Election Time Is Almost Here!

October 19th, 2018

It’s the ONE thing we as Citizens can do to

effect direct change in our government. So


anyone Telling you Different is Either: One

Apathetic Anarchist Type, Or B) Republican

This Mid-Term EVERYTHING Depends On U

Your Vote, Your Activism, You Canvasing &

Your Drive! Vote early and Vote often. I kid

NOTE: Trump Gushes Over Scum Bag Who Assaults
A Reporter, By Body Slamming Him What A Big POS
NOTE II: Russian National, With Direct Ties To Putin
Oligarch Evgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin Is Charged In
Court With “Information Warfare” For The 2018 Mid
Term Elections. Ooooooooooooooops They’re fucked

Have a weekend!

The Pompeo & Trump Cover-up…

October 18th, 2018

Seems $ is Morality for The Entire Republican

Party/Trumpland today. A Reporter didn’t just

(On the take)

“disappear” Or was “lost”. He was tortured and

clearly MURDERED. This is not News, this is an

overt obvious Act by the Saudi’s When they cut

him into pieces while alive. So, what are Trump

and Pompeo Doing about it? Letting the Saudi’s

“Investigate it” for a Few days. WTF?!? Oh sure

let’s give them time to try to cover up a murder

This is Pure Evil. If you pay enough $, murder’s

OK. This is Immoral Disgustingly Evil Shit Folks

Since when Do We let Torturing Murders simply

“Investigate Themselves”?! This is Pure insanity

NOTE: Kelly & Bolton’s Mustache got in a very heated
Argument About Boarder Security. Two Loud Children
Bitching About Who Can Be More Fascist & Disgusting

Have a day!

Saudi Murder & Dump Trump…

October 17th, 2018

We are in terribly disgusting times as you

already Well Know. A Saudi Reporter Was

(Chopped Up)

“butchered” in a clear death interrogation

in the Consulate. Trump is Doing Nothing,

since $ Is Flowing from Saudi leaders and

this Is not only illegal. It’s fucking murder

Geeeeeeeees, this is some really Sick Shit

Going On ‘Here’. The Entire United States,

aside from his 20-29% Base, Hates Trump

it will Take It’s Toll in the Mid-Terms. That


NOTE: A Racist Moron Woman, Harasses African
America Man At Apartment Door Where He Lives

Have a day!

No Blog Today…

October 15th, 2018

Sorry, have horrible Sciatica paint right now

No excuses, just too much pain right now so

sorry about that. My Football Days Do Come

back to haunt me from time to time. Now go

have A great day, register to vote & kick ass!

Have a day!

Fuckabout Friday…

October 12th, 2018

The title does exactly what it says. Now go

(True that)

out, take a breath, and have some Fun. The

the best way to Enjoy Life is to Soak it all in

Oh, and go REGISTER To VOTE. That as well

Have a weekend!

Dow Down; Dummy Distraction…

October 11th, 2018

The Market looks a ‘LOT’ like it Did Under W

Bush these last 2 days. Highly volatile 2,000

(We remember)

point Nose Dive. It’s the Worst 2 day slide in

since February. Should ‘Recover’ since it just

seems to be a “Sell Off” which lasts around 3

days, but be wary. As we deal with a missing

reporter, a Hurricane rescue/clean up, and a

country will a Loud lying Hateful Orange Idiot

in charge, don’t be distracted by Kayne West

He’s not a “genius”; he’s a seriously mentally

ill man Who Likely Needs Massive Help. Oh &


he doesn’t know the 1st Fucking Thing about

US History, facts, Economics, math or reality

This insane Oval Office Lunacy, is Something

to Be ‘Pitied’ And Worried About, Not Mocked

NOTE: Another Republican usin Voter Suppression
Water’s Wet, Sky’s Blue & That’s really all They do
Rise Up, ‘DO NOT ALLOW THIS’ Overt Felony Folks
NOTE II: Kavanaugh, Now Has Judicial Misconduct
Complaints Working Their way Through The Courts
Via SCOTUS Justice Roberts. Oooooooooooooooops

Have a day!

