Pillow Guy Ass, Goin’ broke &

it’s all because of his own Ass

(No shit)

Hole “Election Fraud” Games

Play stupid games, win some

Dumber Prizes. Like being so

Bankrupt ya ‘Borrow’ $10 mil

To ‘Keep’ A Maga Lie Alive, &

a ‘Dominion Lawsuit’, In Your

loss column as well. Ooooops


And the Indictment train Has

“left The Station”. All of these

indictments are Coming, Fast

And in The GA Probe a brand

new “Call” Was introduced, &

it’s a Legal Death Knell. Ohhh

boy. These idiots can not help

(Bye! Flush!)

themselves. They got away so

long; now the Bill Comes Due!

NOTE: Racist, Old disgusting bucket of Shit Ben
Stein says even more racists gross Shit. Enough

Have A Day!

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