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As COVID Kills 120,632 American lives the Republican Party / Trump All Do Nothing At (<-Let em die) All. NOTHING. Not A Fucking Thing. In Four short years, all they have brought this good country is; hate. And now today the highest court In the land overruled trumps hate yet Again. DACA Stands. It Stands […]

Republicans Do Not Think “Black Lives Matter” They DON’T; they Never Will, even when 1 of (True) their own Kids is A Minority. The Reason? They are incapable of Empathy, kindness or morality They can’t say it, because they are racists who do not actually believe they matter. They don’t ALL of them Left “Standing”, […]

We have a problem in this country with the truth And the biggest Scammers Around are a Trumpy (<-Blood Hands) fat turd and his super square buddy. Pence really lies to just Keep From Getting into it with Orange asshole. That’s My Guess. But COVID’s Spiking in area’s Due to ignorance/apathy. They Will all pay […]

In what can only be described as “Idiot old Fart Asshole” surreal, Orange anus couldn’t even walk down the West (Derp, Derp!) Point grad ramp “Correctly”. In fact, he looked like a fat scared toddler about to “jump” into water when he can’t even Swim. His response was even Dumber. Wow, what a total shit […]

As The Total Deaths From COVID19 Still Mount currently totaling 117,875, We have 40 million (<-Clown) people OUT of Work. And so Now Orange Shit is “Concerned” about keeping racist names on our Forts?!?!? He thinks he has a “say” in this Matter. Well, He DOESN’T. Military “Wants” to do it & Senate OKed it. […]

The Orange Anus is falling at a rate so Rapid it’s like Gravity Can Take a break cause he is (Going down!) doing just fine on his own. And while he will try yet another “new klan rally” in Tulsa, OK he legally asked his racist sheep 2 waive all COVID Problems, From Attending His […]

William Barr and His Illegally Immorally Run DOJ all just Placed on “Notice”. Do Not underestimate (Bye bye) the sheer raw legal horror of what’s about to now befall ALL of those who Cower under Barr’s lies & partisan Hate will fall. This was the most scathing indictment of A Sitting AG in my lifetime. […]

As the world’s mourning George Floyd’s senseless death at the hands of immoral murderer, the rest (Respect) of the world cries at way more lost lives from an insane Virus Like COVID. And the funeral was So very Warm, loving & WILL effect positive change for all of society. But racists really really really all […]

It’s official. Economists call this Economic Nightmare the Trump Recession. Now It ended in April, but that (<-Loser) means the economy hasn’t fully recovered yet in fact it Just Means it’s “Growing” Again, Not Fully Fixed Or healed. COUGH the “Unemployment Rate” is way too high at 13.3% these Hard days. And while we’re still […]

In what can only be called violent, ignorant, and a callous indifference to humanity itself (Graphic Warning!) police shoved down an innocent 75 year-old man Who Cracked His Head Open, from the shove. Then, they ALL walked by. That level of Sociopathology isn’t fit for duty. The cops were suspended without pay. What?!?!?!?!?! Just Suspended? They […]

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