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47 Months For Manafort?!?!

March 8th, 2019

In what can only be called a gross, partisan Miscarriage Of Justice, Judge Ellis, Has Now (GTFOOH!) given Criminals Committing Fraud, With all Foreign Governments, “free reign” to do so Manafort Was Supposed to get between 18- 22 Years. He Got 47 Months (Just Below 4) It Tells Me, Judge Amy Berman Jackson of the […]

Somedays we all feel like R Kelly screaming incoherently, into a camera about “sexually” (Loud noises!) abusing under-aged girls. Let me update his thoughts: “They’re lying on me…..and I, was lying on top of them”. ZING! Too Soon?!?!?! Speaking Guilty beyond all doubt, it seems a loud Fat Criminal Orange Shit-Stain does not know Who […]

The other 1/3 must be blind, insane, Racist, dumb, Criminals as well…….or all FIVE. This (No shit!) comes as no Shock to Anyone & the kicker was The Poll Asked, “BEFORE taking office” Ha ha ha ha ha! Now that Really is a Thing to behold. And between a known “Fixer” & liar Before In […]

As the whiner & thief keeps complaining About “Presidential Harassment”. Ahem, (Criminal crybaby) how About American Citizens Claim The same from him?!?! It’s called the rule of law. While Ex-White House lawyer Ty “I am Related to The Older Racist Baseball player guy” Cobb explains Mueller is the “hero” in this story; Democrats are all […]

Undone Unstable Madness…

March 4th, 2019

As the Orange Felon did his Jabbering Lunatic Douche-Sicle Routine At CPAC (Batshitcrazy) on Saturday complete with flag huggin non Sequitur incoherent piles of words that made, no, sense…….what-so-ever As the Adderall loaded Fat idiot Top lip sweat rambling fool spewed the insane Stuff Like “I’m in love, you’re in love & we’re all In […]

The House has already passed a bill to end The Orange Toddlers “National Emergency” (Step on it!) With Over 4+ R Defectors, it Will Pass The Senate in 2 Weeks. Ooooops. Oh, speaking of “Oooops”, it seems not only will chumps Booker Keeper, who has been cooperating with The FEDERAL Special Prosecutor Case will testify. […]

No N Korea Deal & C-CRAP…

February 28th, 2019

Is Trump Now a War Hero Because he was officially Shot Down in Hanoi?!?!?!?! ZING! (Fat & Fatter) I kid. Actually Trump Didn’t Do Horribly At this Round of Negotiations. This means he didn’t shit in his Hand & Fling it at Jong Un We all Understand When talks Break Down The fact the orangeass […]

Cohen All IN & Fait Accompli…

February 27th, 2019

Trump is: A “Racist, A Con-Man, a Cheat” In what can ONLY be called “OH DAMN!!!” (Boom!) Cohen’s Testimony Today was Incredible When ya get scolded by a Convicted Guy who is going to jail and admitted his guilt Republicans DO NOT GET THIS. They are fundamentally Incapable of seeking truth They seem to only […]

Chicago Votes, Cohen Tomorrow…

February 26th, 2019

In what can only be called The Wreck It Ralph race of Candidates, Chicago goes (Ready, GO!) to the Polls Today to VOTE! Who Will It be that wins?!?! Who knows. Will there be A “Run-off Between 2-3”?!? Again, I have No idea. Chicago is “looking” for a change. An honest Progressive Voice to awaken […]

Mr. Dumbass Goes To Washington…

February 25th, 2019

Orange Anal Sauce, Has NO CLUE About how “Contracts” Are created. An MOU is (Fat Dumbass) A “Memorandum Of Understanding” AKA a CONTRACT. Because he Does not Even grasp what it is, another human breathin Adult has to Play Words Games with this Asshole CHILD. WOW! This Is ‘Similar’ to a baby pointing at the […]

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