A white Rental Van “plowed” into pedestrians

9 are dead and 16 more injured. I will update

(Holy Sadness)

as more facts become available. This is pure

horror And Unacceptable Shit. We Will find a

reason For these “Heinous” Acts of cowardice

We will find out all the facts & that is the key

Objective Facts should Guide the way on ALL

things like This Evil. Speaking Of “Fucked UP”

Michael Cohen, And Everyone Around Trump

should be terrified shittin’ their pants. This is

almost over & They all know IT! No “Deals to


cut”, Nowhere to run. Legally is over. Tick?!?!


NOTE: Trump Lied, About His Net Worth To Forbes
And Continues “Lying” To This Day While Not Being
NEARLY As Wealthy. He, Is Not A Billionaire. NOPE!

Have a day!

No Cred & Rudy Ghouliani…

April 20th, 2018

The New Head Of NASA has No scientific

background & is a Climate Change denier

(<-Doug Dumbass)

That’s like hirin’ a new Math teacher who

thinks 2+2=Spaghetti. Can The “Trumpy”

sink any lower?!?!? Of Course, it’s Trump

He Just “Hired” Rudy-Less Giuliani, To Be

the next body On the Ash heap. And ohhh

boy did Twitter have a Field Day with him

That’s like Trying to put out a Guy on Fire

When NO ONE Will Give You H2O, So You

dump Gas on a Propane tank & wheel it in

(<-Scum Pile)

Cohen is looking at 20-40 Years in Jail for

the shit he’s Done. Trump & Crew Are ALL

fucked & they “deserve” everythin’ coming

NOTE : Was On WGN Radio, This Wednesday,
With Patti Vasquez As Their White Sox Expert
Comedian & Catch-all ‘Guest’. This Past Show
On Wednesday Was A ‘Good’ One On Sean-O
Tool Box Hannity’s…….Upcoming PR Problems

Have a weekend!

A Southwest flight from NYC to Dallas had

an Engine blow and had to make a quick &


bold Emergency landing. Wow! Tammy Jo

Shults is a big hero! All the passengers are

also Solid As They Helped Pull One Woman

“Back” Inside. Hero’s, Are Around Us Every

day. Oh, speaking of amazing shit, Trumpy

decided to incriminate Himself…..again. HA

Holy fuckballs you just Can’t make this shit

up. His Tweets will undo him every day and


his time is running out. They are all royally

screwed here & deserve Everything coming

NOTE: My Funny Friend, Dan Telfer Is Now The
“Senior Editor” of the Editorial Section For Mad
Magazine’s “New” Issues. Very Well Done Dano!
RIP: Barbara Bush She Was A Champion For All
Kids Being Able To Read & Big Literacy Training

Have a day!

Someone check on Sean Hannity…he might be

lost so far up his Own Ass, that’s he Is stuck in

(<-Going Down)

his own throat. Seems Hannity is not remotely

smart Enough to Grasp Him Claiming that one

Michael Cohen “Isn’t” His Lawyer. Ohhhhhhhh

good, so all the “Fixing” Cohen did is not at all

protected By Client Attorney Privilege. This, Is

simply ‘Karma’, Parking Right On Lumpy’s FAT

lying Partisan Bigot Head. This Will Get Worse

by the hour for Cohen, Trump, Hannity and all

(Tick tock!)

those around who lied, obstructed and covered

for overt Criminals. Speakin’ of “royally fucked”

Trumps “Immigration Hate” Bill just got hosed

And, By Trump sStolen SCOTUS Appointee Neil

Gorsuch Who Sided with Liberals. But don’t ya

dare think he’s Views Were correct. His “views”

were that He Wants NO Federal Governmental

“Regulation” in general. Ohhhh boy. While this


is a good Thing, his reasoning on why is flawed

All That “Winning” is Keeping Trumper Unglued

NOTE: Starbucks Reacts Swiftly Over Two African
Americans Getting Arrested In Their Store And As
A Rule Of Thumb, They ‘Did’ The Right Thing Here
RIP: Harry Anderson, Was Such A ‘Talented’ Actor
And He Has Sadly Passed, Away At 65. You Would
Remember Him, As The Judge In Night Court, And
Nothing, Was Finer. Funny, Thoughtful, & Brilliant!

Have a day!

