In a historic Run-off election, GA

VOTES Today. Turn Out, & make

(Win it!)

your Voice Heard to Take Control

of the US senate. GA decides and

make No Mistake the Importance

Of THIS. The Republican Party, is

now dead. They’re In The process

of committing sedition & Treason

At This Point. And, In PA They All

just ‘committed’ It. And they Will

(Except Sedition!)

ALL Be Held, Accountable. This Is

not a fucking game. Tomorrow in

DC, Some Republicans, Will “Play”

games/actively act to Undermine

Democracy itself. It will Fail, and

they will Never Recover for those

overtly Criminal acts. And the UK

is Now Spiking at such levels, It’s

shutting down. Good. It’s Serious

NOTE: A Wisconsin Fucker DA, Decides NOT
To Press Charges Against Police, who ‘Shot’
Jacob Blake in the back 7times. No this Shit
will Not Stand! Pure Injustice. Reform Now!
make ALL marches peaceful that power Will
Cause “Change” We So Badly Need. Justice!

Have A “Safe” Day!


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