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Birds Of “Meh”…

February 21st, 2020

As one who “Fancies” himself A Comic Book guy, & Also Loved Captain Marvel N Wonder (The Viewer) Woman…this Movie with like A Shop vac Set On Reverse. It Just SUCKED. No Plot, Acting, or real emotion. It was 2-d plastic libertarian bullshit Anarchist Music Video Dumb. Do Not go to see it unless ya […]

Stone Sunk & “Bomberg”…

February 20th, 2020

Right Wing Hack Super Anti-Hero Rodger Stone was sentenced today to 3 years & 4 months for (Bye Bye) his Roll in Stealing the 2016 election for Rump If Rump “pardons him”; that’s just another big legal Nail, in Orange Asshole’s Fat Coffin. With things & people dropping Daily/gettin Arrested don’t expect it to stop […]

More “Criming” In The Open…

February 19th, 2020

Rumps Entire Epitaph, Will read “There Goes A Real Sack Of Crap”. Thank you Simpsons; you’ve done it (“Sack of crap!”) again! Orange Anus is Criming SO much, there will not be enough jail cells to hold Everyone “Doing” it WITH Him/Helping him. He Just ‘Admitted’ that He got his other Russian asset Republican Dana […]

Blago Commuted & Barr Barred…

February 18th, 2020

In today’s Episode of “This World Is Burning Right Down To The Ground” the Orange fuck (Jail Bird!) just Commuted ANOTHER Criminal “like” him with illegal ‘Crimes’ And BAD hair. Gee, What (And WGN’s own Justin Kaufmann covered it) do a criminally shameless, greedy and deeply corrupt Sociopath with Super weird hair have in Common?!?! […]

SchmishSchmalatines Day!

February 14th, 2020

While the World Burns With Barr Almost behind them, Rump now confirming he was criming In (Wrong Candy?) the Open With Rudy G & The DOJ Dropped The case against McCabe. This is lunacy. We are all living in a partisan, political hellscape unable to break Free. Be Engaged, & vote 2 stop Insanity We […]

William Barr is doing his best to End up Behind Bars very soon. He will Join a LOT of other bad (<-Fucked) Trumpers. Forget Rudy G’s In trouble. And also forget what he did with Mueller, Stone & Is still doing Using the DOJ as A Partisan Political tool It’s illegal, It’s unconstitutional & will […]

Jim Crying, Dis-Barred & Done…

February 12th, 2020

GOP Republican Trump Boot Lickkker, Jim Jordan’s in DEEP legal Trouble folks. And I (“Let’s get rapey”) mean JAIL DEEP Trouble stuff. He Oversaw & ALLOWED The Sexual Abuse, Of The OSU wrestlin’ team. It got so “bad’ the former C (that captain) stated Jim Called Him up and was “crying” & “grovelin’” beggin’ him […]

Larry David has not only “found” the PERFECT way to skewer the MAGA crowd; he owns now (“Fuck off!”) publicly Destroyed their sick shit forever. Talk about flipping the Script, he Crushed them All with One Sketch & One Response. A Mic drop And While their Days Circling the Drain are all about to go […]

Vindman Fired, Blowback & More…

February 10th, 2020

As the Orange Anus Spews his Hate and the world Recoils In Shame; the rest of us all go (We Know) about our days with a sense of purpose. And as he keeps Breaking the law, and ruining all things he Touches; People Are Pushing Back very Hard Right Now. Chucky Schumer, Just Requested, That […]

As Orange Anus Does His Tantrums, Hate, and “revenge porn” against heros, it’s the (No Shit!) world that’s Pushing Back Very hard here This will All Come Back To Bite Him in his VERY Fat Ass. And Those Around him Will all feel the direct legal Consequences. It’s going To Cost Them Everything. And they […]

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