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As the world watches an orange toddler eat paint chips yummly Extolling “Needs Salsa!” (We Know) the Rest of the Globe Is watching one Boris Johnson Make A Massive ASS Of Himself at every turn. He was exposed as not knowing what The Irish Backstop Even WAS & that’s Not All. He Pulled A “No […]

Cory LIE-endowski…

September 18th, 2019

We really do live in Insanely Strange times people Scumbag liars lyin about their lies is now at an all (Keep talking) time high these days.; what happened to honesty? In the blip of Trump racist hate lies fascist lunacy around today, this falls in the “Oh, that crap” bin Don’t Act Surprised, VOTE. Don’t […]

Chao Down & Tax Subpoena…

September 16th, 2019

While Mitchy “Turtle Prick” McConnell Does his evil impression of a sociopath unable to (We Know) even do the most rational of things his wife is in Rather DEEP SHIT. Elaine Chao is now the target of Improperly helpin’ her families company. Which, Would be illegal. And This seems to be ‘illegal’ in her Using […]

“Death Threat” Against Beto…

September 13th, 2019

While the entire GOP is melting faster than the ice caps; they seems to be dialin’ up all (WTF?!?!) of the hate, lies and Propaganda to 1 billion Forget they aired an “Ad” (which just is not an ad as it overtly lies) where AOC’s picture is lit on Fire, then Falsely Claim her Policies […]

NC Republicans “used” 9/11 as a “prop” to pass A “Budget Veto” Without Democrats There. This (“HEY!”) isn’t “Gamesmanship” or “politics”; this is a big Sign They Believe in 4+ Years They Will NEVER Hold Power Again. This is Immoral, it is Wrong, & it goes against the beliefs of our country. The day will […]

We remember 9/11 a solemn day to “reflect” While Orange Racist ASSHOLE does His Best evil racist disgusting villain from history and (We Know) films; the rest of the actual world recoils in a fit of Anger, Sadness & Firm Commitment to end this Hateful shit. In Denying all the good people of the Bahama’s […]

Bolton left After Idiot Pile Tried His, “Hey, let’s all meet with Taliban in Camp David” (Bye Bye!) As the Orange Toddler Screams “Oh no, I FIRED him”, the ‘Reality’ is, Bolton Simply stepped down. He gone; and as you know from me; I’m no fan of Bolton at all so it’s something that I’m […]

The entire world is done with Orange Asshole Including Democrats in Congress. They Have (Here we go!) formally begun an impeachment Probe and it is very Damning In it’s Structure. This Allows lawmakers to Review all sensitive Grand Jury materials. WOW! BOOM! That Is Going To be some seriously Damning shit upcoming. Well, we are […]

So the “No Deal” Brexit Is over. Done. Dead It Cleared The House Of Lords And so now it (Well Done!) becomes law. Let’s recap what boris has left: No ‘No Deal Brexit’, no Lil’ snap election, no old May Deal (It won’t pass Parliament) and no New Deal With under 2 months Left here […]

While the rest of the Bahama’s recovers from the Sheer devastation from Dorian….now the (Sheer horror) Carolina’s are Getting it Today/tonight we all want each and every person/citizen to all just please be safe as it moves up the eastcoast & seek Help if Needed. Together We Are Always better. Donate time, blood, $ to the […]

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