your farts. It’s classy

Have a weekend!

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