These days everybody has got a

“Platform”. Some, ‘Use it’ Wisely

(Morrie’s Wigs!)

& others act like drunk teens in

A Horror Movie, Being Douches

Joe “Blow” Rogaine, Decided to

tell His Audience for those who

Are 21, NOT, to get vaccinated

What an Immoral Irresponsible

ignorant Pile Of Crap. And, it is

why He is “not long” for Spotify

Heck, half his douche Audience


can just get it & die; Darwinsim

style. Dems win a big seat in LA

(Uh, Louisiana Not Los Angeles)

& Others Are Running for Seats

‘everywhere’. And, Tim Ryan is

going After Ohio. He Will get it

And, Republican Douche Collins

is running away. We have a lot

of Work to Do in the Country &


it’s Just Beginning. We Have a

Systemic Racism Problem and

Republican’s, Keep Reminding

us daily About it. Vote Em out

NOTE: Sex Trafficker, & No Not Matt Gaetz
Ghislaine Maxwell Denied Bail. Well no shit
she’s A Vile Monster’ll Spend the Rest of its
short life in jail and pretty soon so will Matt

Have A “Safe” Day!

2 Responses to “Joe Blow, Running & Uncivil Wrongs…”

  1. John Bolger

    Gaetz is going behind BARS, HA!

  2. ThomasIneme

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