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That’s it. Donald J. Trump is going to be Impeached. Nancy Pelosi just made that (“One more ?”) clear today. We don’t know yet if he will be “Removed”. That will be up to the US Senate. And With 23 of Those R’s All up for Re-election, they’re Fucked with any Vote They Cast. As […]

Another Day, another Indefensible pile of Un-American “Bullshit” From Republicans (“Wait, stop!”) There were 3 constitutional experts and 1 “Here, Is My Unverified Incorrect Opinion” in Jonathan Turley. Oh boy you know shit is VERY ‘Bad’ For Republicans floundering when TWO FOX Legal Experts just Stated “Turley Is Simply WRONG!”. Wow. And, it got Worse. […]

As the walls are Crumbling all around Republicans, Trump, Rudy, Pence, Barr, Mulvaney, Pompeo and (<-Criminal) more….Devin Nunes is now in DIRE legal Jeopardy They have Extensive Phone Records showing us all that both HE & Rudy were in constant contact with Lev Parnas about the Biden Dirt. They’re, All going down. Every single one […]

Hope your Turkey Day was “Gobble-Static”! I was doing “shots” of Gravy. Was that bad? (Yum!) The White House will not participate In the Impeachment Due Process. And, the Entire world Already knew they Wouldn’t. They’ve only OBSTRUCTED the Entire Time. And so, why have they?!? Well, after all the facts’ve been openly explained from […]

It’s good to be back in the saddle…said no one with Hemorrhoids…Ever. Zing! I kid, I (Oh no!) joke. But wow, lot’s happened Since I was away. Two “Other People” Testified in this Impeachment inquiry. Dr. Hill and Holmes Devastated┬áTrumpy/Pompeo/Barr/The R’s There is No Return from this. And in all of this Damning News; it […]

Sondland “Ended” Them All…

November 20th, 2019

Trump, done. Pence, done. Pompeo, done Rudy, done. Mulvaney, done. And Barr…… (Tiny Cells!) likely DONE as Well With Ignoring ALL of this, & The Whistleblower Complaint. This was an epic take down of all who care vile & corrupt. “Everyone Was In The Loop” is so Damning, there’s no Recovery. There’ll Be Articles Of […]

Trump/Republicans Are Fucked …

November 19th, 2019

After yet another day of earth shaking testimony from people Directly on the (<-Hero) CALL, Trumpy/ Pence/ Pompeo/ Rudy/ Mulvaney are ALL in The “Deepest” of troubles. Vindman, Was the Strongest witness of the lot(and they were all so devastating). He “understood” the call was “demand”. Ooooooooooo that has got Some Stank On It. And […]

GUILTY & Guiltier…

November 15th, 2019

Sure, it Sounds like A bad Buddy Cop film. But it’s not. Rodger Stone was just found Guilty on (Laughin now?) 7 Counts of lying to Congress. Ooooooooooops The ‘New Evidence’ kills Trump/R’s. But that is not all. A new Hero just stood up today against this lawless lunacy. She Was Buttoned Up, she was […]

Trump Sunk, Shooting Again…

November 14th, 2019

1st off, I’m very sorry for not postin’ the last two days. No Excuses just Hard 2 type when (“So, lies?!”) you are Puking/Shitting Non-stop. Meh, the flu, is the flu. But one Thing Making me feel MUCH better is watchin’ Trump/Republicans sink into the An icy abyss. Their entire “big” defense now is: “We […]

Booed Off Stage & Veterans Day…

November 11th, 2019

Happy Veterans Day to Everyone! It’s a day to reflect, Honor, Thank & use Our Voices to help (Yes Indeed!) those Vets who all need our Help. So, do more than Just “Thanks”. Hire, Donate & Help them at every Turn. They gave their best for us, and they Deserve Nothing but the Best From […]

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