Everybody “Hates” Trump…

September 25th, 2017

It’s seems no matter who it is, or what

Horribly Vile, Tone Deaf Hate Was Just

(We know)

spewed……everybody is turning on the

Orange Anus. The Latest, Is The NFL &

Lebron James. Trump Doesn’t Get Our

1st Amendment, as most fascist do not

See, the Reason people fight for all our

Freedom’s As Bolger’s Have Done in all

the Centuries….was for the right of any

citizen To freely Express Themselves &

Honor Our US Constitution, that Those


before us all have sacrificed so much 4

To even have this amazing freedom but

to not grasp why, is disgusting evil that

is Unworthy of Respect. Make no errors

here. Trump seeks to Assault Freedoms,

divide us, and Spew Hate non-stop. Yet,

that’s not who were are. It never was &

is Painfully Clear in the Unity Of Teams,

coaches, owners, citizens and all human

beings In This Country. When LB James

& Known cheat like Brady Calls You Out,

(We know!)

as a hate fraud, shit isn’t going your way

One doesn’t Have to Agree With A Stand

To “Understand” it. It Just So Happens, I

Also Agree with it. See, Bolger’s fight for

those who Can not Fight For Themselves

NOTE: Well…….Graham & Cassidy Fucking
LIED. Their Hate Bill, Attacks Pre-Existing
Conditions. These Vile, Evil, Pricks Should
Be ‘Voted Out’ Yesterday, & Will Politically
Suffer, For ALL This Insane Lying Bullshit!

Have a day!

It’s “Fart Friday”…

September 22nd, 2017

Today is all about “Fart Friday”. There are

bus-fart-voice-funny(The Ass Voice)

so many different styles, kinds, and classes

of that blast from your ass. Here are a Few:

-The Turd Rumbler(A thick berrrrap)
-The Squirrel Squeaker(Tiny squeak)
-The Bazooka Butt Burp(Loud boom)
-The Juicy Shit Shaker(Classic wet 1)
-The Anus Annihilator(Hard quick force)
-The Mud Flap Muffer(A soft murmur)
-The Bank Shot(Lift a cheek to echo it)

So start naming some of your today & share

NOTE: McCain Steps Up, Stating He Will Vote
“Nay” For The New Lying TrumpDoesn’t Care
Bill. Nicely Done; History Will Be Kind To Him

Have a weekend!

Trump(doesn’t)care 3rd Fail…

September 21st, 2017

Republicans, aside from lying daily & sticking

up For the Orange Anus ManBaby, Do love to

(We know)

keep Digging When In A Hole. They don’t just

Double, Triple or Quadruple down. They are a

shitty Kevin Federline Record Skipping over &

over and over. Not only are Our Ears Bleeding

but We’ve had enough. Citizens’ll All Lose the

coverage they have & punt all the pre-existing

condition issues to the states. Well guess what

you lying Fuckstick fraud?!? What if your state

doesn’t “GET” a Voucher? Then that State, like

(Liar Twins)

most Republican States who Turned down The

expanded Medicaid, Will Fuck all Their citizens

Over. If it’s such a great bill, state Exactly why

us Citizens Should like it. But They can’t cause

we WON’T. So, They LIE, Avoid, Dodge, Shout

“But, but, but Obamacare” Without stating any

thing about why this Bill is Good. Cause it isn’t

And Jimmy Kimmel pointed that out…….AGAIN

(Call ALL These Republican Senators Now, And
Make Your Voice Heard. If you don’t we all lose
It’s In The Kimmel Video At 9:43 In This LINK)

NOTE: South Dakota Republican Thinks It’s Fun
To Run Over Protestors Killing Them. Holy Fuck
This Far Past Disgusting….& Isn’t Acceptable For
Anyone To Mock, Let Along A Sitting Republican
Her GOP Friends Won’t Punish Her, They’re Evil

Have a day!

