Tonight, Joe Biden Will Do Another Townhall

instead of the scheduled Debate that Orange

(Will Do!)

Idiot Cancelled, because he just Wouldn’t be

allowed To Keep Bullying/Interrupting Again

So, NBC decided to bow down to the Orange

Menace and Schedule a brand new Townhall

FOR him, at the same Time as Biden. Ahhhh

no. Do What I’m going to do. Set all my TV’s

to Channel 5, then at 6:59pm turn them ALL

over to ABC To Watch Biden & just stick it to


tRump. NBC Will Never be Forgiven for this

Inhumane $ Grab Shit Here. This Pandemic

has killed over 222,683 American’s and R’s

all do nothin. The only they did was Sully a

US Senate today Playing Partisan games for

power, Which Will ‘come back’ to Cost them

Everything. D-Sheldon Whitehouse Warned

them All. And they Didn’t Listen. Well, after

(Warned Ya)

this Election Republican’s Might never hold

real DC Power ever Again. Ooooooooooops

NOTE: D-Dianne Feinstein ‘Seals’ Her Political Career
“Thanking” Lindsey Graham After the Sham hearings
And Then, Even Afterward, Mask-less, “Hugging Him”
She, is no Longer Fit, To Hold Office. Period. And She
should step down. This’s all of what we hate about DC

Have a “Safe” day!


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