We Already ‘Knew’ The Russian Adoption

story was a lie. And who was the source?

(“Let’s Lie!”)

Trump. Oh, Things will Get Worse for all

these lying hateful Treasonous failures &

you can bet it ALL comes out in the wash

Trump is getting “sued” for his Seth Rich

Fake Story Lies created by Fox & himself

He’s also Thinks he’s got a handle on any

N. Korea Nukes that can now hit Chicago

To say They’re in “Turmoil” is not enough

(<-“Mr. Fraud”)

They’re Just Launching Chronic Explosive

diarrhea down their legs shoutin “it’s fine”

Delusion will never = reality. And ohhhhh

boy reality’ll be takin’ a bite from them all

(Update: Trump thinks “Any Father” would
lie creatin treasonous insanity for their kid)

NOTE: Lyin Bigoted Conservative Snowfake
“Douche” Tomi Lahren Still Gets Her Health
Care Through Her Parents, While Just Tryin’
To Bash Obamacare. She Is A TOTAL Fraud

Have a day!

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