The Graham-Cassidy Fraud Lies…

September 20th, 2017

Between Trumple Thinskin’s Jabbering

all empty insane Threats to an always

(Doody Donnie)

tiny ego Driven turd in N. Korea. And

Orange Ass Ending The Iran Pact. We

get this “Rocket Man” Gibberish. Kim

Jong Un is a man Trapped in a Babies

body. Trump’s a baby “Trapped” In A

fat lying racists body. Oh speaking of

“loud lying assholes” we have these 2

shits Lindsay Graham and Bill Cassidy

are now Trying to Reward Their states

for not taking The Medicaid Expansion

(<-The Liars Club!)

by punishing everyone else…..all while

Lying About The “Horrific Effects”. How

do we know it’s that bad?!?!?!?!?! Well

for Starters It Was Debated For Only a

Total Of 90 Seconds to 2 Minutes. This

is A “States Rights” Scam. The Right of

most of the Poorest States to Tell those

on the ACA to all Fuck off. They Simply

intentionally Made it, so The CBO Can’t

score since States’ll Make The Call. Oh

(We Know)

I see, send it to the States To Fuck Over

Everyone, because you sociopaths don’t

Have The Balls. You Fraud Fucks, Pissed

off Jimmy Kimmel. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

NOTE: US ‘Increases’ Military Budget By
$80 Billion, Because, “Let’s Burn Money”
Instead Of Free Public Colleges. Oh, Shit!
Dwight D. Eisenhower, Warned Us All Of
This ‘Military Industrial Complex’, Before
NOTE II: Much Love Sent To All Those In
Puerto Rico, Who Are Still “Dealing” With
Maria’s ‘Fury’. 90+ Are Dead, And All Our
Hearts Are Breakin Go Seek Shelter Now!

Have a day!

Unfunny Spicer, RNC Legal Fees…

September 19th, 2017

With Mueller’s “investigation” seemingly

rounding The Home Stretch, we get the

(Buckle Up!)

biggest tell. Paul Manafort was actually

listened in on With A Warrant. You can

expect An indictment of him And More

Trump’s usin’ RNC Funds for His Legal

team. AKA-burning your donors money

who are a collection of Suckers & idiots

BUT, Spicer’s Bit was Unfunny And Not

worthy of Any Attention. He Took A job

to LIE to The American People Daily, &

if you’re a pro-wrestler, fine. We all get

(Fraud asshole!)

it’s Fake. When It’s The WH Press?!?!?!

His Lies Effect All Citizens Daily. This is

not some fucking game. To reward that

with “Oh you Dickens” isn’t funny. That

is the sign of the times for frauds being

lauded and winked at. It is pretty gross

Two Innocent People, & ‘Shoot’ Up Others
Home I Never Post Their Names Here Just
Their Vile, Evil, Unacceptable Acts Of Hate
This, Will Not Stand. This Hate, Must Stop!
NOTE II: Mexico City 7.1 Quake, Rocks All
Around. Stay Strong, Help Others & Stand
Together Much Love To All Of You Effected

Have a day!

Emmy’s Torch Trump & More…

September 18th, 2017

If you watched the Emmy’s last night

You saw Trump satire all on full blast


It seems society, washington, people

Writ large, Republicans, Mueller, And

really Anyone with A working pulse &

an IQ over 3…..all hate Trump. Guess

you could say, he “earned” it all. Reap

what you Sow buddy. It’s attention ya

Crave. Well You Got It In Droves. It is

just not the “Kind” you wanted we are

all sure of That. Oooooooooooooooops

NOTE: Climate Change Is Real, Always
Has Been. When 96 – 98% of All NASA
Scientists Agree, At Least LOOK At The
Findings. They All Check Out……Anyone
At This Point, Is Simply A “Flat Earther”

Have a day!

The orange anus is so out of touch

with American Citizens he thinks it


is a great idea to conflate tax cuts

With “Hurricanes”. Ahhhhhhh, yes

With 80 people who Died & others

Still Without Power/Shelter In The

keys, Houston’s down town simply

crippled………it’s Tax Cuts Time for

the Top 1%/Corporations. Oh sure

the Middle Class will Get Their Bull

shit $200-$500 Check While All Of

the top 1% gets corporate Welfare


taking Everything away the helped

people in these horrible hurricanes

If ya voted for Trump/Republicans

And aren’t in the Top 1%; you just

voted Against Your own aid. That’s

like voting for someone to kick you

right in The Balls While They Steal

from your Wallet to hand it to Rich

folks. You are a Breath taking idiot

Tax Cuts, & Hurricanes=Good, BUT

(Yes, daily)

Climate Change & Hurricanes=bad

These people a lying racist lunatics

NOTE: Racists Simply Don’t Get It
If They Did, They Wouldn’t Be The
Loud, Ignorant, Lying, Pile, Of Shit
They All Are. When Someone Says
Incorrect, Lying Racist Shit…..They
Get ‘Cut’ When They Simply Speak
Speak The Truth, All Supported By
FACT, Those 2 Events R Not Equal
NOTE II : Mueller Is Closing In For
The Kill, And, ‘Not Fucking Around’
This Ends, With Many Trump Staff,
His Cabinet, And Finally ‘Trumpers’
As The Last ‘Domino’ To Fall Boom

Have a day!

