Down, down, down they all go

which jail cell they land in, we

(Tick, tock!)

just don’t yet know. In what’s

an ‘Ongoing Legal’ nightmare

For ALL Republican’s, It Gets

worse for Them by the day. U

got Orange thing/His Kids all

Super Fucked, Rudy, Gaetzy,

Lindell, Powell, all Of The AZ

frauditors, Flynn, Barr, all of

the Jan 6th terrorists, DeJoy,

Greene, & Many, Many More

Shit, Pretty Soon, The Entire

Republican Party Will have a

(Sliding Away!)

check box of “Will you likely

be in jail soon for your all of

your Criming?”. Oh, speakin

of Loud Jerks Who Suck, we

have Two US Senators, who

don’t Want to Actually Even

do Their Jobs. Joe “I am An

Ass” Manchin, & Kyrsten “I

suck wind” Sinema Are Not

sitting Democrats. They are

shirking their Duty to serve

this country/their oath and


if they won’t Get ride of the

Filibuster; Voters Will “GET”

rid of them & fast. Tick tock

NOTE: Powerful High Schooler Calls Out
Republican Policies Of ‘Hate’, And Abuse
She Flipped the Script to speak the truth

Have A “Safe” Day!

One Response to “Down They All Go & Senator Assclown…”

  1. John Bolger

    It’s “JAIL” time for those criminal R’s. Tick, tock!

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