As Michael Pummels Panama City & Tally

in Florida all we “Hope For” is everyone’s


safe. Take Shelter if You’re riding it out, &

know it’s passing now. Just be safe, & stay

indoors. Crazy Won’t help you. Speakin’ of

“Crazy” in Trumpland, They Are all Mad at

Taylor Swift of Getting Brisk Voting, boom

Ooooooops. This all means Nothing Unless

everyone VOTES Before November 6th, Or

on it. If Voter turn out Is the highest it has

ever Been. That Means Trump R’s Will now

go down. Only YOU can Effect that Change

NOTE: Stock Market Tumbles Badly And I’ll
Bet Trump Blames Obama Or Someone Else
Instead, Of His Own Fucking “Treasury Note”
Yield Of 3.193% and The Market Lost 3.15%

Have a day!

Collins Fraud & Haley Gone…

October 9th, 2018

Susan Collins is up for Re-election in 2020

And she doesn’t have an opponent yet but

(A liar too)

whom ever that is will Have $3.5 million +

waiting for them. Wow, this isn’t A fucking

game & Susan/crew are all going down for

their “Horrific” Kavanaugh Vote. And All of

energy is now on the new Deal Democratic

progressive side of dial. Time are changing

rapidly. Register to Vote & Use Your Power

The Biggest Problem For The TeaOP is that

they control EVERYTHING, yet are bitching

about being the “victim”. GTFOOH you ass

(Trump Minion)

holes. And as all this goes down, Nikkky “A

GOP Troll” Haley, Is “Stepping Down” From

her UN Roll Which Means Another One bites

the crust. At this Rate Trump won’t make it

to December before he is jailed or put away

NOTE: Ford Plans A Layoff Of, White Collar Workers
Of Around 12% or 24,000 jobs worldwide. Ahem Ya
Wanted Trumps Tariff Hell, You Got It! Oooooooops!

Have a day!

In an act of cowardice so disgusting that the

entire World Took Notice: Flake, Collins And

(<-Disgusting Liar)

a hand of others allowed Bart O’Kavanugh a

seat On The SCOTUS. And, Make No Mistake,

this is a bad Situation, sure. But now the real

fight Begins. As The Toilet Paper Shoe Moron

does His Usual ‘Collection Of Dumbfuckery’ it

is Painfully Clear the “Country” only has ONE

choice to fight. That is, to VOTE. Rise up and

begin this fight. With no Seats In Office, they

hold less power. Sure, they will still Use their

lobbying power. But if we Elect clean, honest,

(Yes please)

candidates, that Bullshit stops. Go register to

vote, help others, canvas your Neighborhood

and spread the Word. The Only that Stops us

from winning this, is Apathy/Anarchy. Do not

let THAT Happen. Not Voting, Means You Can

not Bitch about what’s Happening. Period. Go

begin To Fight TODAY. I fight everyday to win

NOTE: Seems Taylor Swift Picks The Side Of Justice
And, That Bothers ‘All’ OF The FAR Right Snowflakes
This shows folks are paying attention to Policies now

Have a day!

The Immoral Cowards…

October 5th, 2018

Continue their fall. Collins will vote “Yes” on

Kavanaugh. The three Biggest cowards in all


of this Mess will be Flake, Manchin & Collins

Just Remember, do not Despair, do not Lose

hope, and do Not Quit. Yes, Senators who’ve

all Clearly Lost their way vote tomorrow, but

WE Vote, ‘November 6th’. Elections DO Have

consequences. So use this Hurt, pain & overt

anger As Fuel. For The Darkest, Most Hateful

among us, always want you to quit. It makes

their Jobs Of Abuse Easier. Nope, I Will Fight!

NOTE: Chicago Police Officer, Jason Van Dyke, With
A Guilty Verdict. Murder In The 2nd Degree. Justice

Have a weekend!

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