Wisconsin Republicans Are Trying To Take Power

away BEFORE the elected Governor, a Democrat

(We know)

takes office. Wow, they are all like 1 Dimensional

80’s movie villains these days. They are also now

trying the Same Stunts in Michigan, Georgia and

North Carolina. Good Gravy this is disgusting shit

The DOW Is Taking A Drubbing Today because of

Orange shit Stain’s ‘Tariff’s Bullshit’. No matter, it

will All Be Over Soon. And, don’t think Pence isn’t

on the Hook as Well. Tick tock, tickitty tock folks!

NOTE: 400 Former DOJ Officials Are “Very Disturbed,” At
Trump Putting Him In Power with no Senate Confirmation
This Is An Illegal Act According To Our Entire Constitution

Have a day!

“Very Cool, Very Legit”…

December 3rd, 2018

In Today’s Episode of “Trumps Melts Down On

Twitter”, his Orangeness Decided to spew even


more bullshit lies Hanging himself worse. Fine

by me. It’s a clear Case of “witness tampering”

You know, the shit that really pissed off Robert

Mueller When MANAFORT did it?!?!?! Yeah well

as that last few Grains of Sand fall through this

hour Glass We Have for Trump & Crew the rest

of the “World Moves On”. In Georgia, The Place

where stacey abrams lost they have a secretary

(Vote Georgia!)

Of State run Off election tomorrow the 4th. Go

out & VOTE! So, here is your polling place info

NOTE: Our 41st POTUS, George H.W. Bush Died On
Friday At 94. He Was A WWII ‘Vet’, CIA Director and
Was a ‘decent man’. At least In Today’s Terms. I did
Agree With His Policy To ‘Raise Taxes’ When IT WAS
Not Popular (& Correct Economic Policy, At the time)
My Only Ernest Issue, Was His “Racist” Willie Horton
Lee Atwater, Southern Strategy ‘ads’. Immoral Trash
I’ll Never “Forgive”, That Evil Choice, Nor Will History
NOTE II: Paris takes to The Street To Riot. You know
Here, I never espouse Political violence. Ever. This IS
Another Example. Their Anger/Rage Is Founded, BUT
Rioting Solves Nothing. It’s “Anarchy” With No Actual
Political ‘Solution’. Dumb. If You’re Upset With All The
“Elites”, VOTE IN, Policies You Want. Not More of The
Same. Know Exactly What You Are Voting For People!

Have a day!

Full On Hidey Hole…

November 30th, 2018

Trump & Crew Are Now in their “Hidey Hole”

mode. Some will Shout, Speak up or spew a

(Or Jail)

lot more terribly damning things. To them I

say, “Speak Up”. Keep On Hanging Yourself

It is Simply to Easy to watch em all implode

no fully graspin’ the dire legal consequences

of what is actually occurring here. Oooooops

Have a weekend!

Mark this day on your calendars my good people

Remember Thursday November 29th as The Day

(“Yes, I lied”)

everything Ended for Trump & His Criminal Crew

Cohen plead guilty in court 4 “lying” to congress

Deutsche Bank/the place that laundered his cash

was raided. And His Chicago Tax Appeal Attorney

Ed Burke’s Offices were Raided This mornin’. The

front Door has Brown Paper On It. And so, Cohen

just lied about No Connections to Russian leaders


or The EX-KGB Oligarchs/Political Leaders they all

were In the process of doing “business” with. It is

over, done, finished, kaput, endgame or whatever

you liked to call it. There’s no recovery here, None

This is Just the Beginning Folks. They All go Down,

& to quote the Untouchables “Just happened to be

(Almost Done)

there when the wheel went round”. Trump Will be

in very Bad shape this Christmas. Ooooooooooops

NOTE: Jeffery Epstein, Sexual Predator Enabled By Bill
Clinton, W. Bush & Now Trump In Labor Secretary Guy,
Alexander Acosta, Given ‘Free Ride’ After He “Molested”
Over 80 + Woman; From 2001-2006 This Is Disgusting

Have a day!

It seems if Manafort is ‘counting’ on a Presidential

Pardon to avoid jail, he did not read the fine print

(And He Did)

on his “Deal”. He Plead Guilty to More Crimes in

New Jersey, New York and California Ooooooops

Mueller has Done this investigation correctly and

he/Others Are All Life Long Republicans So there

is No Partisanship Here, which Hurts Trump, And

crew even worse. There’s no escape now you can

bet he will get crazier like a trapped turd but you

should not Doubt, they are all going Down. Every

single One Of Them. And, Mississippi Just “Voted”


for another racist (Fake Shocked Face). What else

is new?!?!?!? They still Think it’s 1865 Down There

Have a day!

Manafort is going to die in jail. Read that again

He, will die, in Jail. The Special Prosecutor, did

(Bye Bye, bitch!)

a turn around because Manafort Lied Again and

again. So back to “Jail” he goes. Now, ask your

self this. HOW Did Mueller Know he was lying?!