Trumpers Trolled & Single Payer…

September 13th, 2017

While there can be ignorant people

In sound clips from all The Political

(Nice Work!)

spectrum. Trumpers are clearly the

more ignorant Ill Informed Clueless

piles of shit ever. They want to just

“Impeach” Clinton Who Is not Even

holding an Office of any Kind. WTF?

See, again. You can “find” people at

any rally who make mistakes, but if

you’re looking for that other level of

(No, he doesn’t)

detached dipfucks hit a Trump rally

Have ya ever seen this level of shit

stupidity at a Bernie Rally?!?! Nope

Democrats For Single Payer

It is About Time!!! Now They are All

getting on Board one at a Time and


their political Futures depend on It

They are all coming around adding

their names to the list Daily. That’s

good news. It will Pay off In the up

comping years for Voters who Care

about This (Most all Do). Really it’s

Simply An Inevitable Fact, That will

be happenin’ soon so it’s good they

R gettin on the right side of history

(Watch the usual “Propaganda Lies”
Get destroyed on National TV Ha!!!)

NOTE: Dems, Are Winning Seats In
Most Republican Elections. While It
Is Great, It Means, Nothing Without
Strong, Proven Polices And VOTING
While It’s Good News Now The Real
Work Begins And It’ll Take All Of Us
NOTE II : Miss Texas Is A New Hero
And, Her Take Down Of Trump Was
Honest, Fair, And “Perfectly” Stated!

Have a day!

Pure Violent Racist Hate…

September 12th, 2017

A Bi-racial boy of 8 was lynched &

hung. Thankfully he Survived, But


the cops did NOTHING & even the

Fucking Police Chief, ‘Mark Chase’

Said This ‘Heinous Insane’ bullshit:

“These People, need to Be Protected
(the racist teens who did this horror)
Mistakes they make, as a young child
shouldn’t have to Follow them for the
rest of their life (effecting their lives)”


That Racist Fuck, Should Be ‘Fired’

yesterday. They all just Committed

Attempted Murder. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!

This is unacceptable horror. This is

pure evil. This will not be Tolerated

by society ever. If Police won’t do it

society will. Sure hope it so Doesn’t

come to that, but Law Enforcement

are giving us Citizens very lil choice

Trumps america thinks this is some


game. It, is, NOT. The full weight of

the entire country will be Felt Upon

You All. Never, Never, Never, Again

Your Hate Will End All Of Your lives

NOTE : Kushner Is A Key & We Also
“Pointed It Out Here” That He Knew
The Entire Time As Did Trump. It Is
All Over But The Cuffs & The Crying
Rumps Lawyers Wanted Him FIRED
Knowing, What They Already KNOW

Have a day!

Mis-Communications Director…

September 11th, 2017

It Seems, Even Trumps “Social Media” director

doesn’t know what’s Real or Fake but he posts


“Fake News” Anyway? Dan Scavino Jr (So who

comes with these Names “Villains Are Us?!?!?)

tweeted a Pic of The Miami Airport Underwater

Only Problem, it Wasn’t The Miami Airport, & it

Wasn’t During Irma. Ooooooooooooooooooops

Damn these People are Fucking stupid. It is SO

disgustingly Sad, All Of ‘Social Media’ Correctly

“Ripped” on Dan For Not Doing his Fucking Job

Eric Bolling Out & Worse…

FOX News talking Anus Eric “Sexual Harasser”

Bolling Was Fired. Good. He Deserved it. He’s

(<-Human Dick Pic)

a Terrible inhuman Lying Sack of shit. Then, he

lost his son Eric over the weekend. He was just

19. That Is Sad, and Unlike Bolling, & His ilk No

1 takes schadenfreude at loss of family. No one

Now a report that his Son Suffered “Emotional”

torture. Wait, what?!?!? Because his father was

fired for sexual harassment, HE suffered?!?!?!?

Keep it Real, other Kids Can be Brutal, but how

he suffered is a mystery. More details will come

out and let Them. Facts do matter for everythin’

NOTE : Today, We Do Not Weap For The Day Of
9/11 Anymore, We Honor It. By Living Each Day
For Those Who Can’t Any Longer. Think, Quietly

Have a day!

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