Mueller And the law Are not fucking around

Trump & Crew best take note. They are ALL

(So Long!)

going to Reap The vile felonious crimes they

sowed. The law’s coming for them and there

is no where to Run. Ooooooooops. Tick tock!

Have a weekend!

A “New Lunacy Low”…

June 14th, 2018

Things get Worse and the bar gets way lower

The Economy is a Smoke screen right now, &

(So Long!)

can turn on A Dime with policies that always

destroy Them (Reagan, W Bush, and Trump)

Cohen Is going away to jail for life. Manafort

will likely be Jailed after tomorrows big rulin’

from a judge that he also committed Witness

‘Tampering’, & Sarah “Well, Lying Is All I Can

Ever Do” Suckabee Sanders Might Be leaving

In all of This, Trumps Trip To Korea Was just

as you Would Think It Went. Let a 4 year old

(Holy fuck)

toddler Try to Prepare Poached Eggs and see

how THAT Turns Out. A Salute, Kim Jong Un

shockingly loving it, as The Entire World now

becomes Mortified, At The Monster Known As

Tan Dump Lord (Fun Anagram). Mueller best

speed up his work, we can’t take much more

NOTE: Democratic Progressives, Score A Huge
Win, In Republican Wisconsin District Offering
Great Hope For This November. Only Happens
NOTE II: A Federal Law Suit is Going After The
Trump Foundation Charities. It is Filed By NYC
AGs ‘Office’. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooops
PURE HATE: This Isn’t A Game. Sarah Hucka-B
Sanders just lied again in The MOST Cruel And
Horrific Way the “Bible” Doesn’t Make Laws We
DO. Specifically….YOU Evil Inhumane FUCKERS

Have a day!

Trump gave away a MASSIVE concession

to “Rocket Man”. Stop All The US Military

(Holy Crazy!)

“Exercises” Right Near the DMZ in South

Korea. You Know, Our Fucking ALLIES in

the KOREAN War. My Father Is Rolling in

his fucking Grave right now. This Is news

to China & Russia’s ears. To get us All off

the peninsula is Clearly Their Goal & they

got it from The Orange Idiot. Retired four

-star Gen. Barry McCaffrey Stated it Best:

“I’m Very Concerned that Trump signaled that
if Kim gives Up his Nuclear Weapons, then the
United States Will “Withdraw” Our Troops from
South Korea, once you start that process it’s a
one-way street of Retreat from the Pacific Rim,
which Would ALL leave our Allies to Confront a
belligerent North Korea and an aggressive and
a massively armed (With Rockets) China alone”


Speaking Of People who can’t grasp any

thing About Serious Geo-political Issues

Dennis Rodman Weighed In again while

Wearing A Fucking MAGA Hat. Holy shit

This Entire World, Has Gone Super Ultra

Bonkers. “Off The Rails”, Was 20+ Miles

ago. Peace Is ALWAYS the goal, but how

you go about Achieving it will either also

Insure it, or Doom It to Endless war and

deaths. This Is Not A Game. It’s Only for

(Pot good, Dennis nuts)

serious thinkers who grasp all of the vast

Positions, Alliances, History, and Desired

future plans/goals. This isn’t for newbies

To “Play Around With”. Without Thinking

it not only will Destabilize the Region but

quite likely the entire Fucking world. Wtf

NOTE: A Judge ‘Decided’ To Ignore Sherman
Anti – Trust Law Allowing AT&T To Purchase
Time Warner. If This ‘Goes’ To The Supreme
Court, Which It “Might”, They Are Now What
Is Know As Conservative Loaded Today. Bad

Have a day!

Only in a feckless, spineless, impotently

silly Immoral Fraud Party, Could it Even


happen under A Trump. Let us make No

mistake here. Only less than a Hand full

Have Regularly Bitched About Trump so

THAT alone Tells you they are all voting

with orange anus’s agenda. Even the UN

gets it & called out all republicans for all

their Class Decimation. And while this is

happening, we have a Toddler And Thief

(The Brat)

playing Games with National Security In

a feeble try to “Avoid” the Mueller Storm

that is About to Consume their entire big

bad collection of criminals. Said it before

& I’ll post it again. Go Read Up about Mr.

Mueller. He, Is an Honest, Straight Laced

no fuckaround guy. And you can bet that

Trump/Crews verbal Abuse, hate and lies

(You’re done son!)

will ALL come back to tear their Fat asses

clean off their Felonious bodies. Tick tock!

NOTE: DeNiro’s Dead On Take Down, Of All Shit
Trump. His Words Are True, & Will Echo Forever
That is why It Bothers all the same Lying Frauds
Pretending To Be ‘Upset’ at Vulgarity While They
ALL Applaud the worst in a President. “Hypocrisy”

Have a day!

