As the World Slowly Begins the

hard Accurate process of every


country, city & state reopening

we have a political Party in the

United States, Sinking ‘Deeper’

into racism hate, Treason and

outright lunacy. You have well

over Half Their Party ‘Spewing’

‘Nazi White Racist Hate’, While

other parts want more “Coups”


Which Is Treason 101 and yet

others Want Their Conspiracy

bullshit to B true. Nope Never

ever Going to Happen. In fact,

with each passing dDay they’ll

get more crazy, unhinged and

feel the pain of reality crushin

Them Hard. Good!!! The more

(Tick, tock!)

they keep Denying reality, the

harder It ‘Rips’ Them All Apart

NOTE: Republican Governor, Ron “I’m Orange
Man’s Lil Bitch” DeSantis signed a Bill banning
transgender females from girls woman’s sport
On the Start of Pride month. Hate’s Their Goal

Have A “Safe” Day!

2 Responses to “Last Stop Racism, Hate & Lunacy…”

  1. John Bolger

    Down, down, down the Republican’s go; where they land, only the toilet pipe knows! ZING

  2. agotourob

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