The Confederate Flag is coming down and

Obamacare is here to stay with “subsidies”

White House in flag colors(Noooice)

And finally gay marriage is legal across the

county. Honestly can’t believe I’m Fucking

typing this in 2015, but sadly it’s true. Our

Society, has now tried to catch up, to 2005

Sure we’re 10 year late, but it’s here. And it

is here to stay. But The Right Wing Batshit

Freakout Machine has Now been Kicked in

to hyper-drive. The loud Crazy’ll get louder

Last week was a pretty Scathing week to be

A Republican. Sadly, they Learned nothing

Republican hyporisy always(We know)

from it. This isn’t about Doing a Flashy TD

dance, or Rubbing it in. That’s childish and

stoops down the Level of Bigots, Morons, &

assholes. It IS about Watching Nutters who

clutch onto a past where they Denied Equal

Protection under the Law to Certain People

You want to go down the List of Republican

2016 Candidates who oppose gay marriage?

That would be all of them. That’s ALL of em

Nothing like running on 1990 policies in the

Clint Eastwood chair talker(Chair talker mocks you)

year 2015. What a collection of morons, and

it will get louder, stupider, and more violent

See, this isn’t about being a dick because all

of society is freer today. It IS about Pointing

out the Assholes that denied those freedoms

and after losing badly, still trying to deny em

NOTE: Ah Yes Once A Palin Always A Palin
Bristol Is Like Mom. Lie, Lie Again And Lie
NOTE II: 1 Of The Most “Racist Southerns”
Tomorrow: The Republican Clown Car And
The Democratic Thunderdome All For 2016
And ‘Greece’ Economically Isn’t the “Word”

Have a day!

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