Trumptanic Panic…

March 28th, 2017

Into the icy waters it sinks, the sad

part is still how much it “Stinks”. If

(Ice Berg!)

You Are or were A Trump supporter,

you might all be interested to know

that YOU Are Paying For The Wall &

tax Cuts for the top 1%. Suckers ya

got had, Conned, duped, fooled and

the only one you have to “blame” in

all this…….is Y-O-U. Let me quote it:

“The rich have been doing it to the poor
since the “Beginning Of Time”. The only
Difference, Between the Pyramids & the
Empire State Building, is The Egyptians
didn’t allow unions. I know what this guy
is all about, greed. He don’t give a damn
about Bluestar or the unions. He’s in and
out for the buck & he don’t take prisoners”

That was Carl Fox to his son Bud in

(“Wake up”)

the 1987 movie wall Street. So wake

up pawns. Rise to your feet with this

knowledge, and never get fooled like

this again. If You Aren’t A Billionaire

and vote Republican, ya just handed

over your fucking wallet to them. So

if You’re a CEO a Corporation or Rich

I get your vote. What’s your excuse?

Oh also, Kushner had Direct dealings

(Down they go!)

with Russian “Bank” VEB which was

sanctioned by America in 2014. And

down they fall. One, by one. Oooops

NOTE : So Long, Devin “I’m Trumps
Bitch” Nunes. Top Dems Are Calling
For His Recusal And To “Step Down”
NOTE II: Trump Administration Did
Silence Yates Testimony On Russian
Ties Investigation This Gets So Bad!

Have a day!

Blame Game Of Shame..

March 27th, 2017

Trump Failed, Simply Because he Does

not grasp HOW Governance works. He

(<-Orange Anus!)

Doesn’t Know How To Pass A Bill, What

it takes to Gain Consensus, Or Even the

rules of “How many votes you need” so

he went down in fat Orange flames and

always continues 2 do so, he lacks rigor

His Approval Rating Is at 36%, and it is

dropping like temperatures in the north

pole. And who does he blame? Oh thats

easy, Everyone BUT him. Geeeeeeeeeee

(Down he goes)

If it’s Always Some One Else’s Fault, the

one Constant Fuck Up, is YOU. Cheeto’s

head won’t be POTUS by May. Enjoy!!!!!

NOTE : Kopple Topples Trump & Hannity
Stating “You are bad for America”. Boom
NOTE II : Racist Joe Arpaio Doesn’t Want
His Actual Racist Words Allowed In Court
Guess What?!? You OWN That Shit Fucko

Have a day!

This is a Late post, sorry about that

The Republican repeal and Replace

(Times up…bitch!)

was PULLED!!! They, do, not know

ANYTHING. They are all just going

down. This is lunacy dyin politically

Fine, by me. When an asshole lying

prick is building their casket…

complement the Work, you’re done

Have a weekend!

Pissing Up A Rope…

March 23rd, 2017

And Wondering why you’re getting wet

That is the entire Trumpy TeaOP today

(Down you go!)

So, as Trumpy’s Russian Financial Ties

Investigation is goin on Republikkkans

Tabled Voting on their big dogshit ACA

Repeal. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha all These

Morons Simply Do NOT know “HOW” to

govern, period! “Obstruction’s” so easy

Actually Creating Valid Policies that all

Americans Want is somethin’ they can’t

Their “setbacks”‘ll Continue. They have

(Ha ha!)

no “policies” the people want. They just

serve the top 1%. That does make a lot

of mad voters. Down, down, they all go

Have a day!

Putin On The Ditz…

March 22nd, 2017

Part, of being A “Mastermind” is the

Obvious “Mind” Part. Trumpy, Flynn,


Manafort, Carter Page, the Agalarovs

Dmitry ‘Rybolovlev’, Michael Caputo,

and Many, many more. Like Russia’s

Fertlizer King ties (you honestly can’t

make this shit up). He’s buddies with

a Bullshit King…….Dmitry Rybolovlev

You Know, That Big Name, Above us

well turns out, he bought a $100 Mill

pad from…….TRUMP! Now in fairness

(We know)

he also bought 1 Will Smith’s Hawaii

Pad But, “Jiggy With It” Isn’t POTUS

He’s goin down at light speed people

London Horror :  5 Dead & 40 Injured
In “Horrific” Attack. We Will, Find Out
All Motives As All The Facts Come Out

Have a day!

Dasvidaniya Donny! Trumps ties to Russia

go Back 30 Years. He Has Russian Kremlin

(We know)

Oligarchs Cash in his properties to the tune

of $100 million. Hint: They don’t ‘live’ here

When you’re POTUS that’s called, a fucking

bribe. U can’t serve 2 masters, your pocket

Book And Your Country. The ‘Russian’ Bank

Alfa doesn’t Seem like Any Smoking gun by

the way it isn’t Putin Friendly SO That does

not make any logical sense yet but it should

be fully understood. Put it this way any guy

or Gal Who is A US Citizen Can Do Business

(He got the $)

with Russia That is Legal. When You Are A

“Sitting” US President, you Can Not do that

The Constitution Says, a President can only

be impeached for “Treason, Bribery & other

high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”. Well one

out of four is a fast start. The “Emoluments

Clause” likely brought down Flynn. Now it’s

got The Fat Orange Anus Right in it’s Sights

NOTE: Gorsuch’s Response’s Right On The
Mark, For Abortion Rights. Garland Was So
‘Stole’n By Mitch McConman. Pay Back Shit

Have a day!

