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Booed Off Stage & Veterans Day…

November 11th, 2019

Happy Veterans Day to Everyone! It’s a day to reflect, Honor, Thank & use Our Voices to help (Yes Indeed!) those Vets who all need our Help. So, do more than Just “Thanks”. Hire, Donate & Help them at every Turn. They gave their best for us, and they Deserve Nothing but the Best From […]

Bolton Bolts, OK Bloomberg…

November 7th, 2019

Not Michael Bolton, ohhhhhhhhh no But, Mustache Maniac & Known War (Stash Song) Criminal John Bolton. He Said, “Ohh yeah to your subpoena, ah no thanks” Forget you can’t do that. And you can not now “Sue Them”. The law doesn’t work that Way. But they will All learn this the HARD way. While Bolton […]

Big Blue Bombshell & Fucked…

November 6th, 2019

Kentucky’s Governors Office turned BLUE, & Virginia’s entire state Congress turned BLUE (Get 2 work) Philly to Delaware PA all turned BLUE. They meaning Republicans/Trump Are All Fucked The entire country has turned. Not back but instead ‘Forward’. This’s all about our entire country “movin’ past” Trump/Hate. This will be just the start of endin […]

At least 3 states are voting today. Make sure ya VOTE! If Turnout’s high, Democrats will win and (VOTE!) if it’s Average or low, they won’t & that’s Terrible It’s in YOUR hands Citizens, what will you do?!?! And as the nation votes today, a jury gets picked to end Rodger Stones Freedom today. He’s […]

Over the weekend, even the UFC crowd wasn’t having Mango Mussolini for one Second. Ohhh (Booooo!) it was Even Better in THIS Environment. Holy shit…it was glorious again. And as the WH’s in it’s, “Obstruction” Mode In Telling People Who were subpoenaed to Defy the Legal Document Ha ha ha! Yeah, That’ll go over Great. […]

As more testimony Against Trump/his Entire Cabinet happens daily; a vote just happened (Justice!) It’s formal. They’re usin’ open Impeachment sessions as well as a clear procedure moving forward. This is the Beginning of the End for Orange Fucker. Republicans, in The House & in the Senate Are Underwater in their Home states. Especially those […]

As the entire Republican continues it’s demise, they find new Lows to go in smearin’ and lying (Asshole on left) slandering A Military Vet Hero. Fucking Christ Alexander Vindman, a Lieutenant colonel who served In Iraq(Purple Heart) testified today & it was just as damnin as the others. In fact, It Put Sondland In likely […]

In what can only be called, one of the greatest historic “Unity Moments” our Country has seen (Boooooooooo!) in a while; When at The World Series, Trump his wife & other Republicans were all LOUDLY “Boooooooooed”. It was glorious; to all those great American’s Who clearly see Reality, my heart is FULL. And the Best […]

HBO’s Watchmen…

October 25th, 2019

Who Watches the Watchmen?!?! Well, I (Bad Ass!) do! It’s Very Very very good. Just the 1st episode, but if You Can See It, Thank me later. It’s well shot, acted & you see such CLEAR Writing in this With Overt Purpose NOTE: Bill Barr’s DOJ Must “Turn Over” All Mueller Evidence to Congress a […]

What if I told you the “Giuliani Goon Squad” just tried to Claim “Executive Privilege” in their court (Suck it!) trial?!?! Forget, they’re not Even Members of the Executive Branch so they Can’t. BUT the kicker’s even better; this TIES their crimes directly to the entire Oval Office. Ha Ha Ha Ha! And, As All […]

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