As a “Category 5” bears down on the East Coast

and Our Orange Lying Fuckabout, Doesn’t Know

(Fat Ego Maniac Ass)

where Dorian is even going………claiming it was

going to “Hit” Alabama. Ah no that’d Be on the

other side/Gulf side. And… all of this is now

happening, “ANOTHER SHOOTING”, Took Place

over the weekend killin’ a group of innocent US

citizens by a Lunatic Prick With An AR-15. And,

he was a 31yo whiteguy. The Only reasons this

is even possible’s because the entire republican

Party’s OWNED by the NRA. They Gave the gop


over $54 Million in 2016 & $30 Million Just For

Trump 2 get elected. Until each & every one of

These IMMORAL Monsters Are Voted Out, They

will continue to take blood money. Vote em out

Speaking of “Vote Them Out”, over the pond in

Britain, BJ just got bitch slapped very hard. He

& his tiny, shrinking….peni…….Brexit Rebels Got

(Bye Bye!)

beat down Hard By Parliament. ‘No Brexit’ was

never going to ‘Happen’. BJ doesn’t know math

NOTE: Don’t ‘Mess’ With Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot
R-Turd Cruz, Learned This The Hard Way. Ooooooops
NOTE II: Wal-Mart, Scaling back Guns & Ammo Sales
The entire Sane, Rational World all Says “About Time!”

Have a day!


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