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In the United States We have Even more COVID Spikes in: Florida, Texas, Arizona, (Fastest Way) Georgia, North Carolina, & California. So, right Now, most of America, Except for a handful of “Sane” Governors and mayors are On their Own. Illinois has broken the curve. It took Hard Work, dedication and sheer Will from leadership […]

The SCOTUS just ruled 7-2 that Orange Anus Can’t Block SDNY from Getting his (“Shhhut up!”) Tax Returns. He fucked. It’s all over but the crying now. It will all come out. The Putin / Russian ‘Money’ Laundering, The Russian Oligarch’s buying his Property’s to Launder & Deutche Bank With all the receipts. He Fucked. […]

As the Orange Asshole Manchild does his best “Child Flinging shit” Impression, the (We Know) rest of world “struggles” with a pandemic He can’t lead, Help, or care about a thing So, he is “sowin’” the racist seeds of hate to distract. It caused racists in Indiana to “Lynch” A Black Man ‘Openly’ During The […]

While the rest of the world deals with COVID killing & spreading…….Orange (“Give me it!”) asshole does NOTHING. Shit has just gotten so Bad Dictator Bolsonaro aka Trumpy Lite Is Brazil’s Moron Who Is in Charge Of Fighting The Virus. Hint, he isn’t. He now Has it & Their Cases are skyrocketin’ 2nd Only to […]

Hope your 4th was fun in the sun or you were Able to do Anything outside & cook (Short wick!) out or light short wicked fireworks. Do u still Have all Your Fingers?!? Good! Well in what can only be called a Failing idiot Monster ‘Racist Asshole’ Still Failing, His big “Mount Rushmore” Event Went […]

The FBI just nabbed Jeffery Epstein’s fixer named Ghislaine. Uh OH! This Spells Very (<-Criminals) big trouble for Dersh, B. Clinton & Orange Asshole. It also means Bill Barr Either had a hand in this, or didn’t. Either way that’s EXTRA bad news for him. If he did, it’s so likely they are Building a […]

As the racist Orange Asshole topples downward, Today’s “Numbers” Were (Bye Bye) even worse. Only 39% approve of his job. Who The Fuck, Are These 39% of Utter Total Morons?!?!?!?! Things Will get worse for him, with Each Passing day. And Sadly For All of Us Too. But, This Will Pass, Even With More Cases […]

We have a loud, racist, lying, fat Orange Toddler, holding the highest office in the (“Get down!”) land. Things have “Gotten So bad”, they hired A Young airhead PR fraud to lie to the Public about just how Ignorant he is He was told Many Times about Russia & Their Targeting Of Our Troops In […]

The SCOTUS just Ruled Abortions Are Still Very much legal dealing a crushing blow to Rumpers (Bounty Law) hateful hard right religious base. As orange ass is busy Doing Nothing to stop a Pandemic, now it seems Russia is Targeting our Soldiers in war zones(in theater) with ‘bounty’s’ on their heads WTF?!?! And ‘Fat Ass’ […]

In today’s world,you take ANY good news you can. The House “Passed” a bill where (Eventually) DC is our 51st state. Forget that’s will just die in the R’s Senate. And while This Viral pandemic has Killed over 127,329 lives of American Citizens, certain States that ALL IGNORED Quarantine, masks or enforcing the CDC Guidelines […]

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