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Northam Done, SOTU & GTFOOH…

February 4th, 2019

Democrat Governor Ralph “Bigoty Bullshitter” Northam, will Be Out of office by Tuesday. It (WTF?!?!) isn’t even close. The racist picture of two shits in black face AND a Fucking KKK Hood are not acceptable. Where as the Left cares about the evil Effects Of Racism. The “entire” Right Wing is wearing it like Fresh […]

There are 4 more “Sealed” indictments just waiting to be opened. Is Don Jr/Kushner’s Name in Them?! (Not fuckin around) We will see. It Appears legally likely 1 will be Stone with “More Charges”, 2 will be the Russian Hackers who intentionally illegally used Court documents to undermine Mueller; leaving One left. My guess, the […]

The Tax Cut Turtle just publicly admitted what we ALL already Knew. R’s do Not like citizens to Vote! (Ahhh, yup!) Period. End of story. He Knows the Golden Rule of “voting”. If it’s Higher Turnout, people vote for the Democrats. So their goal? Suppress the vote at all costs. Well no shit!?!?!?!? That’s not […]

This is an incredible story. A ‘glut’ of far right Wing Political Lobbyists & Activists (<-We Pay $) were all invited, to Russia, in 2014, by a group of Top Putin Oligarchs. The entire “purpose” was for Russia to Court These political Lobbyists/activists solely to help Russia ‘Interfere’ In US Politics (E-mails) They accepted. This […]

This, Will, Not, STAND…

January 29th, 2019

An Attack on one, is an attack on all. Period! Empire actor Jussie Smollet was hospitalized on Tuesday mornin around 2 a.m after being (Racism Victim) assaulted in Chicago which police are now all investigating as a “possible hate crime”. Wtf? No more. No Fucking more. This is not some “game” where Racist people destroy […]

Shutdown Cost & Batshitcrazy…

January 28th, 2019

The CBO “came out” saying Orange Fuckbag’s Shutdown Stunt for Nothing Cost Us $3 Billion (Immoral lunacy) Don’t let That Effect lying assholes who all did this Lunacy, Crippling Hundreds Of Thousands of citizens/business’s. They will “pretend” that it never happened. Ahhhhhhh naaaaaaaaa we ALL know what he/Republicans Did here. This will Cripple their Party, […]

The FBI, Unpaid Right now I Might Add, were in full mass to Arrest Rodger Stone. This was (Stone Turned!) a clear Show of “Force” to explain to all those criminal fucks, “We are NOT “Playing” Around here people”. I told you, right here on Nov 15 this would happen. Called that it Would all […]

“Let Them Eat Shit!”…

January 24th, 2019

As the Shut-down, solely created by Trump for a Wall, we do not need (We need Actual (No Shit) Immigration Reform), hit day 34, the top A Holes In Chumpland Have Crossed A “Line” In what can only be called ‘Tone Deaf Prick Lunacy’ you have two scum now mocking a reality that Government Workers […]

Michael Cohen said he will “Not” testify before Congress on February 7th now. He Claims it is (Hold it, pass out) because of “Threats” Against his Family by the Trump Crew. IF that True, it’s Crime #5 billion by the Orange Shit-sicle. And if not where he’s just trying to Avoid Further ‘Incrimination’, the House […]

Trans Ban, Shutdown & Hate…

January 22nd, 2019

The Supreme Court Just Upheld ‘Discrimination’ and hate. This entire shutdown was created due (Stop Hiding) to Nationalist Hate over a wall we don’t need for a time of Fear like The Berlin Wall. Now we have ‘MAGA Hat Wearing High Schooler’s’, Doing their best impressions Of “Victims”, While Hiring A PR firm to help […]

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