Things in Trumpland are getting Worse every

day; and they’ll exponentially get devastating

(Jail’s That Way)

with every passing Hour. Comey was so clear

“I don’t think he’s medically unfit to be President.
I think he’s (simply) morally unfit to be President”

Comey simply Explained Everything we’re all

already aware of About Trump. He called him

unable to every tell the truth, “treats” woman

like pieces of meat, & sees moral Equivalence

in Charlottesville That doesn’t Exist. We knew

this, but this Is Simply Explaining What every

Person Working On This Investigation, Knows

(Coming Soon!)

as well. Speaking of Totally Fucked, it Seems

Michael Cohen Had One Sean Hannity As his

“Client” as well, but Hannity Denies that. But

if true, then Cohen was doing “Clean Up” shit

NOT LEGAL Shit, Meaning, There Is No Client

Attorney Privilege. Ohhhhhhhhhh boy is Sean

fucked! They are ALL Going Down. Every one

of them. Each Hour Will Bring Them Closer to


jail. And for Many of Them, Being Older that’s

a Death sentence. Oooooooooooops. Tick tock

NOTE: Alex Jones, Who Has “Almost” Lost All Of
His Hate Business, Now Lost What He Never Had
His Tiny Mind. HA HA HA HA HA, What A Lunatic
And As He Fades Into Irrelevance Losin’ $ Seeya

Have a day!

Cohen Tell & Running Away…

April 13th, 2018

Michael Cohen, is In A World of Trouble

and going down faster than a plane with

(<-Lie Holes)

no wings. It’s So Bad these days, that he

is yelling “Hey, you can’t Look at Any of

these Documents!”; which is like Telling

the Cops, “Whatever You Do, Don’t look

under my back porch 6 Feet down, OK?”

They Already GOT Your Shit, you are so

royally Fucked….and so Is Trump/Every

One Around Him. Notice, Pence Is VERY

quiet?!?! His Lawyers Told Him to SHUT

UP & he, knowing he’s fucked to, listens


It’s getting to “Bad” out there for talking

heads & ALL Republicans They are even

“Running away” from reality & elections

There is no Good news if you’re a TeaOP

Republican Now. Trump is Always Yours!

NOTE: The Orange Anus Pardoned Scooter
“I Out Agents” Libby. Let Us Forget He Was
Already Commuted & Had All His Rights So
Why Now?!?! This Is A DIG At Comey Since
He Put Patrick Fitzgerald, The Guy Who Did
Find Him “Guilty”, In Place. This Is Another
Attack All On The Law Sayin’ “Commit ANY
Crimes You Like, I’ll Pardon Your Lying Ass”

Have a weekend!

Mudd Comes Clean…

April 12th, 2018

When it comes to damning, eviscerating, verbal

Honest Phillip Mudd Is Squeaky clean. And Boy

(The Main Man!)

did he Accurately destroy Trump saying all this:

I spent Four and a Half years by Robert Mueller. This
is a storied prosecutor, one of the most legendary FBI
directors, spent 12 Years As An FBI Director For Both
President Bush & President Obama. He’s a Decorated
military veteran bein’ compared to a crime boss when
he’s investigating a Man Who really bragged about his
genitalia durin’ a campaign who lied about the Obama
birth certificate durin the campaign and said so whose
press secretary lied within 24 hours of getting into the
White House, who lied about The Trump Towers being
wired, who has got what, 17, 18 women —I lost the #
of fingers to count on – how many women who’ve said
he did Something Inappropriate, Whose advisers have
quit Because They Lied To Federal Investigators About
everything From Financial Fraud To Their Involvement
with the Russian Ambassador. So you’ve got That Dirt
bag telling me That 1 of the Most Storied FBI directors
ever is a crime boss?!? You put him side-by-side & you
tell me what we got here, John. Facts are facts. Robert
Mueller’s An American Legend. The President Is A Dirt
bag. I don’t know What to tell you. I’m so pissed off. I
Spent ‘Four Years’ With Mueller, And He’s A Great Guy

Wow, never walked it back, never Flinched and

most important pointed out the Truth and facts

This is going to be the worst few months for all

those Criminal Fucks Around Trump and Trump

himself. They are ALL About To Feel The law hit

Have a day!

