Sanders Loses AZ, Done…

March 23rd, 2016

That’s all folks. Mathematically it’s over

for Bernie. He needed to run the table &

Sanders lost AZ(“So long folks!”)

he did not. Good Try but if you can’t get

out the vote for the primary the General

Will Be Pure Hell. Now What if you are a

progressive today?! Well, it appears as if

Hillary is ‘inevitable’. Is she remotely the

best Candidate?! Nope. Is she light years

better than Trump?! Yes, No Doubt. This

would be what’s called a “Hold your nose

And vote”. After all, just ‘imagine’ Trump

winning?! The only way? Voter turnout’s

at a record low, all ‘sanders voters’ sit on

their hands & all people fall asleep at the

DEM 2016 Sanders(See you later!)

wheel. If all those ‘Events’ don’t happen

Clinton gets in the White House. Let’s all

think of it like this; mccain got way more

Minority/Immigrant/Women Votes, than

any other Republican Candidate. And he

lost badly. Mittens did worse. Trump will

be WAY WORSE. Math, it’s simple reality

NOTE: In The “Well No Shit!!” Files, We
Have A Former Nixon Aid Who Says The
War On Drugs Was Created, To “Target”
People Of Color; Well No FUCKING SHIT

Have a day!

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