Yes Folks. Game, Set, Match. It is All over right

now. They Got the Campaign Managers who all

were in on it, Convicted. They got all the others

who were in every Room where Trump knew, &

committed these crimes. AND they also got the

Book Keeper. Nail, in, their Coffins. The Orange

Turd-nado is Tweeting his tiny brains off In this


blurry rage because he see’s it as well. Even as

dumb as He Clearly is. Manafort repeatedly lied

& might have Even MET With Assange. Oooops

And, It’s right before the 2016 DNC “leak”. This

is bad news for all. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock

Never Before Has Someone TOLD All of Us That

he is GUILTY as All Fuck Everyday In Every way

NOTE: RIP SpongeBob Creator & Clear “Comedy Genius”
Stephen Hillenburg Dies At 57 From ALS He Brought Us
All Such Heartfelt Silly Gut Laughs. He will Be So Missed

Have a day!

Blizzard, Tear Gas, Miss Votes…

November 26th, 2018

We had a Blizzard last Night And This Morning

here in Chicago. And we didn’t even blink; the


City knows these Winter Storms All too Well &

it doesn’t effect us. But what does is “Evil” the

Country now represents Under the foul orange

menace. He had borderpatrol cops fire teargas

at Political Refugee’s. Not Correctly Intake and

“process” Them. FIRE On Them To Order Them

all to back away. Yes this is 2018 and my heart

Is broken. Mothers with Children, Were Abused

for simply Seeking “Asylum”. These are not the

actions of America. These are the “actions” of a

(We know)

hand Full Of Assholes From Before. It is simply

unacceptable on every human level. Oh speakin

of “Unacceptable”, a Racist Lady is now running

in A Mississippi “Run Off Election”. And Get this;


who Knew?!?!?! (Fake Shocked Face). Do Every

thing In “Your Power” To ELECT Mike Espy For a

Senate Seat. It’s not likely at all, but you can do


it ONLY if You VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. Get Out and

get ‘Everyone’ you know to VOTE. Stop racism!

NOTE : Mueller’s Next level targets are Corsi, Stone,
Don Jr., Kushner, Likely Ending With Trump Himself
We Don’t Know If What Corsi (Liar & Right Wing Bull
Shit Conspiracy Troll) Claimed Is True, Or Not. ONLY
The Round Of ‘Indictments’, Will Tell Us Who Is NEXT
And Leave no doubt, This fuckery, Is Almost All Over
NOTE II: GM GUTS JOBS After Their Tax Cuts, WOW!
So, Much, Winning. They Are Laying Off 15% of their
Entire Work Force or 15,000 Jobs. This is more about
Dealing With ‘Tesla-Self Driving Cars’ Now AND ALSO
High Tariff’s, Along With a Changin Market Place With
More Auto Self Driving Cars-Taxi’s. So Much Winning!

Have a day!

Roberts Rules & Wolf Bite…

November 21st, 2018

SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts Puts the

Orange Anus In Place. He explained who we


are as a country with all our Courts & rule of

law. And the Orange Taint Child, in Usual ID

fashion Tried To fight/argue rather than just

LISTEN as Roberts Explained how the Entire

courts operate. It is not a “partisan” job, and

these fucking Trumper “morons” do not ever

get our country, history or facts. They ignore

them most because they’re all Ignorant fucks

And to make your Turkey Day Complete, one

Michelle Wolf, Burned Trump ‘So’ Badly, that


needs to be drown in a Bathtub of Salve for a

long, long, Long Time. Boy, That Was Brilliant

Have a Turkey Day, Go Bears!

I do not type this lightly. These are some dark

times in America. The “Darkest” in My Lifetime

(<-Immoral Fucks)

for sure. Ignorance, Racism & Hate are Loved

by a Scant few knuckle draggin’ immoral shits

But now, today, the Orange Anus who will not

be named; just publicly “sided” with the saudi

Prince/Government…in Murdering A Journalist

choppin’ up his entire body & lying about it all

This Is Historically “Unprecedented”. As I type

here sadly all too often. This a direct attack on

our Democracy by An Immoral pile of shit who

clearly is “Turning Us” into one Big Totalitarian

(No, a sociopath)

Fascist Regime. This Will Not Stand. This is so

monstrously evil………there are no more words

NOTE: The Written Questions Trump Was To Provide
Mueller, Are Now In Mueller’s Teams Hands. The shit
Is Now In. Pay Attention, Things Will Move So Briskly

Have a day!

It’s official. Most Elections are Over, and Those

races “called”. Gillum Lost, Abrams Lost and so


did Nelson. BUT this was the highest Voter Turn

out since 1974. WOW! Only happens if you vote

and are Politically Engaged. All Totaled It Was a

net House Gain of 37 seats With 3 Elections still

to be decided. The total’ll either be 38, 39 or 40

What a wave! Speaking of wild political shit, we

now have law suits galore happening in DC over

AG Whitaker and Acosta still. Yes you read that

correctly. Acosta just settled it seconds ago and

that’s good news. No more Fascist Bullshit From

(So long!)

these Monsters. The 1st Amendment is the Core

of who we are as a nation. This…….will not stand

NOTE: Horror Shooting At Mercy Hospital In Chicago Leaves
Officer critically wounded & at least 2 people Killed. My heart
is Broken. Yet Again. This Lunacy Must Be Addressed & NOW

Have a day!

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