“Death Threat” Against Beto…

September 13th, 2019

While the entire GOP is melting faster than

the ice caps; they seems to be dialin’ up all


of the hate, lies and Propaganda to 1 billion

Forget they aired an “Ad” (which just is not

an ad as it overtly lies) where AOC’s picture

is lit on Fire, then Falsely Claim her Policies

are actually those of a Khmer Rouge regime

in Cambodia. No, not Remotely, but this tell

is rather large. They Certainly Do NOT want

to debate “actual policies” that are far more

popular than theirs. That’s why you get this

lunacy. To AVOID That Discussion. Ah, Nope


And As This Hate Continues, so did a death

threat, to Beto O’Rourke, from a Sitting TX

state Representative. Republican……Briscoe

Cain (They ALL, Sound Like ‘Movie Villains’)

Beto stated our country doesn’t need AR-15

guns on the streets. The ass said “my AR15

is ready for you”. Twitter Deleted the Tweet

Ahem, how about The FBI Visit This Lunatic

asshole. And he Should NOT have an AR-15

RIP: Singer Eddie Money Has Passed Away At 70
Due To ‘Esophageal Cancer’. He Once Met, Count
Basie. His Music Will ‘Live On’. One of the Greats
His Family Will Miss Him…..And So Will This world
NOTE II: Felicity Huffman sentenced 2 14 days In
Prison for College Admissions scandal. That’s all?!

Have a weekend!


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