Orange Anus… about to engage

North Korea in a summit that may

(They WISH)

or may not ever Happen. If it does,

he claimed “I Don’t think I have to

prepare Very Much. It’s Just about

Attitude. It’s About, Willingness To

get things done”. Ahh yes member

that big Chemistry test you did not

“study” for goin’ great?!?! Yeah me

neither. If 7 that’s still an IF it does

happen; we can all look Forward to

(We know)

a puzzled Cheeto dusted dumbfuck

claiming, “Who knew denuclearizin’

another hostel Nation, Could be So

hard?!?!?”. He is an insane Buffoon

NOTE : Manafort, Will Likely Die In Jail
Now After Being ‘Caught’ With Witness
Tampering. He Contacted 2 “Witnesses”
& Asked Them, To “Perjure themselves”
Oooooooops. The Judge, Rules On June
15th After Mueller’s Team, Motioned To
Yank Bail. This Isn’t A Game & Get Way
Worse for Trump And Crew By The Day
NOTE II : The Lies Are Takin’ Their Toll
On Trump, & His Lying Troll Minions For
A While Now. It, Turns Out, If You Keep
Keep Crying “Wolf!!”, When An Actual 1
Shows Up, No One Listens. Boy, I JUST
Wish, There Was A Story About This All

Have a day!

Today and tonight America votes. This is

no ordinary election season. No, not by a

(Better have)

long shot. This fall in November things’ll

get down right special. If turn out’s high

you see A blue wave. If low, Business as

usual letting the Sociopaths run shit into

the ground. Speaking of “Holy Dumbass”

Batman, Trump Does not know Anything

of History. NOTHING. He “Thinks” All the

Canadians burned the White house down

in the War Of 1812. Yes, a Stable Genius

Ahem, It Was Britain. Yes, Canada at the


time was an Ally of Britain. And we sorta

tried Invading them time and time again

After all Britain “looked” at This War as a

Side Show, due to their Escalating issues

with France. The British, Used Canada as

a Bargaining chip. This fucking idiot, can

not find his own Fat Ass With both hands

and a flash light! If you want to know the

Content Of ‘Character’, Of Robert Mueller

just read this. He isn’t Fucking around, &

(It is)

Trump Kicking him in the face again and

again…will end him faster then he knows

Have a day!

Face it, there simply is NO comparison

One, while Upsetting to some is simply

(What are we?!?!)

rude/uncouth/lazy. And The other’s an

attempt 2 systematically oppress/hate/

& Discriminate To inflict social/financial

Emotional/Personal ‘Pain’ On A Minority

Group. Again, NO Comparison With em

And the vulgarity Sam Bee used was in

a Piece Calling out abuse of children so

There Simply Never’ll be A Comparison

NONE but Racists Will Do Anything and

(It is!)

I mean anything tying to create a False

Equivalency. It helps them try to avoid

all their deepseeded hatred inside. See,

people who Aren’t Racist don’t ever get

offended when race Is discussed in any

thoughtful Manor. People Who Are Not

racist, Don’t Lie/Claim Things That Are

clearly not True (BLM is not About Any

Racist Hate, It Is A Concerned Minority

Group Just “Publicly” Demanding Equal

(Sure ya do!)

Protection Under The Fucking Law like

we Promise In OUR 14th Amendment)

But when certain people go out of their

way to AVOID Any Conversation it just

‘proves’ those Movements Exact points

We have a Small section of society (30-

17%)who simply don’t care about rules,

laws, facts, or reality. They will literally

pretend things are Real/factual in order


to suit a Failed World view of hate. Bad

news for them’s reality has a funny way

always be correct no matter who wants

It Different. This Is Gonna Sting A Little

NOTE : Trumps ‘Merica Now Has A Pedophile
Convicted Felon Openly Running For Office &
Spewing Racist Nazi Shit under the Banner Of
Getting Rid Of “Political Correctness” Well He
Sounds Like A Trumper To All Of Society Now
NOTE II: Seems The Whore House, Ooooops I
Mean The Whites Only House Hates The Word
“Cunt”. Unless It’s Roseanne, Scott Baio, And
Republicans Calling Hillary, That Word. Bravo
They Are, The BIGGEST Hypocrite Lyin’ Fucks
Remember When They All Yelled “Stop That It
Is WRONG!?!?!?!?”. Yeah, Me Fucking Neither

Have a weekend!

Trump Just “pardoned” felon fraud Conspiracy

lying crack pot Dinesh D’Souza. Forget that he

(<-Felon Fraud!)

