Ratings Fail & 18 Days Left…

October 16th, 2020

The Entire country is literally sick & tired

Now Is not the time to Rest……now is the

(We Will!)

time To VOTE. Rally, ‘Dig Deeper’, & Find

another gear. While the early vote is very

nice. Keep your foot on the peddle & we’ll

leave No Doubt. And, There was No doubt

Orange Ass Puppet Lost in ratings Bigly in

last nights town halls. In fact by 1 million

And one had Substance, Reality & policies

the other didn’t. Guess which?!? We have

18 Days left Until He is Voted Out Of OUR

house for good. So let’s make them count

NOTE: D-Theresa Greefield Just Debated Republican
Trumper Joni Ernst. It Was A Policy Blood Bath. Joni
didn’t even know the price of Soybeans so badly she
argued with the moderators BOTH of them. Ha ha ha

Have a “Safe” Weekend!


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