Republican Wreaker Of The House Paul Ryan

is leaving cause he knows he’s gettin’ housed

(<-Whore For The 1%)

He would be nationally humiliated (As if he is

not already?!?!?) & wants NO part of that. So,

he’s running Away to either take A) a lobbyin’

job or B) “Lawn Jockey” for the Koch brothers

So long you Gutless lying Partisan Fraud Prick

who solely Worked for the Top 1%, racking up

massive Deficits and “Lying” About everything

He will not even Be Remembered what so ever

<-Sewage Plant)

in any Honest, Productive Way. So long ya shit

And ALL He Did Was Pass Tax Cuts, then leave

as EVERYONE Already ‘Told You’ he Was doing

and he lied about that every day, until…

Speaking of Fuckers trying run before their day

in Court is Coming fast, Trumpy decided to use

his idea Of Never “Telling The Enemy What we

are doing”….by telling Putin & Syria what we’re

doing. WTF?!?! This man and the entire TeaOP

(So long)

are undone. It’s over. They’re on deaths door so

you will be watching them pull the Plug & Hiding

NOTE: Trump Always Said, “I don’t tell Folks What
I’m gonna do” Now Telegraphing A Syrian Bombin’
OR, He Could Get Any Attack Coordinates, Directly
From Putin Himself, Hitting An Abandoned Place, &
Makin’ Sure its Insured For Millions Ahead Of Time
NOTE II: John Boehner Boy Is Now Mr. 4/20?!?!?!?
He Is Now Supporting Weed Legalization And I Got
To Say……..COOL! He Was Clearly Just An Actor For
Pay Playing The ‘Republican Villain’. I Idea Is Being
On The Right Side Of History & Proper Legalization
IS The Future For This Regulated, Taxable, Windfall
UPDATE: Even Republican Congressman, Who Goes
On FOX Defending Trump Says This shit “I wish the
motherfucker would just go away we’re goin to lose
the House, lose the Senate & lose a bunch of states
because of him…he’s taking us all down……fuck him”

Have a day!

Everything is Trumpland Is falling apart

Donny is losing his Shit Tweeting in ALL


Caps “WITCH HUNT” Which, Was My All

time Favorite Salem Show of the 1600’s

You have the Far Right screaming lies &

saying “But, But, but His Attorney Client

Privilege is Being Violated!”. No, No It is

not. See the “Crime-Fraud Exception” is

clearly in Play Here. Since, You Know all

criminals would Just Hide Behind that In

(“No jail!”)

every case from here until the enda time

They are ALL Going down here folks. It’s

not a Game. These Are Massively serious

crimes that some a these ages’ll be jailed

until Death/They Expire. Toast. Tick Tock

Suckerberg on The Hill was the shit show

we all Knew it would be. Silly odd probes

and lots Of “Unlike’s”. Old Farts trying to


talk “Tech” is SO Unnerving. There is NO

emoji for Shaking your Old fist on a lawn

And, it’s horrible for our Country that we

are even ‘here’ right now At this moment

right Now. The End?!? No. The beginning

of New day?!?!?! Sounds way More like it

NOTE: 1 TJ Miller, Who I Did A Zanies Show
With Once, Was Arrested, For A Fake Bomb
Threat. Oh Boy. Slow Down On The Boooze!
This Reeks Of A Drunk Makin’ Bad Decisions
Or What We Call a Tuesday Here In Chicago
NOTE II: Another Cabinet Member Bites The
Dust. Tom Bossart DHS Advisor Leaves And
It’s All Over John Bolton Coming In Oooops!

Have a day!

Sorry I didn’t post on Thursday and Friday

I Had Severe Food Poisoning Hurling Non-

(All Weekend)

Stop. I’m back and ready to tell you about

The Final, Trump Administration Blow. The

FBI just Executed multiple warrants Today

on Michael Cohn. They Raided his Office &

his Home. OH BOY they Are ALL so fucked

Imagine the “stuff” they know exists they’ll

find; and think of the shit they know Exists

that Cohn Tried to get rid of/destroy that is


already Documented As having Existed. Oh

Doctor, now you Got Him on every possible

charge in existence. If Cohn does not flip &

they already have limitless Shit On Him, HE

goes to jail for 40+ years on “many” counts

They don’t “Need” him to Get Trump, but it

is Clear They “HAVE” Him & Other Limitless

shit. No one’ll “Stand” near Trump anymore

(<-Referred by)

And this action was by US Attorney of NYC

only “Referred” by Mueller. Ohhhhhhh boy

Guess MAGA Means: “Many Attorney’s Get

Attorney’s”. Ooooooooooooooooooooooops

NOTE: Sean Hannity’s Day Are Numbered Now
After A Failed “Twitter War” With ABC’s Jimmy
Kimmel, The Hard Right Wing Echo Chamber o
Lies Isn’t “Selling” Ads Anymore a Failed Model

Have a day!

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