Trump, is, royally, fucked…Big League

Comey already re-confirmed what WE

Comey testifying against Trump(Drink it up!)

All, already knew. Trump made up the

“Wire Tapping”. He lied, PERIOD. And

even With Every New Huge lie, he has

only ONE Goal. Distract from his clear

Russian Banking and his financial ties

to them. You all know for a “fact” that

Germany’s Merkel ‘Dressed’ Him down

hard. That’s why he shook her hand at

first when she came but icy afterwards

Her new Great President Frank-Walter


Steinmeier ‘Politically Disagrees’ With

Trump massively. This week might be

Trumps Worst one Coming yet to date

He’s like a Political Plane, leaking Fuel

with one engine about to go out & him

yelling “We’re tremendous, keep flyin”

He is about to Crash Land Very HARD

NOTE: Trumps Approval Rating’s 37%
The Lowest, Of Any POTUS In Modern
History. He Likes “Records”, So, Enjoy
Being The Most Hated Shit, In The US
IDIOT :  Republican Trump Moron Fat
Lady Thinks “Trump & Gwad” Did The
ACA, Not Obama. She Was A Teacher!
This Shit IS So Sickening. Such A Nut!
RIP: Chuck Berry A True Musical Stud

Have a day!

Pappy St. Hatricks Day!

March 17th, 2017

Livers Beware Today! Your owners

HappyStPatricksday(Artwork by Dean MacAdam)

are going to abuse you in ways that

are Inhuman. Be Safe, Sing, Dance,

Laugh, And Smile. It Is Bad Enough

For Me, I Best Put My Name On The

“Liver Donors” List “ASAP”. I ‘Kid’, I

Joke. FYI- “Ní neart go cur le chéile”

NOTE : Trumps Budget Guts & Cuts
So Many Needed Things, Even That
Shit Trump Voters Need. You, Done
“FUCKED” Yourself Moron Trumpers
Trump & Top 1% “Piss” In Your Eye
NOTE  II : Dutch Ditch Their Trump
Showing, Their “Populist Movement”
Is Dyin And The World Rejects Hate
UPDATE: R-Mick Mulvaney’s Budget
Is Pure Evil. He Abuses The Poorest,
‘Weakest’, Vets, Elderly & Trumpers

Erin Go Braugh, have a weekend!

It’s not just basketball, that’s Madness

we like. In Government?! Not so much

Hawaii slams trump(<-To Hate)

Trumps Travel Ban was knocked down


It always will be. It Simply Violates the

‘Establishment Clause’. A Hawaii Judge

already stopped it. There was No Truth

to the Orange Anus’s tweet on the wire

tapping lie. Now it Appears That Flynn

lied & violated our Emoluments clause

by accepting $45,000 all from Russian

business in government. Ooooooooops

Flynn sitting with Putin busted(Flynn on phone)

Dipshit is “Actually” on camera stating

“I didn’t take, Any Money from Russia,

if that’s what you’re asking me”. Yeees

you Fucking did!!!! Never before in US

History has This “Level” of Dysfunction

existed in the Oval office. Think of that

NOTE : Trump Key Backer In OK Found
In A Hotel Room With An Underage Boy
Ralph Shortey (You so Can’t make these
names up) Is One Suck Fucker, And Just
The “Kind of Guy” Trump & Republicans
Love. So, See The List Of Them All Here
UPDATE: Well Spicer Is Short Circuiting
Quickly, Because, He Can’t Answer Stuff

Have a day!

Comey say no “Wire tapping”. Clapper

say no “Wire tapping” or FISA warrant


Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., Told News

at a press conference Wednesday in Dc

“We don’t have Any Evidence that that

took Place.”. That’s Because It Did Not

Happen. This Is ‘Trump’ Using Racist R

bloggers who lie & have Always Shown

no journalistic ethics to the truth. They

simply Lie Because They Do, Not, Care

james-clapper-mtpedited-1(“Never happened”)

about the Truth, Facts, or Reality. Only

care about Propaganda, Lies, Incorrect

conspiracy Lunacy & White Supremacy

Trumps “Shtick” Failing Fast

As you all know, I do stand up comedy

Well, I attempt it and learn something

Donald spewing his bullshit(Derp!)

New/Wonderful Each Time, I Perform

Trumps habitual lying, ignorance, and

overall unwillingness to better himself

Favoring ‘Bloviating Hate/lies/Division’

Only problem?!? A one note weak joke

It’d be Like Me Headlining With Knock

Knock jokes For :45. And He’s only :3

minutes into A 4 Year Act. He is Dying

up There. The crowd, The Owners And

the other Comics Aren’t At all Amused

Donald-Trump-circus-act-donkeyhotey(“Knock knock!”)

That “hook’s” coming quickly as things

are addin’ up against him. He did it all

to himself grabbing the mic. It’s hubris

Now just Remember….he is the POTUS

NOTE: Lunatic Rand Paul Proposes An
Insurance Plan Through The NRA. Wtf
NOTE II : CONnway Was “Paid” To Lie
Before In A Court Of Law So Disgustin’
UPDATE : Democrats, Try Moronic Bill
That Doesn’t Present Policy To Change

Have a day!

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