ADMITTED he was guilty. Forget he was fairly

charged and Convicted for violating Campaign

Finance Law. Trump is just saying Openly that

“Meh, Fuck it. Laws Don’t Matter, go break em

all!!”. This Is DEADLY Serious Shit Here People

When pricks all Willingly Decide to Ignore laws

this Entire Country Will Burn Into Nothing Fast

And to add Gas onto the this Dumpster Fire he

also Wants To Pardon Gov. Rod Blagojevich as

well as Martha Stewart. Why not Just let Every

(He lied)

fucking fairly Convicted criminal lose?!?! He is

directly attacking our laws/courts/government

to undermine/end it’s Power. This is “Anarchy”

nothing more and Everyone should be shoutin’

this from the rooftops. A pardon here or there

is normal. But Non-stop pardoning of correctly

convicted criminals Is Intentional to Create an

obvious sense of “Fuck Laws!”. Dangerous Shit

It also tells me even He Doesn’t think he’s long

(29 years later)

for his job, that’s why he’s doing this insane shit

Think of A $ Box, about To Shut Off All of the Air

Have a day!

It Seems these days we have two very different

worlds when it Comes To Facts, reality, science,

(Yes, we know)

Math, Sociology, Policy, ‘Government’, & Rules

On side abides by the law of Physics, while the

other denies they exist while it is happening in

front of their Fucking Faces. They are like a kid

screaming “Gravity doesn’t exist!!!!!” as things

are falling directly to the Earth all around them

Today’s Republican Party is not A Political Wing

Anymore. It’s A “Cult” Or “Matrix” Where Facts

& Reality Are Something To Be “Ignored”. Welp

(Yeah, so yeah)

if I was Watching their Entire party implode it

mightbe an Option to “ignore” it all. Sadly the

Stinging Brunt Of Reality Will Be Hitting Them

in the face like ice, when you trip skating. See

“reality” doesn’t Pick Sides, It Simply Is and it

gets worse the more one denies it. Oh speakin

of denying Reality. Remember that Old School

House Rock “Conjunction Junction What’s your

function?!?!” song?!?!?! Turns Out That can be

used for Trump as “Obstruction Struction what

(Awww shit)

Is Your Destruction?!?!?”. Trumpy Asked Jeffy

Sessions to “retain control again” After his big

“Recusal”. Wow, this is only His 17th overt act

of Obstruction. When he Gets To 20 he wins a

free Sub Sandwich…..which he will Trade in for

McDonald’s instantly. Walls Are Closing In Fast

NOTE: A Republican, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens
Wins, The Most Evil Smile Fuck Ball Award, Ever
He Sexual Assaulted A Woman, Black Mailed Her
And he Violated Campaign Finance Law. We Was
Indicted February 22nd, For These Charges. BUT,
He Thinks This Was A “Witch Hunt”. Geeeee It Is
Just Like Trumpy & both Get Charged For Crimes

Have a day!

In usual prick fashion Trump even fucked up

the Honor layup On Memorial Day, in Making

(Talking Anus?!?!)

it ALL About Him While, ‘Not’ Truly “Honoring”

anyone at all. It’s so bad, I’m actually looking

Forward To “The” Upcoming “Trump Is In Jail”

footage. He’s Simply Terrified Knowing all the

walls are Closing in fast & there is nothing he

or any of them can remotely do. As I told you

before that is why you are Seeing even MORE

insanity/lies/hate/Unhinged Tweets Flying out

“Speaking” Of People Who Are “Cancelled” for

being Soulless racist Assholes, it seems that a

(Well no shit)

reboot Of Roseanne is OVER. All After “Racist”

hateful Tweets “About” Valerie Jarrett and her

Being The Offspring, From The Muslim Brother

Hood And Planet Of The Apes. ABC “fired” her

instantly. She deleted the Racist Tweet (as All

the Racists Do), Then did The ol’ Non-Apology

Apology They ALL do. It’d Be Nice If Just One

time, Some One Clearly Stated WHY They Are

very Sorry For the racist Hate they spewed. It

(So long!)

simply Is Because, They Are NOT Sorry, never

were & will always just Say “so sorry you were

offended”, “I’m Not Racist” Or “It’s just a joke”

Ahem I WRITE Them For A Living. It’s Not Any

“joke” it is all racist hate; it’s not “bad taste” it

is just racist hate. She was Dropped by ICM, &

Deserves EVERY-THING Coming Her Way. It is

Just Another Day In This Country Still living In


1861. We will get past this, it’s just so Very Sad

(I also truly believe she has deep mental illness)

NOTE : Puerto Rico Was Decimated By Hurricane
Maria And The ‘Death Tolls’ Are “Clearly” HIGHER
Then Estimated. This, Is Clearly A Horror In Need
Of Rapid Infrastructure Help “Unlike” Most Before

Have a day!

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